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  1. Jolly mon, I’ll take this.
  2. I’m in, thanks!
  3. I'll +1 all of jps1010's suggestions. To the point above, there is a Cooperative Anglers Program for Striped Bass that the NYS DEC runs which tracks your catches via a copy of your logbook you send in to them, with the number of fish caught, hours spent fishing, size of fish, kept / released etc. and the general zone that you catch in. You can also send in scales of the fish you catch to get an accurate age. Also C. Robin's point of an education system or online course that teaches proper catch and release techniques would be a really good idea. Thanks CWitek.
  4. Striped Bass Fishing Catch and Release Best Practices from the NYS DEC:
  5. Saw Atlantic Plugs and Lures post about these Hab's Eggs recently, and they're just so adorable I had to make a few... Googly eyes for added dumbness. A40 lip and a weight in the chin - they come out around 1.8 - 1.9 ozs
  6. Here's the two I finished – Stormtrooper is 1.7 ozs and Blurple is 1.6
  7. Yeah I was unsure exactly, but they look great. We'll see how they swim and catch! Thanks for the reply.
  8. Why’s it called a rabbit?
  9. Got these today at the Sag Harbor fire dept fishing flea market. Seller said they were built by Baribault (or his son) out of Riverhead. Saw that name in a few recent threads so I figured I’d post em, see what folks thought. Thanks!
  10. I just got a 2.5 oz ccw that looks fishy, hoping to throw it soon ...
  11. Well out of the 3 bodies I carved, I got 2 through-drilled successfully. So here's a blurple and a white w/black eye painted up.
  12. Mike, what does the “private” category here represent?
  13. I’m in
  14. Post what you want to trade here