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  1. Did you come up with the idea of having a personal relationship with Jesus, or did someone teach that to you?
  2. There are multiple Gods to choose from? Choosing Allah makes him real?
  3. Did you evaluate other religions before you chose Christianity? If a person is raised Muslim, and they continue in that tradition, they end up in Hell, correct?
  4. Which God do you believe in?
  5. You know any? Did you evaluate other religions or did you just do what your parents told you?
  6. Would you be Muslim now if you were raised that way?
  7. What's your church's denomination?
  8. You don't attend church services on Sunday?
  9. Which man made religious group do you belong to?
  10. Is Christianity a religion?
  11. You're not familiar with other religions? How do you know you're following the correct one?
  12. Why do you believe there's only 1 God?
  13. Why do you think there is only 1 God?
  14. How do you know they're not right? If someone asks 2 people why they think God exists and they both say "I know God exists because I have a personal relationship with God and God transformed me", but each belongs to a different religion (1 Christianity and 1 Hinduism) with different theologies and philosophies, is 'knowing God transformed me' a reliable method? If 2 people use the same method, and come to different conclusions, is their method reliable?
  15. Is feeling transformed a reliable method for thinking God exists? Does Krishna exist because a Hindu feels transformed?