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  1. Need to bring some kids fishing, are the blowfish still around in back
  2. Anyone else fishing this tide....
  3. Mosquitos lightening Excessive bait makes for some good night tides. Everything has been during last of outgoing.
  4. State needs to get rid of open container laws.... I think 70% of the alcohol related trash is people avoiding a ticket. you ever drive down whiskey rd, there’s literally beer cans from Coram to wading river. Im an avid boozer and tree hugger. If I drink 6 beers and walk 2 miles to a jetty, 6 cans are coming back to the car or receptacle.
  5. there are two types of people: those that walk straight to the water and set up, and those that walk to a preferred area. Nothing like the solitude of open beach or wading marshes. People don’t like to walk, I love it. Walk and keep going until you see something whether it’s structure or motion in the water. last night I braved the storm and found fish... I just had to deal with rats running down the jetty.
  6. legend has it, old guy with camper has not missed a WE2 blitz in 60 years
  7. I thought that was specific to fishing Montauk.....
  8. Went to a few WE2 spots around yesterday’s high tide. Caught nothing and saw nothing. but did see the older guy with the camper snap at some “spider crab eating folks” for littering in the Green island lot. Jones bypass
  9. That’s nuts..
  10. Crowds... Jet skis.... guys casting over your line.... drunks soaking bait, and mosquitos ... Cut my teeth at that spot, but I’m glad I’ve moved on.
  11. Parks employees or NCPD.... one time I climbed the tower after a few beers and had a full NCPD swatting episode
  12. You are spot on; whether it’s a teenager or fat b!tch with a clipboard, the state park employees don’t know the birds, beach, tides or left from right. it’s worse than the bureaucracy up in Albany. nobody knows knowing beyond their immediate task.
  13. Easy... half the people reading these comments are bucket draggers. the state needs to crack down on parking permits.
  14. east end beaches are an absolute chit show... I was hoping WE2 would stay by permit only through the fall. Absolute honey hole for undersized fish.
  15. I heard Cuomo waived vehicle use fees if you bring a white bucket. I saw more illegally parked cars this weekend, no permits Whether specific town or 4x4 state... i did have a game warden pull up aside me in a state lot asking if I was setting up a telescope or fishing (while carry a 10ft rod and keeper bass)