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  1. Fished lower Delaware ocean 10/24. Caught 2 short stripers and a speckled trout.
  2. Fished an inlet in Delaware(the other one) on 09/23. Caught five bluefish about 10" long on a Wax Wing. Missed twenty other bites. Bunker, mullet, and anchovies were everywhere. Saw a few flounder being caught also.
  3. Fished an inlet in Delaware today. Huge bunker schools everywhere. Threw everything... spoons, sp, bucktail, soft plastics, and popper. Couldn't get a bite.
  4. Mary Lee just pinged off Beach Haven a couple days ago: https://www.ocearch.org/?details=41
  5. St. Elmo's Fire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Elmo's_fire
  6. Big blues are still around. Fished 5/31 as far south as you can go in the Delaware Bay. Morning on incoming tide using a spoon. Caught 5 to 6 lbs.blues plus a 40 incher. Had a couple more take swipes at a Tsunami Talkin' popper and miss. Caught another good blue on that same popper on 6/1 at the same location.
  7. Threw poppers on 4/22 for 4 hours in the lower Delaware Bay and landed one big bluefish. Only bite I had. On 4/23 fished lower Delaware out front. Landed a nice weakfish(what a surprise!) and a couple of stripers about the same size plus all the shorts you wanted. Small white swim baits worked.
  8. Fished an inlet in Delaware Saturday 4/6 and Sunday 4/7. Caught 5 stripers 15" - 22" on small swimbaits. Low tide seemed best. Quick bite window but when it was over... it was over. Great weather on Sunday.
  9. Damn you got me kurazy! I fished the other inlet in Delaware. Not a touch. Talked to some guys throwin' bait all day and they said they had nothing either.
  10. I've got an itch to fish . Thank you.
  11. Super nice guy. Always remembered me when I saw him. Here he is gaffing a tuna for me. God bless.
  12. Fished lower Delaware Oct 31 - Nov 1. Nice weather with a slight breeze. Low tide and high tide. Not a bite. No life in the water. No birds. Threw artificials. Water a little dirty. Saw a few small tog being caught.
  13. Fished an ***et in Delaware 10/1 and 10/2. Blues and more small blues plus 1 short striper before dark last night. More blues today with one going about 24". At times they were hitting on every cast. All caught on a Shimano Waxwing. Mullet were everywhere at low tide. Nice clear water conditions.
  14. The waxwings do look good in the water. I used the sardine and the bunker colors. 88mm size. Easy to use and easy on the shoulder.