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  1. Lamson: the O ring is fine for smaller fish and freshwater but an O ring is not designed to seal a shaft rotating at high speed Nautilus: the teflon material they use is compressible so sometimes it sticks at higher drag pressures I would choose the nautilius because it isnt a problem unless the drag is cranked up.
  2. The nautilius x frame drag is sticky, and lamson has its problems with an O ring retained/sealed drag. My 2 cents
  3. Ive snagged quite a few accidentally while picking up my line off the water.
  4. Manhattan

    I dont have any experience with inflatables but Jamaica bay can be pretty turbulent at times so I would pay attention to the weather and also get a sea specific kayak.
  5. Manhattan

    Jamaica Bay has shore access and public transportation and is probably your best bet. Pelham Bay and Glenn Island park are close but may require a car and probably a kayak as well. I think an inflatable kayak would be a huge asset.
  6. i was just gonna ask if you would take a Danielsson but i see you are selling the exact model i was going to offer, lol. Ill take it. I sent a pm
  7. So since I can't find any Scotts in 4pc I was wondering if anybody had a CTS Affinity x or mx that they'd like to sell me. Mainly looking for an 8 as a new bonefish rod but I am also looking for an extra 10 wt.
  8. damn why does everyone have a 2pc :/. I'd much rather have a 4pc for travel. I think I'll have to pass for now.
  9. WTB a Scott S4S 8 wt.
  10. large arbors are a thing because most of the time you don't need that amount of backing and if youre down that low your chances of actually landing the fish are incredibly low. They also allow better drag systems.
  11. has anybody used the new bluewater sg yet? @sms @jabster ?
  12. Is it standard length? Also what year was the blank built?
  13. Sorry for my confusion but is the Hydros unused?
  14. Does Danny Moeskops cast anymore?
  15. ah sorry my mistake