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  1. At this point, I'm dying to even pull in a dog, skate, or robin on LT bucktail
  2. Does the membership auto-renew?
  3. Can someone please share some knowledge about the history of the inlets and old CG station? -a youngin'
  4. just saw this weeks video fishing report from fred, "Gilgo has excellent chance of opening in 2019"
  5. dying to pull in a robin or doggie on light tackle at this point.
  6. Sun

    Wayne do you have a TJ wrangler?
  7. 25 here, you older gentlemen constantly remind us of the overly abundant winter flounder and doormat fluke you saw growing up.
  8. I only have so much freezer space, would anyone else be interested in seal rib roast..
  9. some of the inlet hotspots look ****ed up when I walked the demo loop last week.
  10. Amen, all of the inlets have turned into the wild west.
  11. When can we expect an update about gilgo 2019 access?
  12. damn cownose rays while chunking overnight..
  13. this post was circling around the surf community
  14. scattered schoolies but nothing organized, I haven't seen fish since thanksgiving.
  15. I've tried this with small snapper, shad, and herring-- Does not work as well as I hoped/ As much as I love picked fish, these guys are better with olive oil and garlic.