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  1. Not closed, its been open since June I believe. Refuge opened up the beachfront to two more lots last week also.
  2. Nothing special, just some 1 inch lashing straps
  3. Finally got a chance to go by, thought folks maybe interested in the finished product. Huge upgrade. Broken 12 footers fit inside now and it’s a fraction of the total weight.
  4. Stinky1 - Great call, they have a couple hundred feet and sell it in 10ft sections, only 27 bucks, thanks again
  5. I have a conduit tube locking cap for a 6 in pipe that I use with a wire cable to secure through the lock to the truck bed so staying at 6 inchs is prefered.
  6. Thanks, will do, I am only going to need 6 feet so if anyone is looking to get into the rod pod game and wants a piece, just give a shout by PM.
  7. For the last two years I have been storing my rods in a 6-inch diameter PVC rod pod that fits and hangs under the rail in my truck bed. I put in some jewelry box adhesive velvet along the inside of the pipe and used corrugated plastic to create 4 sections for each broken down surf rod. I mistakenly cut the original pipe 2 inches short to fit a 10.6 broken down rod so I am looking to upgrade my PVC pipe. I had used sch 40 for the original but would love to shed some of the weight and gain a bit more space internally. I have called many Boston area building supply and hardware stores and have struck out. Was hoping to crowd source this, does anyone know where I can find a 10-foot section of 6-inch diameter sch 20 pvc piping? This is the thin wall PVC pipe that is often used for irrigation, drain piping and central vac tubing.
  8. Flag for the permit holders at the refuge, beach is real flat now from the storm and I have concerns that high tide is going to pin close to the dunes now. Did not get a chance to go beyond the access road hill, water came up and created a precarious ramp down to the beach front. We are going to need a bunch of guys to drive through to knock it all down and make it drivable. I wasn’t really ready to be the first one today to tackle it but I plan to be back Sunday or Monday.
  9. Put in to many hours to admit this LDW chunking and tossing jigs and buck tails for no return. Spoke with Officer Williams from F&W for a bit, said he saw guys pulling a few 40 plus off the beach recently. Will be bringing some trash bags next time, lots of wash up debris. Was out by lot 5 a week ago and there was a very lost row boat with Ram Island Light on the back. Some CG guys rolled up in a truck when I was leaving to pick it up. Made its way to the refuge all the way from Boothbay area. I'm the Blue/grey sierra if you're out there.
  10. Was on island for the last week, crushed blues for 4 hours of Wasque one afternoon on incoming and one bass about 24 in length, first time seeing that kind of blue action, it was a thrill, Norton point was sand shark city, fished darters and buck tails, up island action was slow for me but saw a guy bring in a bonito off loberterville
  11. Heading down towards the Brewster flats this weekend, I don't fish the cape often. Will be casting off the shore and plan on making the most of the morning high tides and light. Any reports on the bite in those conditions?
  12. I started to fish regularly off beach in the PRR and S.P. starting end of last July through the end of the season. I'll probably make some trips to southern MA in the spring but this off season I have been doing some reading into how to best read the wave action and the movement of the sand of a beach to increase hook up ratios. I was definitely just swinging and spiking last season without a lot of thought. I usually hit up lots 6 and 7 in the refuge and then run the bar head of sandy point around the bend facing Ipswich. With the amount of water moving around that area, anyone willing to share some insights into how they determine casting selections? I'd like to have a better approach before the run makes it up the coast.