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  1. I don’t have one if those bigger ones, but a tip I’ve tried with metal lips is to feather the line or stop it just before it hits the water to straighten out the plug and keep it from getting tangled.
  2. Ha that was fast. Thanks!
  3. Got this from a friend who can't recall what they're called, but bought a handful of them a few years back. It's a very interesting banana plug-ish shape but with a big blunt darter face. Has a US Pat. 0468390-S stamped on the back. (Pic is terrible but that's the number I can make out. Tried to look it up, but nothing) Anyone have any idea?
  4. I noticed yesterday that Saltwater Edge sells loaded 7' redfins, with what looks like upgraded hooks as well. If you don't want to do it yourself, might be a good option.
  5. This video is great, thanks for sharing that
  6. Ha good, glad that helped!
  7. I tried to take a video of what I typically do, this is after I reel in my lure and am getting ready to cast again. My left hand is holding the camera here but it’d usually be on the handle of the reel.
  8. I usually take the line off with my right index finger when I'm retrieving from the last cast, then spin the handle so the handle is down and the spool is up with the line already on my finger / against the rod as I prepare to cast. Left hand is just reeling in, spinning handle to correct position and then reaching for the butt of the rod. Video above is a good overview.
  9. Phil, just bought one of these from the BST a few weeks back. This is where the line tie comes out on mine:
  10. I'll take em. Was going to post a WTB for a reverse earlier in the spring.
  11. Aren’t party boats and charters counted as recreational? Does any survey separate charter boats from surfcasters? Not arguing, just curious.
  12. NYS DEC hasn't updated their online regs yet either.
  13. crowconor thank you for helping out and good luck to you. Saw these sites via social media, maybe they'll be of help: – for healthcare workers requesting masks – for factories that can produce more than 10,000 masks a month – send N95 masks to healthcare workers
  14. Very interested in that plug! Any more info on it?
  15. Wonder if there's a Dr. Bronner's Anise Extract flavor