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  1. Do u sell any if so let me no I'm interested
  2. I like the pink and black ones. The pink fifth down from the top and the black one Fourth one from the top
  3. Will u sell individually
  4. Do you have a website where I can look at your stuff
  5. Do you have any more  tailwater poppers for sale 

    1. Jig Man

      Jig Man

      Not right now. Hope to turn a batch in the near future. 

  6. Are these for sale
  7. Looky to buy poleris poppers send me.a pic and price
  8. Looking too buy poleris poppers. 3oz and over. Please send pic and price
  9. Edited
  10. Looking to bye some Gibbs Polaris Popper 3-1/2 oz let me no what u got thanks
  11. I'm about to get a new real witch one do u prefer out of these two I'm looking to get the saragosa 10k. But I have a guy that will sell me a brand-new 20k for 275
  12. Ok I've always used braid and I've used a swivel with it then I'd attach my poppers to that I've had people tell use a leader now this is the part I don't understand stand why would u attach a 25 doller popper to something that don't have the same strength
  13. Saragosa 10000 or Penn slammer 3 casting from shore casting plugs.
  14. So the sarag will snap shut on me in the middle of. A cast is that correct
  15. I'll be casting poppers from the shore I didn't no about the bail