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  1. In Orlando, Florida.
  2. I will have to respectfully decline.
  3. Selling this practically brand new Saragosa 6k, purchased 1 month ago. Used once. Comes with original box and paperwork. No scratches. It’s spooled with 300+ yards of 20lb spiderwire ultracast. Asking 280 +shipping
  4. Ah shipping is pricey. All good. I am glad your at least getting the sale. Go ahead and give it to the other member! Have a great day guys!
  5. I am at 32817, Orlando Florida
  6. Would you be open to shipping? If so I will take it!
  7. Hello there guys, I am looking to buy a Star Rod VPR surf rod, Looking for the 9' but the other options can be looked at. I would need it to be shipped, to orlando, florida unless you are in the area. I prefer to use paypal, and feel free to shoot me pics and prices. Thanks again!
  8. Checking in one last time before i retract my offer. Still offering 125 shipped.
  9. Respectfully offering 125$ shipped
  10. I would be interested If shipping is available!
  11. Oh are you in florida? Or just had them service there/ I am in florida. if not i can do 135 for both
  12. Actually just saw there both 5000s, i respectfuly offer 125$ for both
  13. What size are the shields?
  14. No worries! If your able to ship I would love to buy this from you! I had one before that lasted me a long time! Please keep me in mind!
  15. What size is it? And would you consider shipping to 32817?