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  1. Thanks for the reply. I’m set at $200 95560
  2. I can offer $200 for the Century shipped if he'll do that. Thanks
  3. If you want to do $100 even I'll take it. Don't really need it but I do have an extra rod sans reel.
  4. Sale Pending
  5. Selling a gently used 2016 Alaskan 24’. It’s powered by a 2017 Honda 250 outboard with 245 hrs. Has a brand new 9.9 kicker with under 20hrs. Lowrance HSD9 electronics. Boat is fast and safe in rough waters. $79,500 firm
  6. This is exactly what I’d want. I don’t like running on the tiller.
  7. My 19’ North River. I’d like to pick up a 15’ Smoker Craft Alaskan with a 20-30hp for self launching though.
  8. Another vote for Suzuki 9’6” I find it’s Sweet spot is 2oz If you need to throw more than 2 and less than 4, the Century SS 1265 would be my choice.
  9. Thanks for the offer, but only looking for SW.
  10. Another 20-30 yards would be amazing. Thanks
  11. Just what you see in the pics. (1) VS VR150 Reel (1) VR 125 spool
  12. No, the standard Ultegra, the newer version of FishBuckets. I think the cheapest I found the Ci4 was on Ebay for $298. I don't necessarily need the Ci4, as anything under 18oz is fine with me.
  13. Thank you for the link. But I saw that one and sounds like he doesn't want to ship. Also, I can pick up a brand new one off of Amazon for $177, only $27 more than his older used one.