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  1. they even stated that if the vice and noise continues then further measures will be taken. by all means they can shut it down and might end up doing that if nothing improves
  2. by the looks of this slot limit and mortality rate im not going to even need to fish to fill my 15 limit. ill just take a net with me.
  3. they were delicious. a little smaller but I honestly prefer that. you are still getting the same weight of meat. picking up more today.
  4. MB in Sagamore had them yesterday. I believe its in all locations. get them while you can
  5. you got it right. I only put 1 treble on any plug I use. less damage to the fish
  6. Sunday is looking good. just need to play wind direction and find sheltered grounds
  7. thats basically it is
  8. thought weather was going to be more cooperable this week. next calm day I'm going out
  9. its has been widely proven recs do far worse to the fishery than commercial. no need to even have an argument here. close one close both i say. go fish for largemouth or something. I honestly think this new slot limit will help. we shall wait and see
  10. 4 fish last year fetched me 750. definitely enough to live off for a week
  11. anyone been out yet? was thinking of trying this week.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was triangle. I always fished spectacle. people would park at the Bush on farmersville road and walk in to fish triangle. trying to get stocking records from 2008 or around there
  13. recollecting from my youth when I was starting out trout fishing I believe I can remember that this pond was stocked with trout. the furthest back stocking list I can find is 2010 and it's not on there. can anyone here confirm if this place was indeed stocked with trout and how was the fishing? looking back at the list and it's sad to see hoxie pond no longer stocked either. place was awesome.
  14. going to be a zoo but whatever. town permit will be put to use. fish are in easy limit today
  15. I've caught cunners at night in the canal during my youth.