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  1. @bugsbenny @nchit @PSegnatelli @vinnyb @DragonsLax48 @Callmefish @Paul E @SJ from the Bay @Goudacuda @Tristan454 @sandworm @Terry Mac @Nicky Da Fish @ACFishing @hydraman @phishallways @puppet @Buckscorider @dlaurend @Stripsettter Thank you all for the advice and wisdom. Its really inspiring and motivating.
  2. @TimS thank you.
  3. @t_man7 @CLFish5 thank you.
  4. @hhager23 thank you. Just looking for any wisdom on anything related to surfcasting. Etiquette, striped bass, gear, mistakes and success, etc.
  5. Hello fellow anglers. I just want to ask people about their input on surfcasting. Wisdom and knowledge from elites and experienced surfcasters will be appreciated. Thank you so much for taking your time to give me your inputs
  6. Im waiting mine on the mail. Hopefully this season is good at that beach
  7. very beautiful lures