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  1. 4# an 6# fluoro on my ULs. Works fine for me.
  2. Amen
  3. For SW, I have a 7MXF Avid Inshore for schoolies. If I want to take a UL with me, that would be more for harbor pollock or macks off a dock. But I currently don't have a UL rod I'd want to use in the salt.
  4. I use spinning 99.99% of the time. I have a conventional for SW (live lining from kayak) and a bait caster rig for FW for frogs (which I suck at casting). "Serious angling" is all in the head of said angler.
  5. Never for me.
  6. I wouldn't trust it. Sounds gimmicky and just another part to break.
  7. Ugh! Everything is going up.
  8. I've been looking up the few brands I know, but I don't know much about wood plugs.
  9. Thanks! Just visited their website. Definitely a match. Are they still in business? I clicked on "Online Store" and nothing came up.
  10. Now if anyone could help ID these, would be great! The dark green one is pretty beat up, but I think it's still fishable.
  11. Thank you sir!
  12. I have a 10MMF Mojo Surf 1-4oz. Good feel to it. Only issue so far for me is the little cap on top of the handle ahead of the reel seat. Just need to glue it back on and good to go. Did you notice if they had any Seage Surf rods?
  13. @TimS could you move this?
  14. IMO: Strictly C&R would be a good start. Might not solve the problem but a good step in the right direction. There are arguments that the recs have more impact than coms, and that C&R is somehow more wasteful, but if stripers are C&R only, the populations might start to increase. No rec or com harvests. Harvest is willful removal, bottom line. I predict this thread to get ugly at some point.
  15. Funny thing, I haven't lost a rod out of the yak yet, but I DID accidentally throw a rod in from shore (don't ask how). Once that thing hit the water, it was gone. Crashing surf off the rocks, water where it fell in was only 4 or 5 ft deep and super clear. Could not find it at all. Luckily it was a cheaper rig. Now I probably jinxed myself...