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  1. I’m a bail guy and I love the 150 size VSBX. I just sold my backup reel which was a VSBX100 and used the $ for a gen2 VSB150 pre-order. Can’t hurt and I doubt there will be any reliability issues as it’s not a completely different new reel.
  2. Roger that I had it backwards in my brain. Haven't had any coffee yet (west coast).
  3. Except in my case wouldn't I need to remove a shim instead of adding one (If they had a shim system).
  4. But I don't see any mention about addressing the line lay issues on the bailed models. The X series was a huge improvement over the original, but still sucks compared to Japanese reels. I have to take the line off my VSB150X around every 1-2K casts and retighten the line. All they need is a shim system for the spool like Shimano and Daiwa has. All my bailed X series reels have a gap at the bottom of the spool when full of line. Also, when do the bailed versions get released?
  5. WINNER......... Im quoting this post so everyone can see it twice!
  6. Don’t mind the hose nest! Multiple gardens below the deck.
  7. I'd say the Daiwa Ballistic series, even though I don't consider them high end. High end wise I'd say a Stella 5K.
  8. I emailed for a quote on a new 22. They told me it would be a 6 month wait time. Are they blowing smoke up my A$$? Im torn between placing an order, or waiting for the new VS Gen2 to arrive on shelves.
  9. I'm interested in the Lami if you ship.
  10. I’ve been using a VSB150X series for years. How would you stack up the ZB against it? Also is the braid capacity rating true? Specs on my vsb150 says over 400y of 30lb, but that’s a huge exaggeration!
  11. Busse’s, swamprat, and others. Also 20-30 WW2 knives. I had a thing for the Cataragaus Quartermaster knives for awhile. I haven’t pulled out the collection in years. The Busse American Katana’s are probably worth the most, while my Busse NMSFNO has been to the other side of the world with me harvesting heart of palm.
  12. A buddy liked mine so much he wants one for himself! Customs builds are fine as long as its set up for A VSB150, Shimano 6K series reel or similar. Preferably one in good condition and shipping is a must, I'm west coast in Northern California. I also have a Edge Surf 1165-2 that I can offer as partial trade if interested, Thanks.
  13. Discontinued around 4-5 years ago. They used to sell for $500 until around 2 years ago that people realized you couldn't get them anymore. Expect to pay $7-800 for one now, if you can find one for sale......Plenty of non X-series 150's around but their line lay is ****.
  14. Thanks for the offer on the Kunnan, but going to keep looking.
  15. Looking to trade only. I have a tuna trip out of San Diego in a month and need some tuna gear. Mainly a rail rod. I have a Makaira 30se on the way but no rod to pair it with. Also interested in a lighter setup in the 30-60lb range as well. I can add cash to the right deal if need be. I casted this rod 4-6 times and decided it was a little to heavy for what I was looking for so it went back on the rack. Rod could pass as new and I purchased it 2 months ago. Shipping is a must unless you feel like taking a trip to Humboldt county to escape the heat or smoke some doobies (I cannot provide the last part)!