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  1. I’ll take the bluefish.
  2. I support catch and release!
  3. Anyone try one of these out or see them in person? They're reasonably priced!
  4. Here’s a wooden Musso lipless swimmer I borrowed from my dad.
  5. Gibbs Trolling Swimmer. They still make em.
  6. I’ll close this for now thanks for what you sent tman and Reel Sharp
  7. Was this color "Yellow Striper" DZ?
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Swear I searched yesterday before I posted. Might be a little too much for me to consider fishable at the moment. I'll pass and see what else is out there.
  9. This is one I remember watching:
  10. Nice, thanks for pics and weights! I like the rainbow lil momma and the green slope head big momma. Price for both?
  11. I saw those brown slopehead little momma's in another thread recently and was sad I missed them. I'd definitely be interested.
  12. Interested – size, weight, price?
  13. Looking for a fishable Conrad to try this season. Used or new, not looking for a collectable rare plug, but interested in any you have to share. Thanks!
  14. I bought one from the BST last spring. Fished it a bit but didn’t give it too much of a chance yet. Good luck, they’re out there!