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  1. Just cleaned the carpet last weekend . she gets messy but I try to keep it clean. On the water before sunrise and usually off by 11. Boat is flushed and cleaned by 1230. That's my routine
  2. Sadly I couldn't make it out in the tin today due to the wind. Hoping to get out Thursday and Friday.
  3. You do realize that in those areas you listed the water temp is above 70 degrees. Anything that warm won't hold concentrations of large bass. Now buzzards bay was on fire with fish up to 50lbs in May and June but they have moved on to cooler water.
  4. I've already gone hunting for bones twice to no avail. Next trip for me is Sunday so I'll start the thread then if I catch one
  5. What's the point of the skewer
  6. Everyone knows all the fish are from plymouth to plum Island. They either went around the cape or went through the canal unnoticed
  7. They were out there Wednesday with 2 boats. They just sat on the edge of the fleet and watched for around 3 hours then left. Half the boats yo-yoing as well. Was only 1 whale early Wednesday then disappeared before noon
  8. When fishing bait for striped bass you are bound to deep hook fish. The fishes mindset is "I'm going to consume this" so gut hooking is bound to happen whether it's a circle, j hook, or treble. Hooking fish in the gill rakers is even more deadly than being gut hooked. They bleed out much more than a gut hook. Snag and dropping is much more prone to get a treble in the gill rakers which makes it a much more harmful tactic. The least harmful tactic would by far be a circle hook but it still has its flaws. Like I said and sort of bait fishing is bound to have deep hooked fish. I firmly believe that that rate is lower with circles but still a problem. The only way to end this debacle is to stop bait fishing for bass. Even hooks on artificials can get caught in the rakers and cause problems as well but I won't even start with that issue.
  9. I have personally been checked on the canal twice for circle hooks. Granted I fish more than most so maybe that accounts for more encounters.
  10. Snag and dropping is so 3 weeks ago. All the commercial and recs have resorted to yo-yoing instead.
  11. On Monday July 18th it was $4.65 at atlantic
  12. I'm out there in my 14ft boat. Guys in kayaks and paddleboards as well. You should be fine. Just good luck finding access/parking
  13. Wait till you see all the gaff and releasing thats been going on there for the last month
  14. I'm probably personally seeing anywhere from 100 to 200 boats including kayaks fishing every time I have gone out. I would say on a nice calm weekend during peak seabass time (opener thru mid june) there is probably around 1000 boats fishing seabass in this state throughout the day. now nice weekday I would cut that number to a couple hundred
  15. had a good day in the bay a couple weeks ago