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  1. I would not buy the kit, just hte blank. There is plenty of info online for what components to get and some info is being offered here. What wt rod are you planning on building?
  2. Nice pictures. Unfortunate luck with the weather. all of the trips I booked this fall have been plagued with bad weather as well. How did you like the Seigler reel? Did they change the design to make it sealed?
  3. High density foam
  4. THanks, I did not know that. I guess the mention of commercial epoxies just scares me after I did a project with them in school with the instructor's safety warnings. I always do the projects that have fumes or dust on my deck outside just to be safe. I know some people that use microballoons for bonding the reel seat, not sure if its worth the trouble and dusk inhalation. The point I was trying to make is that a $5 UV flashlight is not going to have the same energy as a commercial tanning bed, light machine or even a few minutes outside.
  5. I do this too, similar to working a popper for GTs on a spinning rod. Oh I was referring to using 3-5 inch gurglers, nyaps and crease flies in slightly wavey conditions, so different horses for different courses i guess.
  6. for a 10 weight line you want to start at 20lb+ if you are doing one step down. this is a good video. I wouldn't go beyond 30lb.
  7. you can also try heating the female ferrule while icing the male ferrule.
  8. if you want better turnover you could try out twisted leaders
  9. I always found poppers easier to work with an intermediate tip. sometimes with a floating line, the popper will just skip on the surface instead of making a big splash with a popper, leader visibility is not as important because of the commotion you are making. I think you could go down to 6-5ft if you wanted too.
  10. Interesting. Have you ever tried something similar to the curable wraps Banana rods uses for their guides? I have never seen one of them but their wraps are intriguing. RE the UV flashlight, I really doubt 30 seconds of UV exposure from a cheap flashlight is more than going outside in the sun for 30 seconds, given how quickly the stuff cures on a sunny day and how widespread the use of UV flashlights is. RE the epoxy vs PUR glue argument, the strength advantage epoxy could potentially have is probably overkill and is also offset by the possibility of a bad bond which you wouldn't experience using PUR. Also epoxy is a bit more dangerous in the fume department, and it's more annoying to use since you have to mix it. IMO
  11. Danielsson fw710 Some of the cast reels from Redington.
  12. Yeah thats what I found weird with the criticism about that line in terms of weight. I still don't like the short head though
  13. I think the hook size is the biggest problem. Big difference in weight between a 6/0 sl12 and 1/0. Those are GT size flies
  14. You also may not be able to properly use the rod because you just started casting (I assume?). Your $100 would be better spent with a casting instructor imo.
  15. There are better options under 250. If you really are only fishing 5 or so days in saltwater though you may be better off with a cheaper reel.