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  1. I didnt realize the summer flatties werent around yet up here, ive been catching out of season one in Jersey for almost a month so I guess I just assumed. Im staying in Acton right now which is a drive to the water and I meant I was willing to drive to any area, north or south beaches, not looking for spots just general areas that i could mess around at. I might go for winter flounder, havent trageted them since march in NJ.
  2. I'm going up too Mass to visit one of my friends and she wanted to go flounder fishing tomorrow and get some fish for dinner. I have flounder fished for years in New Jersey from shore but I have never fished in Mass. Anyone got any good towns/areas to go too or just what structure I should focus on from shore? I'm assuming gulp and soft plastics on a bucktail/jighead works everywhere. I'm willing to drive any distance since she lives about an hour from any beach anyway so any areas that may be decent would be appreciated.
  3. I am thinking about getting into fly tying and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on a vise at a good price. I don't really know what an average price for a vise is, I have seen them anywhere from like $40 to $500, but I am trying to keep it sub $100 but willing to go a little higher if it's worth it. I spend half the year living in Vermont and I need something to do during these harsh winters.
  4. I am heading down to Corolla the second week in August and I was wondering about whether there will be fishing access on the new Oregon Inlet bridge. In my past trips to OBX I would take a day go and fish the catwalk on the old bridge, but will the new bridge have one too? Also will access to the parking lot near the bridge and access to the Jetties still be available? It looks like the new bridge is meeting up with 12 past the lot entrance. I did some research online, but I couldn't find anything regarding the topic . Any info would help, I need to get my southern fishing fix in for the year!
  5. Was down in OC out back on Saturday, saw a bunch of birds working out front so I walked over, but they were about 500 yds of the end of the jetty. During slack tide a ton of adult bunker moved into the inlet for about an hour. People were throwing plugs, cut and live bait but no fish were being pulled out. No dice on the tog either.