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  1. I'm in, thanks!
  2. I’ve noticed lately when I have a heavy crosswind it can create a belly in the line, or wind blowing towards me that pushes the plug too fast – it’s much harder to get that popping action. So not too much wind or wind at my back that pushes the plug out and tightens up the line has worked best lately.
  3. I’m using a vsx200 on a mojo 10’6” and I find whenever there’s ANY slack in the line or a belly due to the wind, I can’t get pencils to pop either. If I’ve got the current and wind in my favor I can get the rhythm, but it takes a bit to get that all working. Blues have been hitting pencil poppers where I am though, so getting more practice. Heavier pencils in the 2 oz range seem to work better for me too.
  4. I’ll take the bottom 2 little atoms (in the packages) for $30 if they’re still available
  5. I had one that was stuck that I needed to take apart to transport and tried frozen peas – didn’t work. But there’s a video I watched that demonstrates how to grip it with another person, each with their hand on one part of the rod criss-crossed, then you both twist. That worked! No smell, thank god.
  6. 27” a few days ago 1 1/2 oz bucktail
  7. Is this compatible with the VSX200?
  8. The darter on the right side, 4th one down - whose is that?
  9. Thank you!
  10. Anyone have an idea what these are called? I actually found it in the beach, know who lost it and caught a bluefish on it tonight. Casts a mile!
  11. I catch and release!
  12. Aha, good to know. I'll give that a shot on one I picked up recently (haven't caught on it yet).
  13. Oh is that the website for Black hole? I kept on trying to go to black hole usa dot com but get this:
  14. The handles on the greenie 706s like rreelman said are aluminum. If that’s what you’re looking for ...
  15. Ron Redington is making some of these as well – he made the Redingfin through-wired Redfins and is now making some SP Minnows.