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  1. Have been managing to get past the sea robins for a couple of shorts the last two weeks. Caught my first keeper this morning.
  2. I've seen plenty of videos of people using fillet strips for fluke.
  3. I agree Z-man. That's why I only keep the big ones.
  4. They're thick in West Haven with a few fluke mixed in. I'm all set for Taco Tuesday!
  5. Temps are definitely playing a role water is 5-10 degrees from where its been in the last few years. It was a slower year out in front and cold snap shut it down. In 2018 I was averaging double digits almost every trip by now. Warmer weather in the forecast should turn the bite back on.
  6. I start getting into them around 3rd week in May when water temps start hitting 60. Before then its sea robins on parade.
  7. Depending on water clarity I was alternating between the 7" zman diesel in white and 6" Lunker City shaker in "black sharpie".
  8. Fished during incoming in West Haven for 2 hours both Saturday and Sunday. Had half a dozen each day on 7" paddle tails low and slow. Largest was 25" and all were riddled with sea lice.
  9. They're finally here! First fish of the season out in front in West Haven this morning on 5" mulletron.
  10. Was out Friday and this morning. Both times, swing and a miss. I was sure nice to get back out and wet my line. Should start kicking off any day now.
  11. Spotted some bait this week. Definitely heading out this weekend.
  12. Nice! I'll have to check out some of my local haunts this week.
  13. Fresh/Salt? If salt, river or out in front?