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  1. I have a Lami Ron Arra 1083 9'0. Pairs well with VS150 and Simano 4000 series.
  2. I was there too. Very pleasant morning. The Century pro staffers are great guys. Very friendly and helpful. I was checking out thier new Century Wapon. I Like that rod a lot. Gonna get one to keep down in Florida for the winters.
  3. I enjoy both... When I fish alone I'm focused and immersed in the solitude of the hunt with little to no distractions. It can be very Zen like. When I go fishing with family and friends it's always enjoyable too. The comradery and shared memories can't be beat. I like to mix it up, sometimes going it alone and sometimes with family and friends.
  4. Enjoy! Nice Snook!
  5. $40 to park! That's insane!
  6. Great Idea! I'm extremely happy with mine! They do a great job! I love the moderate action of that blank too! I have it paired with a Van Stall 150. It balances perfectly! Enjoy!!
  7. I have a one piece 9 NEX1, (1/2 to 3 1/2), excellently store built from Cow Harbor LI. It's my favorite rod!
  8. I'm gonna check it out. I live in Babylon LI and Palm Beach County FL. Are there any dealers or people that sell Century Rods in Palm Beach County? I want to get a Weapon Jr for down there.
  9. I would say yes the butt length increases casting distance but not necessarily a "significant" amount. I would say however the total overall length of the rod increases casting distance by a more noticeable "significant" amount then butt length. A Nine or ten foot rod has much more casting distance of say the same rod in seven or eight foot.
  10. Surf rods typiclty have a longer butt sections then inshore rods for a given rod length. By butt section I mean the distance from the reel seat to the bottom where you hold the rod while casting. This gives you more leverage for casting further. Also easier to tuck the butt between your legs while working lures and fighting fish. Sometimes I use an inshore rod when I surfcast in Florida because I know I'm going to fish bridges and structures before or after and don't feel like taking two rods with me. The surf is pretty calm where I fish Florida compared to Long Island ocean beaches so I can comfortably get away with it.
  11. I used that rod with a VS 150 and a Stradic 5000k. Both are excellent matches.
  12. Thanks AFMike! Sounds very interesting. The Weapon Junior would probably work well for me. I want to use it down in Florida, I'll be working small jigs along sea walls, throwing SP Minnows and small spoons up to 1oz. There's Snook, powerful Jacks, Cudas and even Tarpon around so I want something light but with backbone which is hard to find.
  13. I seen a Lue Caruso, Surfcaster Journal, u tube video, review of the 8' weapon. Looks like an impressive rod!
  14. Has anyone fished with Century's new rod the weapon and how do you like it?
  15. Does the rear Siwash face up toward the surface or down toward the lures belly?