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  1. So be normal
  2. Doesnt mean they cant enforce it since striped bass are federally protected.
  3. I'm thinking they wont close it down to fishing but rather go another route. The canal is federal waters and they may just close fishing for striped bass like in federal waters 3 miles out.
  4. I find it very hard to believe that the United states army cares about a couple of thousand fisherman and half a dozen bait shops
  5. The epo has been in our campground sneaking out to check people in the bell rd area.
  6. Is it loaded with water?
  7. Anyone sees a gun or is threatened with a gun at the canal please call police. I cant wait for the day for someone to try that with me. They are all *****s with little man syndrome anyway (not saying this to anyone who conceal carries just these asshats). They wouldnt dare to use it especially with hundreds of people around
  8. 15 feet seems to be fair but if you really want to be mean you could step up to 25ft
  9. Oh I love running just within casting range of them. A good idea it to tow a 15ft long piece of rope behind your boat to catch all the asshats who try to cast right behind your transom to be arrogant.
  10. Bikes wouldn't stop anything put a EPO in every lot to catch them stuffing fish. But we all know that wont happen. Just like put a epo on the boat ramps. The one and only choke point where all the poachers have to go through
  11. Most of the fish are over 73 so they cant retain to eat. When that's the case it's not worth fishing. There are some smaller recreational sized fish around but most are over the slot limit
  12. Usually they wont even make the trip. If you get a giant to the boat a high percentage of the time that fish isnt going to make it so why even bother fishing for them if it's not worth it. Even these rec guys who hook a obviously large fish you might as well just break it off then fight it.
  13. If you have a permit and vessel you should be good even if its from shore
  14. The mma has been packed with people because of the bite that WAS happening there a few days ago.(dont get your pants in a bunch everyone and run down there)
  15. There is a video of it burning wood through glass