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  1. Only if you overfill your reel other than that I never had any problems.
  2. I have been using 10lb power pro on my ultralight and bottom trout set ups for 5 years. Best switch I ever made.
  3. Your weather reports are so detailed that I have no idea what you are saying. Are you a weather man because you should be. Keep them coming.
  4. Water isn't raging at all. Its actually a nice perfect flow imo
  5. if lake quinsig freezes over with nice ice there is plenty of room there
  6. I've been on Ice every weekend for the last month in MA. Was on 8in last night.
  7. He used to fix all of our reels
  8. Bobby from the wsc
  9. My buddy had a permit for his 4 wheeler to be on the service roads before he passed away.
  10. I'm going to get one of these. Imagine all the illegal bass you can stuff in this thing
  11. Not even in the same realm
  12. I used circles with power bait shiners and worms and after probably 30 fish they were still all in the gut. I probably only let the fish eat it for about 10 seconds.
  13. I have taken many browns twitching the second smallest yo Zuri pins minnow
  14. Circle hooks dont make any difference at all with trout. Still gut hooked all the time. It's all in how the fish is handled and unhooked. Most people just jam pliers down the throat and rip.
  15. Trolling this weekend to try for some of the big browns that push shallow. Probably pull big streamers and maybe a live shiner