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  1. Anyone have an idea what these are called? I actually found it in the beach, know who lost it and caught a bluefish on it tonight. Casts a mile!
  2. I catch and release!
  3. Aha, good to know. I'll give that a shot on one I picked up recently (haven't caught on it yet).
  4. Oh is that the website for Black hole? I kept on trying to go to black hole usa dot com but get this:
  5. The handles on the greenie 706s like rreelman said are aluminum. If that’s what you’re looking for ...
  6. Ron Redington is making some of these as well – he made the Redingfin through-wired Redfins and is now making some SP Minnows.
  7. I support catch and release, i’m in
  8. Caught a 23” and 4 smaller fish on my 4” darter this morning.
  9. Don't want to know your spots, just want to hear when and what tide anyone is catching on. I'll start – my first tiny schoolie of the year was about 12" and caught at about 2 hours before high tide, 6 PM a few days back, in a creek.
  10. Lot 4 please
  11. Yeah it is.
  12. Might be the same as this one, ID'ed as Alpha by Morningwood
  13. Snagged a mylar balloon out of the water the other day on a casting expedition, and grabbed another one out of a bush last night. There's always something to pick up on the walk back to the truck!
  14. Nice, I’m in!
  15. Great paint and those jointed Pikies look like fish catchers!