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  1. I tried to send you an instant message but it will not let me. My friend told me you are posting about me on your website. That you are upset people think I am your friend. I did not mean to have that confusion happen. I like seeing people enjoying the fisheries. I RESPECT you standing up for your friend and am not upset. I will not be posting on this site anymore and I made it clear in a comment the man in my species post is not him. This should clear that up for people reading the post. Please tell your friend sorry and congratulations on his fishing.
  2. I just logged in now. I asked profile to be deleted before I wrote this post. I don’t know how to delete it myself. I’m getting old !!!
  3. I am returning to address one thing that a friend told me about. He said people are pointing fingers about fake identities. The photo about species SWAPS was not a photo of me and I did NOT take it. As I tried to say then it was from that night and inspired me. I blurred the photo to AVOID people thinking it was me not the opposite !!! I also made a joke a while back about a fish not being from the Saco River. That was from Google. I know some people didn’t think my joke was funny !!! I think this confusion comes from a site on Facebook and I have now left that group !!! I will take great advice from many of you and stop repeating my views. Maybe I’ll come back in a bit when things cool down with a new username for a fresh start. Thank YOU to everyone for giving me advice on this.
  4. I read some comments directed toward me a couple three times and this post is to respectfully public message everyone that I sent a request to the webmasters of SOL to delete my profile. On the good side of things I know with all my HEART that this site is a good resource for the fisheries and for future and younger generations !!! This is why I did not want to be a lurker. The big plus is because people with SUPER knowledge share it and because some of these truly generous people don’t want me here I do not think it would be RESPECTFUL for me to stay. You know how I feel about things and I try to do what is best for the fisheries. It has been great to meet and fish with some of you. For anyone with my contact info I think it would be GREAT to stay in touch and do some fishing. I know you will keep up the great postings without me !!! Sincerely, Mousam
  5. This attitude is why many on this forum are having a hard time catching fish of size. This is very sad :-(
  6. My father STILL calls me a failure. A failure to drive a FORD truck !!! Also, Mousam only has one S and I think you meant YOU’RE NEGLECTING but you did get the grammar correct in the next sentence !!! My best advice is to focus on LEARNING instead of being MALICIOUS. Use that energy to catch big stripers !!! They are out there !!!
  7. Does anyone else like to swap up their species to spice things up? I failed to catch a 50” again tonight but this photo taken tonight sums it up for me. Healthy fisheries leave many types of fish for future generations. What if we ALL do species swaps for now on ??? I will do this for FUTURE generations !!!
  8. I am really sad to hear about the seal usage :-( Good luck in the future with the larger fish. With practice you’ll get the hang of hooking them. Remember to be patient with circle hooks !!! Hopefully see you there. Want to meet and fish sometime this week ???
  9. I don’t like to hear this about seals :-( Not us if it’s lots of fish. Only have caught 6.
  10. I think you might be at the wrong spot but I also don’t want to spot burn !!!
  11. These posts are evidence of crimes. Get out and fish !!! It’s much healthier for you and the fishery !!!
  12. Here now. Don’t see you. Two of us straightaway. Slower night so far but we did get one 38” and a couple more like 30” but didn’t measure. Hope to see you soon and to have a great few hours ahead of us !!!
  13. I am headed to “the mouth” in a few minutes. First come first served to join me. We should be able to catch at least a few thirty-something inchers. All I ask is that you have a positive spirit and be a good voice for the fishery. I’ll be parked at the co-op. Keep an eye out for my red baseball cap and soon for my double barrel headlamp !!! Tight lines friends !!!
  14. A GOOD MAN !!! I bet th fisheries would be happy to have this spirit come back to the fisheries if you choose to return !!!
  15. PHEW !!! Good that you’re venting but not serious. That’s a good life lesson for future generations !!!