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  1. If you have a facebook, join some Maine Ice Fishing groups, or even better, Maine Smelt Report. Some good info and current. With that being said, I went last weekend from noon to 6pm and didn't do too well. Other reports seem to say night fishing has been pretty consistent. I might try one night this upcoming week.
  2. Which do you prefer? the 5 inch or 7.5 inch?
  3. Question. How are you connecting these to the main line? I tried making some of my own and pre-tied leaders onto each one.
  4. Bingo. I have the exact same as Livliner '2-8'
  5. I agree with the sweet spot being around 3oz. I am able to launch a 3oz little neck popper a loooong ways
  6. @Sandflee You're right. Can't beat - classic - and it is also really simple
  7. I'm a big fan of simple cooking. I came across this and marinated some striper fillets overnight, baked the next day, and WOW it came out amazing. I don't normally marinade fish because it masks the flavor. This gave it enough flavor and really complemented the striper. Cant get much easier. Figured i'd pass it along. Enjoy!
  8. @Livliner Great thanks for posting that and clarifying. Makes sense.
  9. I purchased the 10'6" in November from a popular trading post (no TFO sale exclusions(wink wink)) and received the 2-8oz. I assumed this was the newer version. QHNM, what is the new logo? I'm curious as to which one I have now. Havent taken it to the canal but did land a barely legal keeper that was no match for the rod. So far I enjoy this rod. Like people said, definitely has a fast action.
  10. Slow season for myself compared to last year from shore. Caught season best this weekend 35" 15lbs on a bunker chunk...