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  1. Agree. But I did find some cool locking security nuts online that might ease my paranoia a little if I wanted to spend the money. And I’ll be locking my rods in my locked cap at night anyway, not leaving them on the roof. And I’ve got a motion detecting wireless camera that I plan to put inside my locked cap that will send notifications to my phone that I already know will wake me up if it sees anything. Now I need to go adjust my tinfoil hat…
  2. Next question, and if already answered forgive my senility, but with your tracks how do you keep a thief from just loosening all your artificial rain gutters and sliding them off the ends or unbolting them altogether and lifting them off? I doubt my truck's alarm would allow such shenanigans to go unnoticed since I set it off by accident all the time just by farting nearby (not really, but it is annoyingly sensitive) but my daddy always told me that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
  3. I started here and eventually refined my search to "surco roof rider rails" and voila! Thank you! Probably gonna be a winter project while the fishing is slow. Now you've got me curious about these!
  4. That's definitely a good idea! I went to that site and searched briefly but didn't find what I thought I was looking for. If you happen to have a link feel free to PM me if so inclined, or if you have some better search terms I can use that'll get me there I'd appreciate you sharing them. My cap is old and well worn so I have little concern about drilling holes to mount my brackets "permanently" and I'll probably not have time to get the tracks and install them before I'll need to use my rack in a few weeks, but I'll at least have 8 pre-drilled track installation holes for next year !
  5. Have had a Thule ski rack since the late 80s that has rain gutter mounts. Haven’t used it since ‘87 but it’s been kept indoors and is still in good working order and even the rubber parts are still in good shape. Just needs a little cleanup. Had no need to use it for rod transport with my old long bed F-150 since it had a cap, the 2-piece rods could travel broken down in the back and the long one piece rods could extend through the split cab/cap windows which had an inflatable Truk-Boot surrounding them to seal out the weather and wind noise while driving. Now I have a 4-door 2006 Tundra with a 6 foot bed. I have a cheap used cap with a split front window but the cab’s entire rear window lowers fully so sealing out the weather and wind noise is not an easy option. And even broken down, some of my rods are too long to fit inside the cap conveniently. New racks are quite expensive and Thule doesn’t currently offer door mount brackets for Gen 1 Tundras. Could buy another brand that would fit my crossbars but that would co$t more than I wanted to spend. Instead I’ve bought some metal “rain gutter” brackets to fasten permanently to the roof of the cap. Installation is simple enough and I have no intention to carry anything on the roof besides fishing rods but before I start drilling holes I have a question. How far apart should I mount them so they’ll be close enough to work with everything I can envision carrying? My longest “short” piece is about 5 feet (and could fit inside) but it would seem a long one-piece rod would best be supported as far apart as possible. Or is this a terrible plan entirely and I should abort mission and not take the cheap option? Some pics attached to show what I’m dealing with. Blue tape marks on the side of the cap are about 5 feet apart.
  6. I had the plea$ure of being professionally unstuck from soft sand on Hatteras Island last October. I was high and dry and in no danger of getting wet at high tide, but there was no good way in for anyone less stupid than me to get close enough to pull me out backwards with a straight pull from a shackle on my hitch receiver and at least one tow strap died trying to pull me out at a slight angle. A straight pull from the front would've been easier but my 30 year old homemade rod rack was mounted up front where my tow hooks would've normally been connected. In hindsight, I guess I could've unbolted that rack and then reinstalled it, but that never occurred to me until just now, and that rack has been finally been retired for a new one that mounts with two front receivers and can more easily be removed/reinstalled. I tried digging myself out for a couple hours and finally decided the $300 tow fee would ultimately be cheaper than the heart attack / burial expenses had I kept digging. The tow truck driver connected a strap to my interior Tundra's front suspension arm and a winch cable to the tow strap, and winched me out easily, pulling slowly and horizontally from ground level under the rod rack basket. He was super nice and told me they only use the winch anymore so they don't break anything.
  7. Lots of those nearby, at least based on the Frying Pan Shoals light tower's live "Shark Cam" (that hasn't shown anything live this year that I've seen, only reruns). That's about 20 miles out from where we are, just off Cape Fear.
  8. Possibly, but he must not have bitten down for a while. Or maybe he was missing a few teeth!
  9. Maybe so. There’s room for him now. We got renourished early this spring. At first we has a featureless wide but flat beach but now we’ve got a pretty steep shore break and deep slough at high tide with a small bar about 75 yards out with lots of rips (and sadly 4 drowning fatalities this summer).
