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  1. Odd question and no intention of getting too off topic but I'm in the same debate, fishing off beaches in California. I generally wear a farmer John style wetsuit, been thinking about switching to waders. Has anyone had a bad reaction to being in a wetsuit all day on the beach such as rash or infection? I always rinse of my wetsuit, but still paranoid.
  2. The politicians of ca are trying their hardest to disarm law abiding citizens. Some of us are trying even harder to preserve our rights
  3. Nice! Was supposed to get out this weekend but got a nasty cold. Hopefully updates soon
  4. My recent trip to Maui put my lures and hooks with some beer I checked. $25 for under 50# for Hawaiian airlines. I live in California so I'm naturally paranoid of anything i might have that looks scary
  5. I keep hearing good things about the daiwa emcast for a budget. Anyone know how they compare to the battalion for throwing small 3/4 oz plugs?
  6. I'm still hesitant since the ultegra is a few oz heavier then the fierce 2 4000 but sounds like It might have been too light on my daiwa coastal sp 1-4.
  7. No worries! How about the quantum boca? Or stick with shimano?
  8. I don't plan on it but I know splashes happen. I thought the bg was not sealed either?
  9. Glad I skipped buying the battle from alot of feed back. That's to bad about the ssv, I was looking into one but too heavy.
  10. Thanks for the input! Replies like this convince me I made a good choice
  11. That's good to know! I don't get why Penn added the stupid tiny holes except for an attempt to save weight. I feel that if the unsealed poo boy fierce 2 is still truckin along the ultegra can put up with me. I get my 9'6 airwave elite on Thursday so I'll see how balanced it feels.
  12. Thanks for the replies! Penn ssv was another option. Yeah just got into the surf this last year, minus a few rough patches the fierce 2 has put in work best fish was 20#. Yeah I don't need something dunk proof, just the occasional splash worries me about the ultegra. I'll probably end up keeping it then later on figure out another option. Saragosa keeps popping up in the forums
  13. Yeah surf fishing. Thanks for the heads up. Have a local reel repair guy who use to work for shimano, hoping he will be my saving grace if it starts acting up. Are the fierce 2 sealed reels? Sometimes mine will get funky then smooth out. I've gone almost a year with them and put them through alot still work and bring in good size striper. Can be finicky at times but I figured being such a cheap reel won'
  14. Haha yeah I know I'm over thinking it. Spending this much on a reel is a big plunge for me and want to make sure I made the right choice out of the bunch. Since I could still return it if need be. I don't plan on dunking it so I feel i should be alright. Had trouble finding other anglers experience with the xtd version while searching the forums. Lots of feedback on the ci4