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  1. I'm hearing reports around has anyone been out. saw some funnyfish looking splashes the other day. should be anyway now.
  2. if the plug comes with weak hardware upgrading the rings once is enough. hooks I replace when they are super rusted out. quality rings last a while unless they bend out of course.
  3. a little surface rust will develop after q trip or 2 usually around the eye of the hook. i wouldn't worry about stuff like this personally. usually it takes an off season for hooks to rust out to an unfishable degree.
  4. kid wants to hook and reel in a fish all by himself. it takes him how long it takes him. kid fishes better than most around him anyway. they can wait or move on and most are joyed and happy to see the kid catching and the ones who have a problem always hear about it from everyone else around.
  5. I honestly heard it from someone. when I looked for more info I couldn't find anything supporting it. I also couldn't find anything saying we couldn't travel into RI to fish either though....
  6. only matters if you are in RI for more than 24 hours. can still make a trip
  7. oh i love it when the cut in between me and my 6 year old nephew who actually knows how to hook a fish. i swap with him and put him upstream of the jerk. when he hooks a fish now that guy is decommissioned for around 20 minutes while my 6 year old nephew fights the fish. the one time someone tried to speak up about him taking too long to fight a fish i thought the whole 15 pole stretch of people were going to throw him in the water
  8. pulled into monument and saw a police boat scanning the water with a spotlight. heard on scanner they were calling off search. I have no more info beyond that. anyone hear anything about this.
  9. got 9 keepers out of 3 traps in the canal
  10. pouring in bourne now. small branches coming down with wind gusts
  11. way to early. have heard of some king macs though.....
  12. thinking its going to delay them a few days. they were just showing up now im waiting till next week.
  13. see them all the time crabbing there at night. they seem to come shallow at night
  14. directly across from it. could hear every conversation clear as day. was only around 8 people fishing from what i could observe. edited my post because I had to look back and realize that I was there around 215ish not 1.
  15. I'm thinking this is a troll post. I was there cape side a little after 2am and didn't see any police and there was hardly any people for that matter.
  16. judging that its on a boat I'm going to say not canal or its around the entrances
  17. magic swimmer 228, savage sand eel 5oz, and any pencil you like
  18. I didn't take it towards me at all. I scup fish a lot back there and do very well but me personally I rarely get schoolies on my scup rigs with squid. probably around 1 in 100 odds but it still happens. I think the discard mortality for something like that is in existence but not enough to mandate circles across the board. I honestly don't think this circle thing is the solve all solution but will help some. I think a far greater solution and something I'm going to bring up at a hearing is the # of trebles on a plug/lure. how many times fishing a 2 trebled plug you get the front hook in the lip and the rear trebles rips or damages a gill raker and the fish is bleeding like a pig. hell I probably had that happen at least once an outing until I swapped to singles on the rear. now that problem is a lot more rare. we are in a game where the object is to put something sharp in a fishes mouth so there is no 100% guarantee but there is a lot we can do to minimize. 1 treble per lure maximum should be a rule and im going to fight for it. put a single or a flag on the rear and call it done. Then plug builders will be equipping there lures stock with appropriate legal hooks. most of these canal wannabes fish there lures straight out of the pack anyways so if they come out the pack like that unless they are illegally tampering with their hardware then all is good. obviously here come the the responses like oh there's not enough enforcement for that. I understand and agree with that but I like to rhink most of use as a whole follow the rules and by just making it a rule most will follow and make a impact. all sumed up 1 treble max and I guarantee there will be less floaters along the canal. rant over.
  19. no rentals today. they pulled the plug late last night. don't think its going to happen this year. last minute decision to cancel
  20. drove by stopped on road and looked at my hooks through binoculars and said I was all set. our rods were in rod holders and one had a scup rig on it and he didn't say anything about that. few people fishing for scup as well which he didn't bother. guy fishing next to me was using the pre tied striped bass rigs with a j hook and he got a talking to and eventually left.
  21. they checked my hooks on the canal yesterday. I could always say I'm fishing for bluefish though. my neighbor fishing got a fine for no circle hooks.
  22. all I use for line to line is the reverse Albright. simple not to remember and hasn't failed me yet. I see all these videos about fg knots and stuff but in the field with fish being caught and in a rush trust me you want something quick easy and reliable.
  23. hopefully it doesn't delay the bonito
  24. back when we were allowed to commercial fish there and I was self employed that was part of my job...
  25. if I want to fish the canal I get there 6 to 10 hours in advance of a tide cycle in order to fish where i want to fish. that has been become the norm. it is what it is....