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  1. Exhausted. I was at it for quite a wheel.
  2. Jumbo tire washed up. SP for scale.
  3. Check out the pinned posts here and on the main forum for gear suggestions. Good luck in the salt!
  4. I’ll take the jigman.
  5. Are the minnows in lot 2 loaded?
  6. I’ll take this.
  7. Good size on those, Albycor! Foul hooked this one and decided to eat it.
  8. Would you take $35 via PayPal?
  9. Always cool to land a new species. Nice outing Linesideslayer!
  10. I’ll take the top water lot.
  11. It is a Jumpin Minnow, but I didn't add weight. I did upgrade the hooks, but they were re-purposed from another lure so I'm not sure the exact size. I just noticed they were the approximate size of the stock trebles but thicker wire. I've been told 5 bb's increases the casting distance without sacrificing the action, but I can't speak from personal experience. I tried 2/0 VMC 9626 and they were too much (weight?, drag?) to get it walking the way I like on the tackle I use.
  12. Point taken, Stu. My inner ‘top water junkie’ gets the better of me at times Ha! That’s a high confidence plug for me and it’s just a lot of fun to work. Glad to see you out there getting your fix!
  13. You guys are landing some chunky perch lately. Well done! This little guy was in ambush mode at first light off a rocky point. Swam off strong.
  14. Respectfully offer $25.
  15. I’ll take the top.