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  1. 239 Flies is a great place to stop in and talk to the guides.
  2. 239 Flies is an excellent fly shop in Bonita. I was just there today. They would have a current report for you. I’m not seeing anything on the Sanibel beaches yet. Lots of snook in the backcountry. Casey, one of the guides out of 239, said plenty of tarpon and snook in the glades. Hope this helps.
  3. DanP

    Would you?

    Great book by Jeffry Cardonas called Marquesas. Takes place in Marquesas west of a Key West. He did just that for a summer. Always been my dream to do it as well. The book is an excellent read!!!
  4. A Tarpon over 100 in the Keys and a bonefish (O’io) or trevally in Hawaii.
  5. Sounds like you had an awesome morning! I’ll be out there early Saturday morning. Probably fish west of Bowman’s.
  6. True, the triple berry muffins are incredible.
  7. Nice post. I was wondering when the rays would start migrating. I was fishing the lighthouse beach about a week and a half ago and did not see a single ray. Just saw a bunch of lock jawed snook.
  8. A Blue Jay applied for a job at Norm's Fly Shop. The interviewer (Norm), a bit non-plussed, told the Jay that the candidate had to be able to tie 3 flies every ten minutes. The Jay tied 6 flies in ten minutes! Not wanting to hire a BIRD for the job, Norm told the Jay that the candidate had to be able to tie multiple types of knots. The Jay surpassed all other candidates. Finally, Norm thought he'd be able to get rid of the Jay with "the candidate must be bilingual!" The Jay replied "Meow!!"
  9. I just discovered this Forum and fish Sanibel all the time. Great report Dick. I feel like I should be fishing the beaches right now instead of watching the Sox. You ever try the donuts at Jerry’s?
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