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  1. sopranos, the wire, Billions
  2. Sandy beach and inlet guy, recently relocated and now local to the eastern north shore. I've been surfcasting north shore boulder fields and am having issues getting hung up on rocks and bottom. Metal lips, darters, and minnows seem to be the only thing i can keep off the bottom. Even my 1/2 bucktails at high speed are bumping I'm already rock hopping... maybe i need to do that crazy skishing **** i've seen guys doing at devils playground. bottom. People that are local to that boulder scene, what are you throwing... how do these bait soakers avoid getting hung up.
  3. anyone trying to light up at smith point, new to the area.
  4. When i fish there i have to leave at 5AM... i swear they started putting signs at Canarsie pier to head east.
  5. 10' harnell with vm150 for Nassau. If I'm fishing certain inlets where the water seems to be going 40mph, ill use the spinfisher 8500 on 11'
  6. Off the pier, dead low tide, in the middle of the day, with boat traffic (it pushing bait towardz the pier) /s Dawn and dusk, regardless of floodslack/drain current has been producing for me.
  7. WARN winch
  8. I would think the "beach replenishment" doesn't mean good structure to fish. Even the surf break is **** up after the dredging.
  9. can you delete the quote that has my photo?
  10. sorry boss. even in a main forum, I forget how many ninjas we have in the crowd.
  11. Yeah that fker bite through a 80# mono leader
  12. 42" 20# image removed. rocks were identifiable by ninjas
  13. too many fkn people there already
  14. "lockers before lightbars".. my fellow jeep guys will understand.