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  1. Worth Waiting instead of just Grabbing an Ecotric Dolphin?
  2. Looking at a Lectric XP, the wait times suck.
  3. Anyone certain brand better for fishing than others? Checking these out would like to get one.
  4. Cold Spring Harbor
  5. Looking for $350 its still like new, its a 10' one piece model
  6. Looking the sell a Lamiglas 2G SuperSurf rated 2-6 oz. Rod has been used twice and is basically brand new. I have too many rods looking to downsize. Will upload photos, but rod is 10/10
  7. Let me hear what you have and prices.
  8. Let me see what you guys want. I can offer cash or trades for other reels.
  9. Lmfao I actually cracked up at this
  10. Like grab the loose line against the rod itself to get it started ?
  11. Yes. I do use a manual bail as I took the trip ramp out of my reel, thus making it manual. The problem has to be when I cast a minnow plug, as soon as it hits the water I flip the bail and very quickly reel in the slack of my line so the lure can begin working (most of my hits happen like this). I believe the reeling of the slack line, especially when it is windy and the line is Bowed out is what is causing the wind knots. Thank you for all the input.
  12. Not over spooled and fish 15lb with an SP Minnow
  13. I have been using Berkly x9 15 lb braid on a 3500 with a tsuanmi trophy rod. I kept wind knotting, switched over to 15 power pro and I keep wind knotting still. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I got spooled at J and H and it isnt over spooled..... Maybe go up to 20lb?
  14. I opened up my SSVI 3500 to remove to bail trip. While I was under there I did touch a spring on a small black clip I believe was on the top of the rotor? I'm actually not sure where it was but I thought it was the trip wire. However, I figured out what the trip wire was and closed the reel up. Now the reel is grinding pretty bad when reeling normal and then gets worse when fighting a fish. What could be causing this? Is the the little black spring I was messing with? Or did I close something wrong ? Let me know brand new reel shouldn't be working like this
  15. I can do $50 PayPal my best offer.