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  1. when you are fishing daily it's not worth it to clean honestly. bleach and water obliterates baked on squid ink. no need to even scrub just soak wait and rinse.
  2. smelt have finished spawning on the shallow shoals and moved deeper. the fish gorging on them must of followed now we have the smaller skinnier fish left behind. time to look deeper for bigger fish
  3. bluefish are on the backside of the vineyard too I hear. once them and the scup move In with the next blow the squid off hyannis are gone. I'm predicting around Thursday the fishing will taper off.
  4. got you beat I caught the kraken yesterday
  5. 1st round of pfizer today arm feels like it got hit with a softball. see hiw tomorrow is and 2nd round
  6. those submersible green led lights don't work at all. I catch less with the green light than without it. halogen cannot be beat hence why many squid experts still carry the generators
  7. draggers out of Hyannis last few days. haven't seen any rec boats going out
  8. they closed down shore fishing to the outflow after 9/11 sadly
  9. plenty of those too.
  10. jig a epoxy jig off bottom while your waiting for albies to pop up. have caught everything from puffers to Jack's and triggers doing that.
  11. still doesn't make it right. you take a wake on one and cut it too sharp you can absolutely loose control and swamp it.
  12. agreed. they will rent a boat to anyone that pays. I saw a 2 rentals racing each other and jumping each others wakes when I was there on Sunday. people better smarten up or its going to be another thing we loose access to.
  13. not quite sure but from what I gathered they were fooling around. I could be wrong but this is what I heard.
  14. boat completely sunk. I'm hearing foul play with 2 rentals was the cause.
  15. looks like one of the broodstock they just put in. nice fish.