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  1. You already have the Tica for heavier stuff. I'd go with the 3/4-4oz. I love the BG and for that size rod, maybe a 4K or 5K size. Definitely feel them out. Also, if you're interested in the Saragosa, check out a Spheros. Very similar reel at almost half the price. Best thing to do is figure out what you want, then visit a shop and try the rod and reel together to get a feel for it. I've never fished CCC, but from what I hear, that would be a good spot to use the Tica.
  2. Glad I got my tank filled! Hitting 40 on Sunday and above 40 on Monday. Damn right, back to fishing! Fish will be hungry!
  3. Hope everyone is prepped for this crazy arctic blast we're getting.
  4. Last sale they had, I got a Jigging World surf rod for 20% off and a Penn SSVI5500 for a mis-price and another 15% off, since Penn was included in the sale. The mis-price was that it was $10 less than the 4500, which they honored. KTP can be good and bad.
  5. Do you mean for different actions/powers? I've seen some back and forth on that topic. So it can be done? I have a 10MMF. What other tips fit that?
  6. One of my bucktails has had the same one on for multiple seasons. As long as it's not ragged or hardened, should be fine.
  7. Yeah, Tidemaster is a great rod. But now that I think of it, I almost wish my 8' was MF instead of F. But one thing I do love about it is it's 1 piece. You might be able to call St. Croix about the breaking trend on the new Mojos, and see what they say. It may have been a bad batch and (hopefully) they fixed it. Fortunately I haven't had that problem. It's all speculation until you (we ) get a definitive answer from the manufacturer. They don't want to lose customers and taint their name. They are the "best rods on Earth".
  8. Awesome colors!!
  9. My old 80HF Tidemaster works pretty well. A bit of a meat stick, but I've thrown 3/4oz and 1oz metals with it. It kind of fell out of the rotation with my obsession for more rods. This thread reminds me I need to take it out again and use it. Regarding the new gen Mojos (green SCIII), I have a 7MHF and haven't had any issues with it. One of my frequent kayak rods. All my other Mojos are old gen (purple SCII) are also solid rods. I'm willing to bet that when the new gen first came out, there was a bad batch. A survey of serial numbers may answer that question.
  10. Never seen one of those before.
  11. Always have a roll of hockey tape. The leuko k sounds interesting.
  12. I use about 3-4' of leader. All that's needed.
  13. I use swivel for everything. I always make sure I pre-make plenty of leaders before I go out.
  14. Well there it is!