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  1. I'm looking for feedback on shorter fly rods in 5-8 weights. I will fish them from a kayak for stripers, redfish and smallmouth/largemouth bass. Right now I have a trio of 9 ft rods, my favorite being a Loomis GLX 6 wt. However, when I set it down in the kayak, the tip sticks past the bow by 6", so it doesn't fit inside a rod tip protector. I would like to find a rod around 8 ft that casts with a nice quick action. I've been reading about Loomis Shorestalker and ShortStix. Also have read some about Sage Bass, Orvis Recon and a few others. I would like to hear about the casting performance of shorter rods from a kayak, tossing streamers, crabs/shrimp etc both in freshwater and inshore. Right now I'm leaning towards the ShoreStalker and Recon because I assume they both have a fairly fast action. I don't have a fly shop anywhere nearby where I could test drive these.
  2. I appreciate the replies. I'm looking to do some fly fishing for Stripers, redfish, speckled trout, LM bass in Coastal NC area. I love this Cairnton Light 4 wt and would like to find its big brother in a 7 or 8 wt. I emailed Talon also, but no reply yet.
  3. Digging up this thread from the archives. I have a Cairnton Light 7'6" - 4wt that is amazing. Would love to know more about this rod and how to find other rods/blanks like it.