  10. Not really the OBX, but we’re at our place at Oak Island, NC this week. Yesterday evening I carried my drum heaver out with my little rods so I could soak a bigger bait while fishing with Fishbites and occasionally throwing some metal. Tossed out a croaker head on a standard 8/0 drum rig since that’s what was already tied on and you can’t win if you don’t play, but figured I’d most likely get a shark if anything. After a while the heaver bent over for a few seconds and then the line went slack. Figured a biter just inhaled the head, swam off, and bit through the mono as has happened many times down here when I’ve been too lazy to tie on a shark rig to begin with. When I got it reeled in, the break was nowhere near the hook. It was 6-8 feet from the terminal end of my 60# shock leader and it was weirdly frayed. It was a new, smooth leader when I cast. Best I can figure is it was either the tail of a good sized shark or something hard on the bottom but it’s a relatively flat beach and I’ve never gotten hung before in years of fishing the same area. Our house is, however just a hundred or so yards east of the site of the old Long Beach Pier that was taken down in 2007 and there are still piling stubs that are visible when the tide is unusually low and supposedly they’d sunk some concrete “structures” near the pier to attract fish years ago. Suspect the occasional hurricanes could move those around. Thoughts? Not important, just fun to ponder.
  11. I have a perfectly reasonable AMD Ryzen 3 2200G CPU from 2018 that Micro$oft considers unsupported but the internet says runs Windows 11 just fine. Had to fiddle with a BIOS settings to dismiss the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) nag, but there's still a couple of warnings and a hard "NO" for my CPU. Haven't tried this yet but found this video at U-TOOB to get past the CPU check - search for: H9vJBx2PoD0 "The Easiest Windows 11 Upgrade Workaround For Unsupported PCs" (Didn't know if I was allowed to include the direct link.)
  12. If all that’s needed is a web browser, a cheap Chromebook will do for most folks, but Google’s gonna see everything you do. If the laptop or PC is mechanically sound and isn’t ancient and you have the disk space, there are Linux distributions that will install easily that you can boot to instead of Windows without disturbing Windows and will only install what you want to without all the crap. There’s lots of mainstream application support for Linux so long as you can do without Micro$oft products like Office. Winrot will occur on any Windows PC just from using it, even if you try very hard to uninstall all the bloatware and don’t upgrade any applications. A complete Windows reinstall in place usually helps for a while but the Winrot will come back. Built my wife a home brew PC from cheapish piece parts about 15 years ago and once I got tired of reinstalling Windows XP every year or two to to temporarily relieve the Winrot, I reformatted the hard drip, installed Ubuntu Linux, reinstalled Windows XP in a VirtualBox virtual machine with no Internet or network access (just so we could still use our el cheapo Windows-only USB scanner) and the box still runs great after all these years even after upgrading Ubuntu several times to keep current(ish). Of course, I’m a Computer Science major and a 40 year (so far) software development lifer and a bit of a nerd (that’s me on the right), but my wife has never complained about it not being Windows. Not to mention we’re both the cheapest people you’ll meet and Linux is free.
  13. If anyone has more details about this, would love to get more info.
  14. You wouldn't happen to have any distant relatives in (or south of) NC that you've been meaning to visit for a long time? If so, now would be a perfect time for you to drive south (with the rack) to renew those old relationships! I could send you some cash and meet you on I-85 or I-95 South and lighten your load! Sadly, I don't think I can make it up to Philly any time soon. (Daughter does live in the DC area, but we were just up a few weeks ago.) Heck, I've had a custom CTS drum heaver waiting for me on the OBX since November and haven't been able to to justify the gas and 10 hours of driving to pick it up yet. Thanks Joe. Yes I would. Did you have someone fabricate them for you or is there a prefab commercial solution for dual front receivers? Looks like the mounts must bolt to the rack frame to accommodate varying truck frame widths. True?
  15. Not sure which "noted rod builder" you're referring to, but one of them has one in the works for me and told me the same thing. Originally requested a 50/50, but I feel pretty certain I'll be OK with what I get so long as I don't close the hatch/door on it like I did with my current 70/30 12.5'(-2") heaver that still casts just fine with 2" less weight to lug around all day. And I'm pondering this suction-mount "roof" rack to keep them out of harm's way... https://www.seasucker.com/collections/marine/products/horizontal-rod-holders