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  1. 9” tandem rigged black sluggo.
  2. Last August on a very busy Saturday I walked in with a vr200 with a loose side plate. Kid behind the counter opened a Vr box handed me the wrench and let me tighten it down. Didn’t charge me and wouldn’t Take a tip. So I bought a couple plugs. Great place great service. And I had a yankee hat on.
  3. I just purchased my second TFO gis I own the 9’ and it’s an amazing rod for the money. I purchased the 11 heavy for the canal it was throwing 4 oz jigs a mile.
  4. I purchased the same rifle for my son and had a little bit of a problem getting it zeroed. Went through a few different brands wasn’t happy with the results. Untill I tried hornady American whitetail 139 grain. The rifle shoots amazing now.
  5. Thrownplugs if you would take a usps money order I would do 185 shipped to 10465
  6. Luv2na I would be interested in the vr50 if you would accept a postal money order.
  7. Beautiful fish, congratulations.
  8. Unfortunately it’s usually pretty crowded we’re I’m heading. And the bottom is pretty sticky. I’m gonna stick with mono this trip. Some great advice on this site. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the heads up yak.
  10. Last September was my first trip drifting eggs on a spinning setup. Was getting things in order before this trip figured I would get some suggestions. Thanks a lot for the advice.
  11. Heading up to Pulaski this week and was wondering if anyone uses braid with a long fluorocarbon leader for salmon. Thanks.
  12. I had an 11’ mojo break on me at the canal a few weeks back. Called customer service sent a few photos of break and serial # a new rod was at my house within a week. From what I understand the rod usually has to be sent back to st Croix for warranty coverage. Best customer service I’ve experienced.
  13. 3-4 times a week depending on the tide and my work schedule.