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  1. I was just trying to point out that very reputable rodmakers use PUR glue without a problem
  2. If you fish running lines it inevitably happens.
  3. Never knew that, good to know. Also why is aftm weight too light for you?
  4. Have you tested the line stretch on the leviathan core? I tested with 12wt tarpon technical and I could easily pull 30+lbs from right next to a spring scale using my hands and almost no rod angle but from 25m I could barely pull 5 because of the stretch. This was the older version though so it may not have a comparable core to the leviathan or newer tarpon technical. Are you using wire or insert guides? Under pressure, wire guides are basically cheese cutters. They also flex which is annoying. All of the monic lines are on a 70lb or something PE core, but they only have one short taper to choose from.
  5. why would you want to breed GW sharks?
  6. David Norwich used PUR glue but he is retired. Mcfarland rods also uses PUR. Both of them glue the cork rings on one by one I have never tried the PUR fix but I don't see how the pressure could break the grip if it is being injected under the cork grip. Maybe if it was under a reel seat with an insert but cork is porous. To the OP, I've had this happen on multiple orvis rods, it cost me $35 and a month, although I have heard that in past some shops will just give you a replacement section on the spot.
  7. Good to hear that it worked for you, but a quick note. if you have files on your card and its in the camera, and the camera asks to reformat it, don't do it! I once did this and it wiped all my previous photos/videos I had on the card and didn't back up. I know your issue was with your computer not wanting to read the card, but I would just like to point this out for those of us who are less electronically inclined.
  8. A ray doesn't have that much structure inside it. But it doesn't really look like a turtle either. Off topic story, once I was fishing and there was a horrible smell, and when I was walking back to the car I took an alternate path and as I was rounding a corner I almost stepped on a deer carcass. Really weird
  9. Hopefully the politicians don't do some stupid hysteria-driven shark cull like they did Australia. Prayers go out to the man and his family
  10. It would sit on that ridge and then seal off against the spool, although I think you're right, it would be pretty easy to move because of the friction. Maybe not an o ring but some stiffer material in two semicircles that would snap together?
  11. Yeah, I see now. should have tried a bit harder before I posted this thread. Only some of the homepage links are broken
  12. Yes, but machining a full cage reel is more expensive, plus they aren't so good at the sand. With a half frame reel there are places for the sand to get pushed out, but at the same time let in line. I fish Danielssons so I know first hand how annoying it is. using an O ring would allow your reel to be more versatile, I think.
  13. Is a floater a no go? Also, have you taken a look at monic lines? Their low stretch cores look interesting but their lack of taper variety is what puts me off. I guess I would characterize run&gun as actively looking for fish near the surface, and not trolling or chumming? I am surprised that you prefer longer bellied lines, from what Sakari and videos I have seen online have shown, it looks like you have to make a quick cast to the fish. How long do they stay before you miss your chance? When I started out, I used long headed lines almost exclusively but now I have realized that there is a time and place for shooting heads and slightly shorter heads. I think I read somewhere that you considered the Leviathan's running line to be a bit thin, have you looked at SA's 100lb core lines? The running line is very fat. What would you say is the minimum line weight for this style of fishing, because as you say, casting heavier weights is tiring and less precise. related video:
  14. So I was just thinking, what if you put an o ring around the end of your fly reel frame and threaded your line in between it and drag knob side of the frame, wouldn't this prevent your running line from getting trapped in between the frame edge and the spool? Has anybody tried this before and did it work?
  15. Not to go off topic but there is an interesting thing about the substance that makes poison ivy, oak etc irritating and possibly dangerous. There is a type of tree called the Asian lacquer tree, or Toxicodendron vernicifluum, and it secretes a sap which is a pure form of the substance mentioned above, whereas its only a small percentage in poison ivy. So you can imagine how dangerous it is. But when it cures into a lacquer, it is more chemically stable than gold in some cases. In regards to poison ivy, I just avoid all funny looking plants and wear long socks most of the time. I am lucky enough to not have much sensitivity to poison ivy but my brother is the opposite and the few times he's gotten into contact with the stuff it sucks