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  1. I'll take these sending pm.
  2. @7 Rivers Those look good. What are you looking to get?
  3. Still looking for large and small Danny’s.
  4. It’s a good all around rod. But depending on the situation or what your fishing you might be better suited with a moderate-fast- fast.
  5. Sounds good to me! Mind if I see images of the swivels/ belly?
  6. That’s awesome! Do you have any images you would share or have a thread displaying your collection?
  7. These look great! Looks like the blue is the larger Danny and other two are small Danny’s? What are you looking to get for these?
  8. I use a Palomar know when tying from braid to barrel swivel and have had great success with it holding on well. It is very easy to tie and takes up little line.
  9. @t_man7 Oops I wasn’t aware of that rule. Thanks for letting me know. Do you have any other SA or Pichney plugs that you think are worth looking into?
  10. @t_man7 It sounds like something I’d love to use. I’ve lost a few plugs trying to fish in shallow rocky areas with the wrong lure. If these are something you’d be up for selling, I’d love to try a few out. If not I totally understand and I’m very appreciative of you sharing your experiences with these plugs.
  11. @t_man7What is your experience with how the 8” fish as gas as sink rate and action go?
  12. 18?! Now that's a collection. I should of known that if there was one bookshelf full in that image, there had to be more. Do you collect all kinds or do you like specific builder?
  13. Are these all the flatglide 2 oz. models?
  14. I can see! Quite the collection you have there. PM Coming.