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  1. fresh clam smells like sea water / salt... not like bunker you left in the live well from last weekend.
  2. Fry them in cast iron pan with oil oil, garlic, and fresh rosemary. Slice them in half and throw red pepper, motz, garlice and asparagus in there.... broil
  3. Nothing like being beyond the breaker-- watching the horizon for a set and looking back at an empty beach and untouched dunes.
  4. the few times I've found albies, macks, or bonito ill throw the bag of small profile tins, flys, epoxy on thin mono leader and still not hook up. There's nothing like seeing these guys jump or chase bait onto the shore.
  5. Dude I was at the docks twice and got the ticket because of window condensation...…. Another time the dbag ranger snuck up to my car while I was facing the water casting and started writing me a ticket without realizing I had it on my sun visor..
  6. fire island... use noaa tides and currents add 2.5 hours to the HT
  7. I pay $65 for a night permit, $80 for a 4x4, $65 for a empire, $30 for a green key, $100 for outer beach...… yet its rare to see the parking situation or poaching being enforced. I bet the bait gets ground into herbal remedies or to become freezer burned soup.
  8. size, I think we fish the same jetty (profile pic)
  9. Thank you! There's nothing worse than being on that slimey jetty trying to beach a fish alone
  10. Some of these will feel like snagged on bottom with slow pull and others will run like a shark. I've pulled in a few of these guys on eels outside of "shark season" thinking I have the bass of a life time.
  11. If you're heading east I'm located near smith point / wildwood
  12. what about the boaters navigating an inlet that wrap around the jetty like a dime rather than stay in the channel.... or a certain long island western facing SS inlet where the "fleet" of party boats will come in where you are wading after pulling in a 11" fluke
  13. im a local here as well... I have no clue why ppl anchor up at a public beach versus going elsewhere.... Don't get me started with the jetskis in April/May
  14. I can't stand smith point during the summer, it makes sore thumb look docile.
  15. Didn't you guys see news12… lets all go kayak out bait in the bathing area. Those thick girls from Queens will think you're awesome and want photos with you and your catch.