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  1. Why would there be?
  2. The 7M was another option but I need to feel it. Specs say it's rated up to 1oz. My 7MXF Avid Inshore is only rated to 5/8oz. Pretty big jump from the Avid specs if you ask me. Wonder how true the lure weight ratings really are? Only HMG Inshore MH I can find is 7.5". Too long for kayak, especially with long butt on it.
  3. Not sure it's been asked (probably has) but anyone know of good apps or websites for surf reports? I've looked at a few, but I'm wondering if any have seaweed reports as well. Nothing worse than showing up at a hairy beach loaded up with salad. I've had seaweed ruin many a night.
  4. Haha, I'm bumping this just because. I have 2 Iron PTS 40's and they are great reels. No issues at all. They just feel like they are really well built reels. One of them is on my 76MHF LT Inshore, with 20# braid. My favorite SW rig. That's all.
  5. I'm very interested in the HMG inshore spinning rod, especially 7MH ( hard to find). Anyone use it yet? Thoughts?
  6. That reel is way under done. What's the drink? Looks refreshing!
  7. Just got my quote to trade in a brand new Abu Revo X. $35 and $10 for a shipping label brings it to $25. 20% off promo adds $7. Total trade-in of $32. Anyone think this is low balling? They had a $10 gift promo too but expired before I received my quote (of course).
  8. A little off topic but not all the way (FW style for SW), I'm going to rig a couple of my bucktails with blades to make them "chatterbait" style. Anyone ever try that? Apologies for the slight hijack.
  9. York County and sometimes Cumberland County Maine.
  10. I have a couple of those. They kick ass on blues (when they come way up north). Haven't used in a while since not many blues around lately. Need to change my hooks, they're rusted to $hit. Edit: my local shop still sells them. But yeah, bluefish will hit anything that pisses them off. And color really doesn't matter. I also have Creek Chub 6 Pin in blue/purple with pink polka-dots a-waiting a blue to destroy it.
  11. Go to your local military store and pick up a tactical back pack. Mine was around $35 and holds a ton of stuff.
  12. Did you spray inside or outside of waders?
  13. Has anyone ever used American Legacy's trade-in program for rods/reels? If so, how was your experience?
  14. Did you use water or alcohol to show where the leaks are?
  15. I have 2 Excelers and love them. 2500 on my ML Mojo and 1000 on my UL Premier. Both strictly FW. I also have a Legalis 2500 which is a step down but basically the same reel. As far as the Quantums, I have 2 Iron PTS40 Inshores and an Accurist. All 3 work great and have great drag. Ain't nothing wrong with Quantums no matter what they say.