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  1. I have no power over anything really. CDC has new guidelines about that. Check it out.
  2. Anything more than nothing will work because it's in the right direction. Take into account people who are resistant or irresponsible in the matter as well. Many people not taking responsibility and wearing masks / not distancing should be part of said data.
  3. Doesn't matter, it's preventive.
  4. Glad to hear it. If you don't have a mandate, use some common sense. Your words are a bit mashed up though...
  5. Either way, expect all this **** to last longer than anyone wants with all the refusal of simple common sense.
  6. I think that's all been debunked. The post(s) I'm assuming you're relating to is(are) a one-sided article that spreads irresponsible nonsense that can have adverse effects. Masks are a barrier against aerosolized particles. You cover your face, you place limits on the amount of flying uglies.
  7. Looks like most of it says masks and other preventive actions are a good thing. I also follow common sense. Keep refusing to follow the guidelines and all of this will just last that much longer.
  8. I honestly don't see what angle or benefit people think the CDC has in spreading misleading information. Are they CDC studies or some other information source on the side?
  9. Not sure about the devastating part. But yeah. Immature. I apologized for something in another thread. Masks work. Not a cure but helps prevent.
  10. I would like to apologize for the 1st comment. It was poorly executed and taken out of context and that's completely on me. I was laughing at the mask story and the source. No, I didn't read it and didn't have to. IMO, right sided and left sided are both garbage. I try to follow facts and don't give in to words being thrown at me. That said, I do follow CDC guidelines as best I can because science is NOT fiction, regardless of beliefs. I'm sorry my comments got politicized, that's not the intent. I really don't care about peoples political opinions, but gets scary when either side starts seriously following conspiracies or misleading information that can have harmful consequences. I wear a mask at work (required, and I support), in public establishments (take it off when the wait staff is away), in stores and I always have one on me when in the city or heavily populated areas. Actually, where I live masks are required and I support. My thing is the masks. Too many are refusing, rebeling, whatever because of misleading information. Or it's a violation of freedom, c'mon! The more rebellion, refusal, whatever; the longer this whole thing is going to last. ...and THAT is the most I've ever wrote here!
  11. Not left or right. Unaffiliated. Not sensitive at all. And conspiracy theories are laughable.
  12. Yeah keep following that. "Duped the laughing"?
  13. Don't need to read it. Far right conspiracy news source. Unreliable and has been debunked. Stop following, start leading (or learning). And again, you're being personal.
  15. I'll be trying out my new $50 Offshore Angler Gold Cup Inshore with a Penn Fierce III 4000! Rated to 3 oz. Short butt too!