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  1. There is Whitecaps in the background. A little on the daring side for a kayak.
  2. Honestly if you consider going out in the slop over the weekend in a kayak you need to be thrown in mental evaluation. Plenty of good days on the way. No need to jump the gun.
  3. Been getting some serious numbers the last couple weeks. 8 a outing is about the average. Need to know the productive areas though.
  4. The ****how starts this weekend. Grab the popcorn. I'll be watching from my lawnchair.
  5. Otw did a episode on it. It's a nice easy spot they did but it has been blown out of the water with kayak pressure. At least 60 kayaks there Saturday. But it would be your best bet.
  6. I think it is they reproduce rapidly. The kayakers I mean
  7. There were a bunch out there and half of them I saw were not wearing vests. Thank god he had a vest on it saved his life most likely. Some of those guys are so careless. I mean it should be common sense to wear a lifejacket especially on a kayak. Well done on the rescue and god bless you with many seabass to come
  8. I had one scup go 3lbs 1oz on my digital scale. Was bigger than all but 2 of my seabass
  9. I did great at cleveland.
  10. Seabass are there but you need to find them. My buddy got a full boat 40 fish limit of all big blue heads.
  11. Got my limit by 6am
  12. At least I can get away from them
  13. I already bought the big red and white bobbers so I'm all set.
  14. I'm heading down in a hour for the weekend. Seabass for me as I dont want to be caught in the canal circus.
  15. You're right I just checked my gallery. It was the same trip I caught a big albie that I took a pic of and the pic is dated the 26th