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  1. Would you consider shipping to 32817?
  2. That’s a fat pomp!
  3. are you doing 25 for the lot?
  4. I’ll take it then!
  5. Awesome that collector guide looks like that because it got replace right? (this is the spinning tip right?) are the other guide in good condition?
  6. Awesome can you post pictures of the rod tips and the replaced guide? And if there in great condition I will take it! Just want to look at the rod first.
  7. Looking to buy a mojo surf rod any size is fine looking for 9’ but can be bigger, needs to be shipped 32817.
  8. Respectfully offer 160$ shipped PayPal
  9. I originally put an offer then realize your not shipping, but if you do ship I would be interested in the mojo shipping would be (32817)
  10. I started reading and was like this is so unnecessary, then when you reverse the spool and now have the backing it would be perfect every single time!!! This is so perfect! Thanks man I will def try this.
  11. Perfect send me a pm then!
  12. Thanks for the consideration, But if you are willing to meet me at 165$ I can definitely do it. If not, then no worries. Thanks again for your time.
  13. Politely offer 160$ PayPal shipped (32817)
  14. Received the rod today thanks again it’s perfect!