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  1. what are you trying to do with the 12wt?
  2. I would just go to a shop and compare 30lbs and 50 with vrious brands of line.
  3. Not in Mass but I have been building a vise that would cost around 70 or so to build and has the same capability as any higher end vise (it uses Renzetti jaws). It's 3d printable so if you need the file just pm me. It still has a lot of kinks at the present moment though.
  4. Depends on the line. Most manufacturers indicate if the line is heavier than aftma nowadays
  5. Sorry, wrong terminology. I should've said generic vs OEM. There are companies which will sell you a generic blank but need a minimum order quantity of blanks if you want any kind of customization. Obviously, you know this as you have done work with CTS, although they allow customization for single orders. I think they recently had to reduce their single purchase customization options though because of the time it took to design the customized blank.
  6. While I do not think Tenkara is useless I also believe that one learns faster on a regular rod. Tenkara's simplicity will probably be less daunting/frustrating for a beginner though. jmo
  7. double post
  8. I would not get blanks from a small shop that usually is buying oem and then rebranding as crunch says. I would go with a company that gets custom blanks designed for them TFO, Baston, Edge (they are made in the USA), Mudhole MHX, American Tackle, Pac Bay, etc, although I think only TFO, Baston, and Mudhole offer a 10ft lightweight blank but I may be wrong. Also, I would not view your first rod as "practice". If you research enough and take your time, you can make a pretty good rod on your first try. You also don't need that much specialized equipment, unless you want to do the handle yourself. You can use a heavy book and a cardboard box to tension the thread, use flexible UV curing glue from fly tying to secure the wraps, Gorilla glue for the handle, etc. It isn't as hard as people make it out to be.
  9. I wonder what the gosa/spheros replacement will be like.
  10. A ceramic bearing would be worse. You can't get into the hub by yourself so you have to send them back to the factory for repair.
  11. For those of you that have used the reel, did you have trouble with the handle getting in the way of palming or cupping the reel? I know that the whole point of the lever drag is so that you don't have to palm but some people will still want that option.
  12. They are very different. CCF is = to the NV drag as in the whole hub rotates. The CCFX2 has a fixed hub. The CCFX2 also has a ridiculously long drag adjustment of 6 turns which can be very annoying depending on your preferences.
  13. Drag strength needed depends on what you're going after. Also, don't discount palming or fighting the fish directly from the line. You have a lot more control over the fish if you are holding the line versus trying to pump and wind. And with palming it is easy to release the pressure if the fish tries to play dirty. If you are going for pelagics it is going to be difficult to hold much more than 10lbs deadlift or so for more than a short period of time at the grip of a regular rod, sms has posted about this before.
  14. TBH I think it will fail at 300, I was expecting more of a novel but cheap alternative approach to a conventional reel. At 300 I don't think that many people will buy it for the sake of it. If there was a system at 70-100 it would be very different, but I guess economies of scale don't allow it at this point. People buy Tenkara's because a. they have cheap starter systems so people will buy them for novelty's sake and b. because people want the simplicity. I have handled some very expensive Japanese bamboo rods and there is a decent market of people that buy and use those rods (along with their graphite counterparts) because they want to appreciate the fundamental aspects of fishing and nothing else. I think your system is a bit in no man's land because it is almost as complicated as a regular outfit and as a result, doesn't offer any new experiences over the status quo. You can still play a fish with your hands with a reel and it is much easier to wind in all the line once you have released the fish. To me this concept would be much more appropriate in a large volume beginner kit, where a cheap plastic version would let the manufacturer divert more fo the money towards the blank or the line. But that's just my opinion and maybe I'm wrong.
  15. Baston makes some pretty decent blanks