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  1. I use 8 lb Yo-Zuri Hybrid.
  2. If you are just starting out, the combos you have will suffice. No need to spend a lot of moneyand then find out you don't like it. I am a jig guy so I use 1/8- 1/4 oz jigs with a Paca Chunk trailer. To round things off maybe a 1/2 oz rattle trap a topwater bait and a couple of mud depth crank baits. That will cover all the water in 10 feet or less.
  3. Like mentioned above, you can polish out the hardware. You can also strip off the skirt, strip the paint off the heads. Repaint the heads and put new skirts on with wire. You will now have a spinnerbait that has worked for you and you can use it again without it costing you a lot of money
  4. I'm an Abu Garcia Guy. If you are first starting out, I would get a good used Revo MGX. They are lightweight and can cast a light lure or a heavy lure a long way. My second choice would be a Shimano. Again a good used one like a Curado or a Chronarch. JMO
  5. Thanks for the help guys. No elliptical gears and no over shimming. All parts were put back the same way as unassembled. I'll see if I can get a gear set for this reel and see what the cost is.
  6. I would definitely get a Sedona hands down. Shimano makes very good reels.
  7. So I have 4 gen 1 pearl Stradics, that I occasionally use. However they need to be really cleaned inside. I took one apart, and put everything back together no problem. However the reel is not the same as it was before. There is a hesitation on every full rotation. I am definitely thinking that I should have marked the pinion and main gear before I took them out, so the teeth would be back in the same position when assembled. Can anyone tell me how to mark or index both gears, so when I take them out, I can put them back on the same teeth. Thanks in advance.
  8. I also primarily fish Yo-Zuri Hybrid on my baitcaster and spinning reel. 6 or 8 lb max line for Ned rig.
  9. I'm going to try the Neko rig this year. I want to learn how to be a better worm fisherman.
  10. I will cast, let it fall and then wait for a pick-up. If no pick-up hop it a couple of times and wait for a pick-up. Keep doing that until I get a hit. Many times I will also mix it up a bit. To see what will trigger the fish to hit.
  11. I am looking for a Naked Bait Co. skirt expander if anyone has one or know of anyone that has one. I want to try a different way to make my skirts. Please let me know how much you want for it. Thank You.
  12. Keith, Thank You very much. My wife fishes with these and she loves them. Any advice have you noticed regards to cleaning these that would make them better? Thank You again for your help in the past as well.
  13. Before I get into my question, I have some of the original pearl colored Stradics that came out back in the day. I want to say 1990's ? Anyway, back then I cleaned one of the reels only to find out when I put it back together, the reels wasn't as smooth as it was before I took it apart. Apparently back then I did not mark the gear teeth orientation, and now when I turn the handle, every full revolution, the reel hesitates (like it was tight) and then continues till the next revolution. So I'm thinking with these new reels, is that still a problem. I have 4 Shimano Stradic spinning reels(as mentioned above) that I bought brand new about 2 years ago for my wife. I want to disassemble them and clean them. However, since these are so smooth, I do not want to take them apart and have the same problem I have with the first gen Stradics. Do I need to mark where the gear teeth align, or is this not a problem anymore with the new reels. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  14. jjdbike I've heard from several people that Yetti is way overpriced. Yet they seem to have a big following. If I were looking for a cooler, I would have to weigh the difference in cost and warranty. I have read also that pre-chilling the cooler helps, also keeping it in the shade. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  15. Sice I pour all of my own jigs and swim jigs, I prefer to pour the head and then use different bodies. Reason being is this. You can change color and best of all you can change body size. Sometimes fish want a smaller profile. It makes it easier to change at a moments notice. Like you mentioned, you won't have to carry all the extra tackle. Just matbe a few different weights of heads and a few different sizes of bodies.