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  1. Seals at 3 ss spots this morning, huge tree huger but wonder how they are after a Chimichurri soak.
  2. inside yo truck/car, keep wet clothes/gear either hung up outside or inside a tote.
  3. we can all agree that chicken, chickenmeal, chickenfat is the enemy in dog food and treats.
  4. about to go on paternity leave right about when i usually start poking around, sure my wife is going to love that. plastic jigs minnow and small bucktails for 2 weeks then those 15lb blues come out in mass and you go through $15 in plastic in an hour.
  5. tell me that there isnt a backdoor allocation to residents and LLCs of lloyd to limit crowds. either that or folks are using bots to hit their porgy quota. never that crowded during the fall run or like true surfcasting hours/periods.
  6. if i buy one more fatty lure my wife will kill me.
  7. few early spring outtings there, never any fish myself. seemed like a night chunk bite from what i was asking folks i would see there that seemed more in the know vs bellringers.
  8. forget about fishing 6am-1130pm when these guys purposely hug the shore to f- up the surfcasting/backsidebait folks. heck you can be in 3ft water on north side release a fish and nearly get ran over. bad practices all around.
  9. seen some buoy data 25-29ft, was seeing waves break in spots i'd never imagine. would love to take a ride out and check the outer beach / old inlets.
  10. anyone trying out front today later today when the wind switches. man is the SE swell causing havoc on some of the eastern beaches from the surfline cams i'm seeing. was looking for an excuse to throw some of the 3-4oz gliders and bottles.
  11. can catch schoolies now through december with super small profile teasers and eels. just not as rewarding standing out there like we are ice fishing without the tent and beers.
  12. wondering what yesterdays surf that will linger through wednesday will do to the action that was going on east of 112 a week ago, if those fish will completely skip the CSS. might have to revert to the driving parking lot to parking lot, 4x4 and binoculars burning $60 of gas to find birds
  13. seal was sitting on the outer bar at about 4-5am. ocean was glass. sandeels sitting and not moving and stayed right at the lip for 2 hours. ended up having my best outing in about 3 years since having kids and not fishing 200 days a year. they were only taking the cordell popper. about 3 fish shy of the 30# class before light and a dozen in the slot range. after that first fish adrenaline had me in waist deep water casting bombs and emptying my spool to the backing. got scared a few times with that little line on the spool. noreaster coming through on wednesday, might try to grind at least 6 more outings before they take a jersey bypass.
  14. what open beach tides have been most productive for the group? mostly a HT guy but have been hearing a lot of guys hitting at dead low +1/2 hours.
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