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  1. Sorry, didn't intend to try to jump the PM rules of the thread. If you're still interested in selling a spool at $60, I'd love to buy one. It'd make a huge difference for my versatility on the water! Thanks.
  2. If you have something you're willing to part with I'd love to buy a spool from you. Can you PM me?
  3. BA Baits said 4 or 5 weeks as of 2 weeks ago. Lets hope that comes to fruition.
  4. There was just a whole setup on ebay, reel, spool, backing and a skagit head line. The auction went up to $140 or so. It was a little too steep to fork out for a 10 year old reel. It had a ton of bids, seems like we're not the only ones in this boat.
  5. Did you ever find the reel? If not, I'm in the market for a spool. Maybe we can work something out.
  6. Looking to buy a spare spool for a Ross CLA 5. I didn't have the money or foresight to buy one when I got my setup 10 years ago. Now I'd love to be able to run a sinking line and a floating line. Not particular on color at all. Thanks in advance.
  7. Awesome, I'll keep at it then. I'm getting out bright and early tomorrow to kick the fly rod around and soak some bait.
  8. Thanks for the info on the Foul Rift. I have this crazy idea that I can float down the water gap in my 16' aluminum modified V. It only drafts about 8 inches of water. Definitely understand that I can't go back up river, but if I can float it with some oar locks I'd love to give it a shot and do a few days fishing and camping. Then maybe kick it around in some of the deeper pools. Am I completely crazy?
  9. I was in the same ballpark price wise and ended up pulling the trigger on the Humminbird HELIX 5. So far, so good. I like the unit a lot, the DI has been less useful than I thought it would be. Only complaint so far is that the transducer mount keeps breaking away when at speed so I have to snap it back in place when I stop. I can tell when it happens b/c I'll lose signal.
  10. If you can get a modified V hull it'll cut down on the 'bounce'. Mine has a modified V that tapers down to a near flat bottom at the back. It only drafts about 9 inches which makes it good for getting into skinny water but its big enough to get out into a river or bay on days when its not too rough.
  11. I'd be interested to see how this compares in cost to buying an old aluminum hull and restoring it. Obviously a lot of variables there but its another option that can be modded pretty easily.
  12. I have heard they're a little cagey here in places. I know theres a trib to the Delaware River that holds them back in the weeds. I am debating how much time I should spend chasing them. Was going to try some zonker streamers with bead heads on the first go around unless there is another recommended approach.
  13. I was in BA Baits on Friday, he said they're moving locations in a month or so. Just up 219 by the Denny's I think he said. Bunker I bought seemed fresh and price was fair.
  14. Nice, can't believe you got a cat on the fly too. I'm kicking around the same area with the same thing in mind. It can definitely be a nasty body of water. Was that this year? I haven't seen that kind of activity yet.
  15. I've been targeting them from the boat but mostly looking for structure. Shore access is difficult in the tidal section I think but I haven't run it up to Trenton yet.