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  1. I just bought a boat to get away from people.
  2. My buddy gets some good crappie in the gate 43 area. Some big white perch as well in the fall.
  3. Started out getting 2 like that then I switched over to small crappie jigs and started getting them good
  4. Got into some nice crappie the last couple days. Must of hit a roaming school. Most of them in between 13 and 16in. Took 4 home for the fryer.
  5. I've noticed that they stock the reservoir and don't report it on the report
  6. Both appear to be stockies to me. The flesh varies greatly with these stocked fish for some reason.
  7. I got a nice pin 20in rainbow after work. Back at it in the am with salmon the target
  8. I've been absolutely crushing these stockies. I caught 18 browns in a couple hours after work today. The yo zuri pins minnow has been a huge producer for me this spring.
  9. So far I have logged in 16 hours of fishing and my tally is 2 salmon, 1 smallmouth, 5 Lakers, and 8 rainbows. The rainbows are absolutely stacked on a stretch I was fishing. They appear to be stocked though which is funny because they never put in on the stocking report. I'm back out after work again.
  10. Fished from opening time to 11 on Saturday. Total was 3 Lakers,1 smallie and a 18in salmon. All on bait but 1 laker on a spoon. Out here now and just missed a run on bait.
  11. I agree. I had to educate these fresh off the truck browns every other cast for an hour this evening. Must of had around 25 fish.
  12. I grabbed a penn squall 2 25n star drag rod and reel combo for $220. The rod is a heavy action 6'2 and I have used up to 20oz on it. Can't beat the combo for the money for a headboat combo. Especially if you go a few times a year
  13. I've had quite a few epos check me at the rez. True epos and not rangers. I get stopped by rangers one out of 4 outings usually. The epos have keys to the gates and drive the roads as well. They also assist on the dcr boat as well.
  14. I have been asked a few times. I just show them my 1oz steel egg sinkers and they tell me to carry on. I could use lead 1oz but I was brought up with the old no lead rule there and just personally stick by it to this day.
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