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  1. i was just gonna ask if you would take a Danielsson but i see you are selling the exact model i was going to offer, lol. Ill take it. I sent a pm
  2. So since I can't find any Scotts in 4pc I was wondering if anybody had a CTS Affinity x or mx that they'd like to sell me. Mainly looking for an 8 as a new bonefish rod but I am also looking for an extra 10 wt.
  3. damn why does everyone have a 2pc :/. I'd much rather have a 4pc for travel. I think I'll have to pass for now.
  4. WTB a Scott S4S 8 wt.
  5. large arbors are a thing because most of the time you don't need that amount of backing and if youre down that low your chances of actually landing the fish are incredibly low. They also allow better drag systems.
  6. has anybody used the new bluewater sg yet? @sms @jabster ?
  7. Is it standard length? Also what year was the blank built?
  8. Sorry for my confusion but is the Hydros unused?
  9. Does Danny Moeskops cast anymore?
  10. ah sorry my mistake
  11. the only problem is that the o ring seal is not watertight. Also you can't use grease in it because it uses rulon or something similar for the drag material
  12. just get the pdf and upload it to the site
  13. Charltons/Makos/insert top end reels still die. Personally, I would go for a reel that you can easily repair and for that, I would get a Danielsson and ask for multiple drag packages. It is sealed with a lip seal and if you ever need to open it up it takes about 1 minute to disassemble and then another 30 seconds to pop another drag unit in.
  14. airflo lines are heavier than aftma standards and high end orvis rods tend to not be so stiff for their line rating like many other manufacturers
  15. the most accurate rod is the one that is the easiest for you to cast.