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  1. These things are literally everywhere
  2. Well just spotted a great white the other day off of Plymouth as I was stalking the pogie schools. Was a small one probably around 8 ft with no tag in him. Tried to get pics but it was staying too deep and the glare from the sun wouldnt let me get a pic. Maybe that's all the splashing in the pogie schools. This was half a mile off white horse beach.
  3. You could almost walk on bluefish from kingman yacht club to bird island in buzzards bay. All 2 to 6lbs.
  4. First cast there goes a out of package epoxy. Moved on to the next school after that cast.
  5. Too many blues in buzzards bay. Found more bonito in the sound the last 2 days. Still some bonito in the usual haunts in buzzards bay just plagued with blues
  6. Finally got a few today.
  7. They must be in thick my 8 year old nephew caught one in the canal this morning
  8. more or less a pain. unhooking them and all and when they get wrapped up in the line.
  9. either that or a monkey spinning a wheel and putting the outcomes together.
  10. now there is a talk of no reduction for commercial next year and a 20% reduction for recreational. they state that the since the commercial cant catch their threshold its not overfished in the commercial sector. they have determined that it is overfished in the rec sector though.
  11. catch my own eels and skin them. if i have to resort to buying eels i will do that. they are not hard to skin.
  12. im going to start fishing eelskins. my neighbor just cleaned out his shed and gave me a box of 3 and 4oz eelskin jigs.
  13. Any shallow weedy pond with a herring run. I've gotten big ones in glen charlie and the agawam river watershed.
  14. how much weight do you use
  15. They took away 4 18 wheeler truck loads of fish in one location.
  16. Still wouldn't matter because you ate only allowed 2 from shore anyway. I mean if you are going to do that at least take the effort to take your canal gear off the truck so it may seem like it came from a boat.
  17. I watched them lol 3 clowns in a orange and white dual console. Might of been brown and white. They trolled down all the way from the radar station or at least that's as far as I could see them for.
  18. I'm just going to throw this out there. When I sold a fish 3 weeks ago I was the 23rd person all day and I got 6$ a lb. When i sold a fish the 2nd Monday I was 83 and got 4.55. Today I was 283 so you can take a guess at the price lol. Was still 10 people in line behind me and most were offloading an average of 5 fish with one guy in front of me with 15 with all his canal gear plainly in view with his bike on the back obviously canal fish.
  19. Atlantic coast in sandwich.
  20. I was guessing 4.50
  21. Bunch of fish being sold at the truck today
  22. I actually tried Saturday night and we could not hold bottom with 5oz of lead. Our baits would be washed ashore in less than a minute. How much lead do you use? This was a open beach nite an inlet or something. We had a good southwest blow and I was mid tide but I at least expected 5oz to hold. Guess I was wrong.
  23. Dogfish
  24. Most people dont know how to properly check ice anyway. I was ice fishing Webster lake all season with no ice issues last year and I was constantly on a good solid 6 to 8in average. Some areas a foot or more. Some areas 4 to 5in. It varies and when in a location that is untested you need to spud every step and use good judgement. Webster freezes pretty good for a body of water its size.
  25. Still there