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  1. Wow, cbinvb! You just dropped some serious knowledge right there..
  2. Plot twist y'all...Just bought a Tsunami SaltX6000 in BST for just a bit over my $300 budget. Planning on spooling with 30lb Suffix 832 and converting to bailess. If this reel ends up feeling too big or heavy for the 9'6", I'll just put it on the 1102M and continue the search. In the meantime, thanks for all the feedback and thoughtful responses. I'll be sure to give an update in a few weeks.
  3. I own the 10'6" and 11' Airwave elites and love them both - that's why I purchased the 9'6". I have an SSV6500bls on the big rods, and that's a good match (although I HATE how the rotor spins during casting). I also have the SSV4500LL on an 8' rod, and would actually consider putting it on the 9'6" as well, despite not needing the LL feature for this rod. Thank you so much for this response - sounds like you're a Penn guy like me. The SSVI5500 sounds like a really good match, and at a great price. Do you know if there is a bailess conversion kit for this reel?
  4. I happened to come across a 706 a few weeks ago, but it seemed waaay too heavy for this rod. Although I appreciate the simplicity, I do like the refinement and features of the more modern reels
  5. Thanks for all of the input everyone - much appreciated! Out of curiosity, does anyone have this rod paired with a Tsunami SaltX reel? It's out of my $300 price range, but I would consider stretching my budget a bit considering the sealing and bailess option (which I prefer). Would this reel be oversized for this particular reel?
  6. Willing to offer $320
  7. I really do love the smoothness, price, and light weight of the BG, but the bail wire on my 3500 is pretty damn flimsy in my opinion, and I do frequently put my rod/reel down on the rocks when rigging, unhooking fish, etc. For that reason, and because striper/bluefish fishing conditions inherently call for tougher gear, the BG is probably at bottom of the list at the moment
  8. Being in the Philadelphia area, I have good access to Penn spare parts and service, and I'm comfortable working on Penn reels. It seems like Penn Spinfisher VI and Shimano Saragosa 6000 are the favorites thus far.. Does anyone out there have this rod paired with the Spinfisher VI? If so, which size? I'd think the 5500 would be the best fit, but I'd also love to have a bailess reel on this rod if at all possible. I really wish Penn had the Spinfisher 5500 in bailess...
  9. Chocolate almond macaroons make the house smell amazing..
  10. You're right, that's definitely the preferred route, but I'm also sort of looking to score a great deal online, which may limit my ability to try the reel before buying.
  11. You don't think that reel is too big for that rod? How does a Shimano 6000 compare in size to a Penn 6500? I tried my Penn 6500 Fierce II on there just for size/weight, and it felt like way too much reel for that rod. Granted, the Saragosa is a significantly lighter reel..
  12. Royal Oak in a chimney and a Weber starter cube underneath has always worked just fine for me.
  13. Shime Saba is one of my favorites. Did you use Spanish mackerel or Boston mackerel? Also, I definitely recommend using the kombu if you make this dish again, as it gives a very nice umami flavor to the fish. I posted a hirame (fluke) kobujime dish a few months ago, if you're interested - you can easily do that same preparation with tog. Tight lines a happy cooking!
  14. Hi SOL, I recently purchased the 9'6" version of the Airwave Elite and I'm looking for your recommendation on a reel for this rod. I'll be fishing this rod in the NJ surf and jetties for blues and stripers, and anticipate getting splashed occasionally. I fish hard, but always rinse my reels after fishing saltwater and spray with Ballistol every few sessions. I also break down and clean my surf reels when necessary. I pretty much fish Penn reels out of habit (and hometown loyalty), but I'm open to any suggestions. My thoughts were: Penn Spinfisher VI (4500BLS or 5500?) Penn Slammer 3 5500 Shimano Stradic FL (never fished a Shimano, so I'm not sure about their sizing compared to Penn) Daiwa BG or Saltist (I fish a BG one on my fluke rod. Love the smoothness and light weight, but not so confident in it's durability) Tsunami Evict?? Any insight would be welcome!
  15. Yea, I usually end up preparing this dish 2 days after the catch. That said, the fish is always broken down and filleted the same day it's caught, and filets are patted dry and refrigerated in a container lined with paper towels. If I don't make sushi after day 3, then filets get pan fried. Tight lines and happy cooking!