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  1. Looking to buy whaler Montauk.
  2. Why you selling
  3. Actually I need to with a draw
  4. I'll take these if that don't go thru
  5. What is the weight on the spro style Bucktails and price
  6. Will you take 100
  7. Can you send me a few pics of the reel seat and and the lower half of the rod please thanks
  8. Is this braid rated is this a spinning rod
  9. What are the oz on the 005. 007 017
  10. Are these still available if so have any 3oz. Or More
  11. What do you want for the three bags of 13. Hogys
  12. Looking to buy a shimano speed master surf spinning rod rated 2-6. I'm pretty shore it's 11" thanks
  13. Is this still available