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  1. man, i would love to build one of these.
  2. lol yeah, you can look at the state shellfishing maps and sewer disctricts and understand a lot of the issues.
  3. lol i would love to see an retired condo board member yelling at one of the lido surf locals. guys are ruthless at that break.
  4. plenty of sound beaches with this issue....owning the boulders 50yards from shore.
  5. You don’t think it’s spearing/ bay anchovies? definately a 4” snapper bite going on tho.
  6. Sand it down and slap some oil based paint on it. PACK full of blue grease….. I inherited a ton of great and grandfathers rods/reels and I pack them with grease and use for schoolie and small blues
  7. WE2

    nothing worse than an empty 2-3 car parking lot, only to walk down and find out everyone carpooled or got dropped off.
  8. WE2

    "what is the first spot recommended on a facebook fishing group"
  9. WE2

    this place used to have some localism to it, cutting teeth working the lineup and such. its turned into NYC bait crews and guys from MA/NJ/CT (in spring/fall) have no issue doing the full stretch walk anymore... walk to the rocks and you will find it just as crowded as green acres mall. no common sense, plenty of idiots with 7ft rods trying to high stick or have their geisha out on the rocks.... piles of 12 packs every 5 feet.
  10. condolences! those old atom poppers are so much better than the following plastic/wood generations of them!
  11. found an tackle box...and returned it to the owners last fall if it counts!!
  12. RATS, sorry this isnt the NY thread. them jetty rats and racoons will walk right between your legs to see if you're holding
  13. i had a googan move last weekend, too many beers and i soaked bait on two rods 5ft apart.... get a hit on one and it immediately crossed the other line causing a twisted up mess.
  14. man i am so glad the "@long island shark man" isnt on the local news every morning like he was back in 2018.
  15. i guess the issue is they will make top soil less fertile/nutritious over time?