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  1. Do they have any type of epoxy clear coat something that you can spray I doubt it
  2. I have a bunch of older Gibbs plugs looking for someone to repaint them
  3. Gibbs lot 1st pic 21each. 2nd pic 19each. If i'm correct they are 3oz. Or sell all together
  4. 11ft 3-8 tfo. With saragosa 10k 40#br
  5. I think most are Gibbs make me an offer no low ballers. Top pic is pretty much new used a few times 3oz
  6. Please read the rules pinned at the top of the forum. Thanks.
  7. Thank you
  8. Have another question. What's is considered a top water plug like the Polaris popper. Does it have to be under so many oz
  9. I've googled 9inch magic swimmer knock off and everything else comes up but what I'm looking for
  10. I keep hearing about people.getting the knock off for like 8bucks but can't find.d them anywhere
  11. Stoughton mass
  12. Looking.for magic swimmer knock offs
  13. Where did u get these I can't find no websites
  14. Looking to buy Gibbs poppers all kinds
  15. Thinking about using the double uni knot to connect my leader to my braid and using the double clinch not for my tactical clips