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  1. Was thinking of a couple of buzzards bay harbors.
  2. If I can get a bluefish of any size before Monday I will win a cool 400 bucks. Any suggestions on where to go with all this wind. Any size will do I'll take a 10in snapper if I have too lol.
  3. Weather channel or weather channel app will show it
  4. Bunch of salmon the last 2 falls in the main rez where I fish. Nothing to write home about maybe 19in was the biggest. The big girls all go into the tribs usually.
  5. Done all of this. Even my buddies cant seem to understand. I'm cursed on hardware. May try a 140 spot of mine next week.
  6. I jig the bottom, I swim it along the bottom; I crawl it along the bottom, I burn it and pause it sometimes but I never get any. I have actually had guys come and cast next to me and pick up a couple while I have been throwing metals for 2 hours without a sniff. It's just my luck lol. I can only seem to catch salmon when I throw metals.
  7. No matter how hard I try I never catch any Lakers on lures. Only salmon on lures. All my Lakers come on bait.
  8. Supposed to be trout trolling on Saturday but I dont think that will even happen. Too windy
  9. I was up there Thursday and Friday for my first time and I didnt enjoy it at all at least for the salmon. I dont enjoy the sport of snagging half dead fish in the mouth that will not eat in order to get a fair hook. I didn't catch any steelhead or browns but imo i would enjoy that better. My definition of fishing is outsmarting or angering a fish to make it bite or eat my offering. Not dragging your line through the water to intentionally hook one against the fishes will. Looks like you had a productive trip bassturds and that is a beauty of a Atlantic.
  10. You could just find rocks close to shore. Buzzards bay is loaded with them but access may be the problem. I was 20yds off shore anchored next to a rock pile getting them as well.
  11. Been catching some nice big hens and a couple of males the last 2 weeks.
  12. Holy short is the only way to describe it. 5 hours for my 3 16in fish. This was In upper buzzards bay.
  13. How did a 16in fish taste honestly. I always wanted to try it thinking they would taste good but I could never consider bringing myself to breaking the rules.
  14. i wonder if the current was blowing out of the canal. if it was blowing in they would of been washed away into the rips that form in the narrows there.
  15. Stripers or strippers because they work well for strippers.