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  1. I tried but didn't connect. All short flukes and as many jumbo porgies and sea robin as anyone could wish for close to shore.
  2. Several small pods with leaping albies spotted in West Haven close to shore yesterday while bottom fishing.
  3. Hopefully two months from now we'll be into gator blues, bass and albies. Definitely different tactics.
  4. I usually go with tactical angler clips so I can quickly change jigs. Bluefish took my last one thus the snap swivel. Porgies, sea robins, fluke and sea bass don't seem to mind the hardware.
  5. First sea bass in West Haven from boat.
  6. You can try in tidal marshes or wading during low tide. Don't know what impact all this rain is having on the crabbing or water clarity.
  7. How's the summer inshore blackfish bite?
  8. Snapper and porgies bite is hot in West Haven.
  9. Somehow a 12" fluke got past the sea robins two days ago. I stopped counting at 20 sea robins on that trip.
  10. Not in the least.
  11. If they came inshore I would be all over it.
  12. Went out yesterday, got on porgies, sea robin, schoolies and weakfish. No fluke yet but the robins a in pretty thick. Bunker have also appeared.
  13. Was hoping to discourage the practice by creating awareness.
  14. Doubtful.
  15. Undersized schoolie rack found at Oyster River Point in West Haven this morning. DEEP Law Enforcement - 860-424-3333 Turn In Poachers (TIP) 800-842-4357