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  1. So much good and helpful info in these replies. Thanks for helping me learn something.
  2. Enlarge the photo in my original post, and you’ll see that I already have. Always do.
  3. Enlarge the photo in my original post, and you’ll see that I already have. Always do.
  4. Reducing fish mortality is part of why I’ve changed mine here. Having the rear hook ride point up helps us in shallow water because it’s less likely to catch on oyster or grass, both of which we’re often fishing over. I know nothing about fishing stripers in the surf. Brand new to me, and I’m eager to learn. I’m curious how many times y’all land fish where the rear hook is in the fish’s mouth. I’d say it’s less than 15% here, maybe less than 10. I’m a firm believer that rear hook does more harm than good.
  5. Not facing down because of gravity. The hook point is down because that’s how they put it on. Flip it over, and hook point will ride up on the retrieve.
  6. Slowly putting together some basics for my trip to Montauk this October. Just picked up this SS needlefish, send I’m puzzled by the rear hook. Most of the ones I’ve seen have a rear treble; this one obviously does not. Curious about that. More curious about its orientation. I mostly fish from a kayak down here, and on my topwater plugs, I either remove the rear hook altogether, or I switch both front and rear to inline singles. With that setup, the rear hook point faces up. Why is this one facing down? I switch them out for two reasons - the fish I’m after rarely hit the rear hook. It’s either loose - think about where you deal with a landed fish in a kayak. That’s a very sensitive area to have a thrashing fish and unattached trebles - or it’s snagged on the outside of the head or body. Safer for me and the fish not to have multiple trebles on a plug. anyway, why the single rear hook, and why does it face down?
  7. what did you use for the tubes, and where did you get them?
  8. I realize I’m undercutting my own position here, but I want you to be happy with what you get. For what you want to do, this is a better option than the vise I have. Regals rock. I have one of them as well, but I wasn’t willing to part with it.
  9. This is the vise I have, although mine didn’t come with the c-clamp, only the pedestal base. It does have 360° rotation but isn’t a “true rotary” like Renzettis are. In other words the axis of rotation isn’t in-line with the hook shank. It’s an excellent vise and in great shape. I think they retail for around $150 new.
  10. I have an Anvil Apex with pedestal base. If that suits your needs, what are offering in trade?
  11. Curious to know which models you’ve heard of that are breaking. I’ve tried one - a 7’6” ML. Loved how light it was and thought the action was much better than the older series it replaced. It also broke the first day. Every breakage I’ve heard about was a 7’6”. I think the taper on them is wrong, and the tip is just too thin. I have another guide friend here who went down to the 7’ models and has had no problems with those. I hope and expect St. Croix will get this corrected. While not on par with their Avid line - understandably - it was a close second and a good rod for the money.
  12. I’m gonna have to pass then. Just measure both pairs of my wading boots.the soles are 13”. That’s a disappointment. I was going to buy these.
  13. Too much trouble to ask you to measure the inside, heel to toe? Not sure what size my boots are. The only part of the tag that’s still legible says UK 11. Depending on which chart you look at, that’s either an 11.5 or 12 US. That seems to be the dividing line between L and XL for these.
  14. What size wading boots do these fit?
  15. I have some Andrus Jetty Casters from 3/4 up to 3oz, and some of the others you mentioned. Haven’t gotten any needles yet. Lots of places are sold out of stuff. (Same problem we’re having down here with the popular sizes and colors.) Got Spro swivels in 80 and whatever the next size up is. Use those for bull reds rigs, so I’m accustomed to knowing when to stop reeling, even in the dark. I’m on S Croix’s Pro Staff, and they’re working on getting me a 2 pc 11’ blank I can build the way I want it. A couple of y’all have mentioned he marine registry card. Is that the equivalent of a saltwater fishing license or something else altogether?