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  1. I've been fishing a decent amount this fall and only gotten a few bass up to 35" I mainly fish Central NS, but I take trips south shore when the bite is good. Last week south shore got a push of big fish but I missed out on the action by a day. Has anyone been doing good with fishing Central Long island area? Why is fishing so bad? I see tons of bait I throw the small soft plastics, SPs, Poppers, the whole bag and don't get much action. Anyone notice this lately? Do I just suck?
  2. Whats going on. I'm moving out east on the Island right near Mattituck area. I was wondering what the deal with finding access was to fishing spots? I'm completely lost on this. I can't go out and find structure and fish because all the places that look good on google maps have no access. Any suggestions? I know a lot of people fish the North Fork.
  3. I have officially moved and will accept $250. This is under cheaper than what the regular version (Non-promotional) rod is going for. Priced to sell. This rod needs to go !
  4. Price drop to $300 Shipped. Need to sell as I'm moving.
  5. Selling a Lamiglas Infinity ISS 92MHS Fishing rod. The rod is intended for steelhead/salmon. However, I've used this rod twice thus far as a back bay rod and it handled a bass 29'' long with absolutely no problem. For some reason, this rod sweetspot lure is an SP minnow. This rod has "Promotional" written on the side. This is the only rod that they made "Promotional" written on the side to my knowledge. I don't want to get rid of this rod as it is one of my favorites, but I have way to many rods, and I hoping someone will be able to use this more than me as it will collect dust in my garage. Specs: 1/4-3/4 Oz Lure rating (However was able to toss a 1.5oz popper extremely well), 10-20 Pound line, Fast action, Medium/Heavy Power. I'm looking for around $400, but I'm open to offers.
  6. Can't wait for the steelhead running. It's starting right now. Tight lines.
  7. Oh right around the corner, getting mine tomorrow. Thank you.
  8. This looks great, a little big for my liking, but it looks very nice and secure.
  9. I don't think you could weld that to be honest. At least it isn't an expensive reel.
  10. Bills fan here. I believe the addition of Stephon Diggs gives Allen a great target. I think they will easily win the division. Maybe thats just me being a bill fa though.
  11. Huge SP Minnow guy. I would say Bunker color, Blurple, and Laser Shiner are the best color ways for striped bass.
  12. When is the last day to buy the beach permit?
  13. I had always thought heinz 57 was a brand of ketchup. Guess you learn something knew everyday.
  14. I would just check out local jetties and piers. Beaches closing really sucks. Catch 'em up !
  15. What do you mean by this?