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  1. Thanks! I hit Juno on occasion, always wanted to check out Hobe Sound. Weather is nice this time of year in CT if it’s anything like LI. I’m up in LI now, will be heading back down to Fl late October.
  2. I say 80% of my fishing is walking this beach adjacent to an inlet. I usually throw a 1oz Kastmaster or a 1/2 to 1oz NY style buck tail. If I actually see fish feeding I may throw plugs. I usually stop at the pier alongside the Inlet. If it looks like there is action I'll fish there or walk to the back of the inlet to fish the intercostal side. I do hit different bridges and beaches to mix it up too.
  3. Nice! If it were up to me I would rather live in the Treasure Coast instead of Palm Beach were I live, not so built up and crowded, more laid back feel up by you. My wife has lots of friends she knew for over 40 years near me so I'm not going anywhere. Either way Palm Beach the Treasure Cost its all really nice. Definitely try out all your big Long Island surf plugs. I catch lots of fish on 2 3/8 oz Super Strike Little Neck Popers. Super Stike Bottle Pluges and Darters, modified beefed up hooks and split ring SP Minnows, etc. from the beach. Only thing I noticed, not sure if it's just me, but if there's pelicans around and you're working a surface plug they'll go right after it. Not just giving it a good hard look but actually trying to eat it. Wonder if anyone else has that problem? What amazes me is how I know a lot of guys down here that use real light tackle and throw small fresh water Crappie Jigs and catch just about anything, big Jacks, snook, you name it. I caught some small Jacks like that, lots of fun! Any way welcome to Florida. Tight lines!
  4. I fish the waters just south of you guys, Palm Beach County. Most of my fishing is from the beaches though on occasion I do hit bridges, sea walls, intercostal, etc. I throw lots of popular New England lures down here - Super Strike, SP Minnows, Charle Graves, Point Jude, etc. - they all work great down here. I throw popular Florida lures as well - Cuda tubes my friends make for me, Pompono jigs, Crockadials, etc. - which also work great too. Predators act more on instinct then logic, if they're feeding and it looks like something good to eat they don't sit there and over analyze it like humans, they'll usually hit it. IMO. I also head back north, mostly for the hot summer months.
  5. Wow! My favorite outfit is my 9’ ODM NEX1-1/2 to 3 1/2 w/VS150. Great rod and reel combo!
  6. Cool! You never know what you may hook into in these tropical waters. I was standing on a sea wall in the parking lot in boynton inlet one earlier morning throwing lures at some snook. I looked down and saw a shark the size of a car casually swim by. Couldn’t believe my eyes! Walk out to the beach. A bunch of us were hooking up to sharks but we all got cut off. Next morning on the news I heard lot of sharks are off the local beaches
  7. Great idea! Gotta keep a hookless top water in my surf bag. I did landed a nice size brown shark from the surf up in Long Island a few years back. This summer there were lots of sharks feeding on mullets close to the beach on Long Island. All you gotta do is snag one of the mullets, easy to do and hang on. I didn’t bother because I only had 20 lb braid and 40 lb leader. Other guys on the beach were doing it but all were out gunned also so just watched. Did pull a few blue fish out. Surprised they didn’t get eaten up by the sharks.
  8. I hooked Sharks and tarpon down here but never landed them. They came off or bake my line. It’s pretty cool though!
  9. I’m from Long Island too. I’m surprised how close to the lip the fish feed down here. I’ve seen Sharks chase Pompanos onto the beach. Forget about casting far, I don’t even have to cast at all. I just scoop them up off the beach! Lol!
  10. I live in Palm Beach County. Been there once. It was ok. I definitely would NOT drive all the way from Orlando.
  11. I have a Karshaw that I take fishing with me for years. I clean fish at the beach with it... cut off heads, tails, gut, scale, etc. The knife is easy to clean with soap and water. Holds up well.
  12. Jim DE nice to hear you're enjoying Florida. Sounds like a great rod. I am leaning towards the Regular 7'10" Weapon because it has a more moderate action then the JR Mag. I use artificials only too, 2 1/2 oz and down. Most of my fishing is done walking the ocean beaches but I do hit the Intercostal back bays, sea walls, bridges, Inlets and piers, usually on the same outing. I want to ideally take only one versatile rod with me. Thanks for your insight, much appreciated!
  13. I use the lighter 9’ Nex1 too. One of my favorite rods!
  14. I see you mentioned you have a Fiberstar. I have a Fibrerstar Preditor 1087. Excellent rod! I use it for open beach surf casting. It's too bad Fiberstar is not in business anymore. For the range I'm looking for now I'm going to check the options you mentioned. Right now I'm leaning toward Century. thanks!
  15. Different parts of the country gravitate to different blanks. Lamiglas surf blanks in the Northeast for example. I was just curious what the local rod builders down here use. I am very interested in the Century Weapon line but heard they are sometimes hard to come by. I don't know any rod builders down here in Southeast Florida that cary them. Black Pelican from PA builds them and could ship one to me. They are expensive, which is ok but I would actually like to see one in real life before pulling the trigger. I think I would like the 7'10" Regular Weapon. Very versatile!