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  1. Here are a few more pics of 3d parts. A live well strainer and a couple of reel stands
  2. I have been doing this for about 2 years. There is a big learning curve in the drawing aspect of part making, along with a big curve with learning how to actually make 3d functional parts. If you have any cad experience, that is a bi plus and half the battle. I use Solidworks to create my parts. There are other cad packages along with Fusion 360. I do not believe that Fusion 360 is free anymore.. You will then need to export your files out as a .STL The STL file is needed so the slicer can slice your model and create layers for the 3d printer to print. I use CURA as my slicer. There is a learning curve to that as well. Finally the 3d printer. I was originally going to buy a Prusa about $900 you assemble yourself. A guy at worked talked me out of it and told me to get an ENDER PRO for about $200. This way if I didn't like it, I wasn't out a lot of money. I bought the Ender Pro and am very happy with it. I am now looking for a 3d printer with a bigger bed.
  3. Scooby, Since I'm and engineer, I can draw all of my own parts, and then I can translate them so my 3d printer can read the code. I have made many small tools for several guys that needed something special for certain reel applications. It is a win win for me.
  4. Scooby, I was actually looking for the Exist reel tools. I believe there is one for the right side and one for the left side. The tool I made for the handle nut cap and the rotor nut, have held up with no problems. I took a brass nut on a brass shaft, and torqued it down so tight I started to gall the threads. I have not had one tool break yet. The nice thing about 3d printing is if I need a tool today, I can design one in a couple of hours, 3d print it in another hour and start working on my reels, without spending $40.00 for a tool and waiting for them to ship it.
  5. Then this past week, I was cleaning some Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500 spinning reels. The rotor nut is recessed in between two sets of bosses (Pic 1) and I tried a box wrench, deep socket and an open end wrench. The box wrench and the socket didn't grab the nut deep enough because of the bosses and the open end wrench, started to scratch the face of the rotor. So I made a tool (Pic 2) that fit over the shaft, in between the bosses and right over the nut. It works very well and no damage to the brass nut or the rotor face.
  6. Here are some items . The first item is a 10mm and 12mm handle nut wrench. I used to use a metal nut driver with tape on the inside to keep from scratching the finished nuts that go on the end of reel handles. It works really well. Then on picture 2 this was my second revision of pic one. I made a tool that has 10mm on one side and 12mm on the other side. Now I have one tool with two different sizes. If I want a 11 and a 13mm I can just make that one or any combination.
  7. Anything that has friction points is not really a good item to 3d print especially if I was to make it for someone. I definitely can make it if I had the part and or the dimensions. My only concern would be how long the part would last if it is applied inside a reel.
  8. Scooby, I can pretty much 3d print anything currently within an 8" sq platform. The nice thing about the plastic it doesn't scratch any metal or painted surfaces with-in reason. I know who Bad Bearing tool is. I have purchased from him before.
  9. I will post some pics shortly.
  10. Anyone on here 3D print parts for use in fishing reels? I have made some special tools I needed to take apart and clean the reels for my fishing club members. I have two questions. #1 The first is does anyone have a set of the special sockets you need to take off the sideplates off of a Daiwa Exist LT? Apparently there is a tool(s) for the L.H. Side and the R.H side. I don't need the tool, but I would like some measurements so I can make shift one. #2. Would anyone be interested if I posted the 3d parts/tool I made on this forum with pictures? If this is not a problem and not against forum policy, I would be willing to post pics of what I've done and help guys if they have questions. ADMIN or MODERATORS please advise
  11. Keitech, Fat Swing Impact
  12. I am cleaning 5 of my wife's Stradic CI4+ spinning reels, and I noticed the the stock drag washers seem to be felt material. Although she does not have a problem with them currently, I was wondering if it would be best to change them out to Carbontex? We fish for bass and I am wondering if it is worth it or should I not bother. Seems like I can't clean the stock felt ones so what do you guys do or think. Thanks in advance
  13. I'm also in. Happy Holiday
  14. Thank You So what is the purple good for?