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  1. Trades? I have, Edge Surf 10'6" 1-3oz (New) Daiwa Lexa 400LH
  2. Just a heads up, the line lay on the non Xseries is some of the worst I've ever seen. They will tell you to spool it with a hump in the middle to fix it....... don't listen to them.
  3. 50/50 Here's the ad when I bought it. I've used it 3 times its just too long for me.
  4. I have a Century SP (Special Performance) 12ft - 3lb TC, SU........
  5. I have a Century SP (Special Performance) 12ft - 3lb TC, SU if your interested..
  6. Haven’t caught anything big yet, maybe 9-12lb fish so far. Season is over for us. Boat fishing is closed and just had 40’ waves roll through our coastline. I fish in front of this house.
  7. Same exact spool and line position just 2 pics from different angles. Not even close to rubbing.
  8. Just throwing it out there I have a like new 2013 Stella SW6000 I could trade plus cash...
  9. That’s just how Van Staal labeled them. I’ll give an example of each in black 150 size. Original bailed- VSB150B Bailed X-Series- VSB150BXP Latest version- VSB150BX2 VSB-Van Staal Bailed VSBX-Van Staal Bailed X-series VSX- Van Staal X-Series (no bail) In the first 3 letters of the model it will have the B if bailed and if left out, bailess.
  10. Ill try later this evening when I get back from work.
  11. Skkeeter


    Mine doesn't. I've been fishing it for 3 months now VSX2 150 Bailed. No line rubbing issues. And for what it's worth the X2 feels lighter than my VSBX150.
  12. First off I want to say you picked a great rod to go with. My Suzuki 9'6" is my favorite rod if I had to pick only 1! Its the most versatile surf rod and extremely lightweight, perfect blend of power and finesse. I currently have my VSX2 150 Bailed on it and it's perfect. Your question really comes down to what you can afford..... All the reels you mentioned would work just fine, but personally the VS series would be my choice. I had the VR's and sold them off (Gen1) And to throw another wrench in your plans, I've seen a few used VSB150X's come up recently. They are a proven workhorse of a reel. Xseries only because the non X have horrendous line lay. I've been hammering mine for 8 years now and only needed it serviced once. You can find them for around $600 and they should last a lifetime. Here's mine on my 9'6" Suzuki.
  13. I've been fishing my X2 Bailed for 3 months now, and never noticed an issue. When I first saw the line rubbing video I went out and checked mine. No issues with line contacting the spool at all. The one time in my life when having a bailed reel was an advantage lol.
  14. back up, Merry Christmas. I'll also sell outright for $750 shipped obo
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