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  1. Amen, all of the inlets have turned into the wild west.
  2. When can we expect an update about gilgo 2019 access?
  3. damn cownose rays while chunking overnight..
  4. this post was circling around the surf community
  5. scattered schoolies but nothing organized, I haven't seen fish since thanksgiving.
  6. I've tried this with small snapper, shad, and herring-- Does not work as well as I hoped/ As much as I love picked fish, these guys are better with olive oil and garlic.
  7. I hate fishing for herring, so hit or miss. JB are my stomping ground, ther are better spots than F10.
  8. Easy boss, I’m marrired into the porgy crowd
  9. "Jersey Turnpike" come fall, I've never had luck at great kills.
  10. depends....are you a Budweiser guy
  11. AMEN Brother. Go up to the North shore to one of the main drinking towns located in a bay.. There will be a ton of generators running lights, Honda odyssey minivans and shouting.
  12. Long Islander here.. gator blues invaded the past few Mays, cocktails follow. Barely any bluefish come September. The typical "bass clean up crew" blitz non-existent. Schoolies and Rats, even the sharpies are only pulling a few 20-30s. Bait everywhere with nothing but birds on them.
  13. My girl keeps buying me Al Tremblay's Fatty Lures... I'd rather hang them as wall décor, but those things produce.
  14. there is good structure between F6 and Tobay…
  15. crazy how the gator blues invade in may and choppers in june-september, but skip the shore come fall.