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  1. I don't think I've ever caught one in April. But then I'm usually getting my FW jollies off prior to SW season.
  2. Haven't got one yet there this year. At least it's not just me. They definitely should rethink the stocking times! Eel nets already strewn about.
  3. Around 38" I think. I'm in the camp of catching numbers rather than size. Largest from kayak, I don't think ever exceeded 28". But finding a pod of schoolies or slots in the yak and throwing all types of topwater is the $h!t!
  4. Welcome, welcome! How large do those bass get? They do have some resemblance to our striped bass. ..and I think the "new member joke" has been covered with the wife puns. Well played!
  5. Was thinking about that too. Maybe some of the bigger tubes out there.
  6. They're blades to turn jig heads into chatterbaits. I want to try them for stripers, but not sure how strong the little pin is. I might put one on one of those creature bait contraptions I made.
  7. Haha,yeah with the intensified storms and power outages, I almost feel like new species are owed lol. I think have a smattering of straggler tog and BSB, but really need to know where they are. I'd love to see some Albies up my way!
  8. Not much of a species selection up here, but you never know...
  9. Oh well. Would've been better in my kayak at any rate.
  10. I got out. Didn't catch anything, 3 locations. It did get dark enough to make me take off my sunglasses for a few minutes. Got chilly when the sun was mostly blocked.
  11. Still trying to figure out whether I should do tidal or landlocked for this event. Got no glasses, so I won't be actually looking at it. But definitely want to experience it with the ol' fishin' stick.
  12. Spro makes the best! I mostly use the 50# or 75# on lighter inshore stuff. Freshwater, I use the 35# which are tiny! 125# for larger rigs.
  13. Can't wait! Make sure you take advantage of the mini bar.
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