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  1. I always tell myself it's a loss if I catch on my first outing because that means I was late. Well, I lost last night. After a half-hour of casting with no action (as expected), I saw some finger-sized minnows getting pushed to the surface 150 feet to my right in a marshy area north of Portland. I threw a small popper towards the swirls and ripples and BAM - I'm on the board for my earliest striper catch. Missed a few others on soft plastics too. A great sign for a hopefully fruitful year!
  2. Happy May! After years of becoming very familiar with my traditional spots down around Portland, Scarborough, Biddeford etc, I moved a bit farther north to Freeport where I intend on focusing my efforts this year. I always get enjoyment out of discovering new productive spots so my new location will put me in a position to expand my fishing map per se. I'll be mixing a good amount of shore and paddleboard strategies and look forward to seeing what the north end of Casco Bay has to offer! My early spring recon already has me looking at some great early targets for the weekend. I'm thrilled to hear of schoolies showing up in good numbers in the Saco already! I hope everyone gets off to a great start this year!
  3. I had similar luck at a beach in Scarborough last night. Massive tide/surf, new moon, just enough overcast...couldn't have asked for better conditions. Finally snagged my first keeper!
  4. Call me persnickety but I absolutely cannot stand crowded fishing spots or "combat fishing" as I've heard recently. That completely eliminates the only chance of finding what I'm really after. Peace, solitude, enjoying nature, insert more tree hugger stuff here, etc. As many other people stated, 10 times out of 10 I will go to my spot where I know nobody will be over the spot that reports a hot bite. Convenience also factors into it as my spot is a perfect cove for my inflatable paddleboard and only about 300 yards from my door.
  5. I've been being stubborn and hardly leaving Portland...Still little to no sign of them up here in my early season hot spots. Should be in the next day or two from what I've been hearing about areas 15-20 miles south!
  6. Was that you on the beach last night? I think we spoke for a quick moment on your way out. I was dickin around with the no avail. Nice work finally hooking up!
  7. I hooked into what had to have been a schoolie on the fly yesterday at the mouth of a marsh. I lost it due to my novice fly fishing skills. (first year noobie). The other 3 guys I talked to down there had no success. I think it starts now.
  8. A fish splashed near me under a bridge last night in Portland. Couldn't tell if it was large bait or schoolie but that's as much excitement as I've seen in my three bouts this year. I'm gonna try some beaches a little farther south this weekend to try and get that first pull.
  9. Hi, Chalkdust