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  1. I know... With theses gator blues, it’s an absolute mess if you hook up with guys shoulder to shoulder
  2. Etiquette question, lets say you are fishing a structure and only a certain side/rip or "area" in the water is turning over fish after fish for other guys. At what distance can you no longer squeeze between two guys? I hate when it happens to me, but last night I was skunked and the 3-4 guys able to cast into a certain spot near the structure 20 yards to my left were absolutely killing it for an hour. Being vague as possible to avoid people running to structures, docks, rocks or sandbars. Obvious answer is get there first, which I can always do in the morning, but this was a night bite.
  3. Get out there before the weekend warriors weekly report viewers do....
  4. Aquarium, Faneuil Hall, North End, go up to Ptown if that's your scene
  5. Tide, Current, Wind, which rock you were standing on.
  6. Ive logged about 5 seasons now, and I can tell you the skunking and spoils have taught me a ton. Being a desk jockey, I log every trip into excel to learn from experience. With kids, nagging wife and a 2 hour commute, I can no longer fish two tides a day. Its like showing up to a spot when everyone else is leaving and you know this spot doesn't turn on until last 2 of outgoing.
  7. Just bumped up from 10' to 11' and I will never look back. The extra foot of action absolutely launches bucktails.
  8. Getting a little sick of < 20" bass.... may have to start poking around in new waters, until jersey tuna show up.
  9. Call the DEC over guys poaching, rarely see a response within that day. called the popo over guys driving trucks along the banned jetty and it was a full dog and pony show.
  10. IDK about LB, but there are certain spots on the island the parking tickets and guaranteed beach buggy inspection ticket are well worth it. Those Westhampton piggys love pulling over anyone not driving a benz down dune rd late at night. "you look lost boi"
  11. Great job, I’ve never had that thick of a bass in that CNS region...just hundreds of schools
  12. waiting for the zeldin **** sucking members to come defend the commercial guys.
  13. Yup I agree. Syracuse and Albany area, almost half the times I wet I line an ECON will pull up and check. I swear they all sit on north shore power line trails to harass kids on dirtbikes
  14. at least the Suffolk red lights are like $80 all in.
  15. I got a 14" bass standing at the base of a jetty and before I knew it I had diamond jigs whizzing over my head. no further action to report.