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  1. Awesome. Off to the big box stores to wade through cedar balusters. Maybe I can trick the wife into joining me to help.
  2. Hello all, looking to get into pure building and turning plugs. Had a couple of questions. First, I bought a bunch of hardware and something didn’t make sense to me. The nose grommet and tail grommets don’t have the same diameter inserts that go into the plug. Is this okay? Or should the inserted part be identical so that a single drill bit can be used to drill through the plug? Or should I be using two different drill sizes (one for the nose and a different one from the rear) to accommodate the two different size grommets? Speaking of drill bits, I purchased one online and halfway through drilling, it snapped in half. I was using the lathe to drill. Is there a good bit mfg that someone could recommend? Should I be drilling halfway through the plug, flipping it 180 and then finishing the drilling from the other? And finally, I have a lot of left over mahogany scraps. Is that a good wood to use for plugs? I read somewhere that pine is good as well. If so, can i just use a piece of 2x4 from the big box hardware stores as a source of wood? thanks!!
  3. At least I have something fun to do on the weekends wood hunting. Great recommendation on looking for balusters. So I have a 5/32" or 0.156" diameter 12" long aircraft bit and when I drill the plug, the nose grommet is a slip fit. Definitely not press fit. Measuring with a caliper, the nose grommet shaft measures 0.153". The tail grommets I have have shaft diameters of 0.115" and also 0.131". Based on these measurements, do I stay with the 5/32 drill bit even though there would be a lot play on the tail grommet? OR: Do I buy a drill bits to match the nose and tail grommets diameters, drill from both ends respectively and then connect in the middle with the 5/32" aircraft 12" long bit? Something tells me I'm over thinking this. Story of my life.
  4. Of course, you know the next question, do all of you typically order online for wood or go to specialty shops? The big box stores here only have pine, maple, and oak. I have a lumber specialty store I go to but the pieces are pricey. They have all sorts of cool stuff though imported from all over the place.
  5. Also, this was the drill bit that I used: * My guess is that I tried to push too hard and not clear chips which increased the torque on an already thin drill bit. One more question: Should the grommets be an interference fit or should they be slip fit and then held in place by epoxy and the tension in the through wire?
  6. H'Islander, I think I understand now. So if the nose grommet diameter and tail grommet diameter are different, it doesn't matter so long when I drill each end, I find the right diameter drill bit to match. And since the 12" bit is just to finish the through hole, it doesn't make a difference as long as it matches the nose grommet diameter. This will leave the tail grommet hole smaller or custom to the tail grommet OD. For mahogany wood, which types of plugs are considered heavy plugs? I'd like to choose one and practice making them until I get my technique right as recommended in an earlier post. To all that replied, thanks for the responses. Definitely helps to have this community to learn from.
  7. First off, hello to all on the site reading my first post. I'm an avid woodworker and wanting to get into lure building. I have a full woodshop and have built all sorts of furniture. I'm definitely interested in starting to build plugs but wanted to get some recommendations on what hardware to buy (weights, through wire, grommets, split rings, and hooks). I don't have the faintest clue and want to avoid my common mistake of buying twice to thrice before learning what the right stuff is to use. Couple of questions to start: For plugs: - What size wire do I need for forming the nose loop where the sting ties on to all the way through to the back end where the hooks attach via split rings? - What size(s) split rings are most common for striper and bluefish plugs? - Should I stick with single hooks or triple hooks and what sizes should I buy? - Any other hand tools that are a must besides split ring pliers? I thank you and so does my wallet in advance. Ken
  8. Thanks for the grommet advice. So how I see it, buy the following at a minimum to make my first plug: - Hooks (Stainless 316) - Grommets (Chrome plated brass? I couldn't find stainless). 1/8" diameter to match drill bit size. - Stainless wire (0.062"). Can I get away with 0.032" stainless mig welding wire? - 12" long 1/8"drill bit. Trim bit length down to 8". Do I need swivels if I'm using a through wire? Last, what are your preferred sources to order from that are inexpensive? Do you typically use one source or do you order from multiple sources.
  9. I like the idea of no split rings. Less parts to buy and less parts to fail. For through drilling, do you prefer 6" or 12" drill bits? I'm going to look into doing that on my mini-lathe on the tail stock. I was reading that it was useful to have 5/32" diameter 12" long aircraft drill bit so you could drill straight through the piece rather than come at it from both front and back. It makes sense to do it that way for alignment. Is 5/32" (0.156") too wide of a hole considering the wire would be around 0.062"? As for the 1-2-3 blocks, I've seen them used for alignment, but for lure building, what are some of the uses?