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  1. Hang in thare Dick our thoughts and prayers are with you. Chuck
  2. That is verry good news Dick. Hope to see you on the beach soon. Chcuk
  3. Dick thanks fore the heads up on the orange and white fly in your picture. It has bin catching a lot of fish in the back country in Collier county. I still havent fished it on Sanibel. Chuck
  4. i am catching Snook and some jacks out of my kayak near Wiggans pass last week. There are still some fish around good luck
  5. Thanks fore the pictures it"s good to see you looking fore the drug again. Hope to see you on Sanibel sometime soon . Chuck Elmer
  6. Dick hope to see you on Sanibel this fall Chuck
  7. Dick i met you seral times on the beach in Sanibel. Will be saying a prayer fore your fast recovery. The surf has been up last week but we have had some luck blind casting. Will be looking forward to see you next year. Chuck