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  1. Took a break laker fishing today and decided to trap some more bait for Lakers and stockpile some for upcoming ice. Ended up with 16 dozen. Plenty of laker bait till closing
  2. Egg sucking leaches are deadly on them too.
  3. I get some vicious reaction strikes by swinging muddlers and 3in streamers by their face. Especially post spawn.
  4. I'm laughing hearing about this. I think we have a better chance of the sun turning blue.
  5. Flies or bait?
  6. That's what I'm going to call them for now on.
  7. They love nymphs. I watched a guy at the still catch 4 in 5 drifts earlier this spring.
  8. Must be flowing over good then to drop them in.
  9. R.I.P. Mike
  10. Nice hen. Is the still really that clean? Is was really dirty last week.
  11. That's awsome
  12. Out here now. Struck out in the tribs so laker time now.
  13. Anyone out there now. I'm about to hop around a few places.
  14. every time i get one around 16in im tempted to fish it fresh dead on the bottom whole on my surf rod.
  15. drifting a crawler in a trib. sometimes they are so thick i have snagged them casting spoons by mistake. they are pretty common in the tribs and around the causeway. when you see fish jumping and splashing most of the time they are suckers and nobody ever realizes this. sometimes they are trout and salmon but a experienced eye can tell the difference between the splashes. sometimes they jump clean out of the water. scares me when a 25in sucker leaps out of the water right next to me and catches me off guard.