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  1. Really nice. Beauts.
  2. Trying to dial in a green crab.
  3. Some great flies here. A couple from me - the weighted one was very effective at teasing snook out of the mangroves. Unweighted is for spring striped bass.
  4. Curious - why do you think you'll see weakfish this spring?
  5. I just finished a week in Port Charlotte. Very cold at night - the bays were almost sterile, no bait, no birds. Had to go way in the back, way up the creeks - snook were stacked up like cord wood. Even found a tarpon!
  6. No, probably not. Most of the fish are way in the back. I would probably fish the culverts at Ding Darling. I'd also ask the guys at Sanibel Fly Fishers. Lastly, I know a superior guide out of Port Charlotte - Danny Reich. He may be booked, but if not, he's top drawer.
  7. Not to state the obvious, but the heavier the eyes, the faster it will sink. If you're focused on the water column, things like heavy flies, flourocarbon tippet and a sinking line will help you get down deep and stay down. If you're focused on getting the fly down quickly (in a river or whatever), I've read that using a heavy fly on a floating line (with a long tippet) will get down faster than the same fly on a sinking line - but obviously it will come up in the water column as you strip. If you're focused on movement, I think the key is where you place those eyes. The further forward, the better nose-down jigging action you'll get. The clouser was designed to sink while horizontal - it's why the eyes are placed so far back. Other patterns like the guitar minnow or the jiggy will get that action you like.
  8. Some buggy/leggy critters for the backcountry snook and reds.
  9. I stopped by for an hour on Friday - good to rifle through the Keogh bins and grab a few bucktails from Brad Buzzi. There were a couple of hard-to-find products that I was not able to find, but got to see a couple old friends and talk fishing for a while. Grabbed a Banh Mi on the way home!
  10. Apropos of nothing: I often hear attendees talking about how there's nothing around Edison, nowhere to eat, etc. Most people end up eating at the "NY Deli" which is fine, but pretty standard. What they don't realize is that Edison is home to some of the best Chinese and Korean food in NJ, and some of the best Indian food in the US. Check out Sagwath Gourmet or Juhpdi for Indian, Shanghai Dumpling or Golden Seafood for Chinese. Or eat those foul hotdogs at the convention center!
  11. This man knows from what he speaks.
  12. Like some have said, you can often fit two rods in a single rod tube. Be careful, great way to damage a guide. My advise is to stack them all together like cord wood and put it all in the tube at one time, rather than section by section. I carry a larger tube like many here. I often carry it as my second carryon, but you can easily find bigger straps to accommodate a larger tube.
  13. I've heard of people tying a nail knot on the line to the same effect. The advantage over markers is you can feel it at night.
  14. The more I look at this picture the more I love it.
  15. Great thread. I whipped up a quick all pink flat wing on a size 2. I used shrimp pink bucktail and a hot pink hackle - I sometimes use all hot pink. I've found it very effective in less than 1ft of water: it lands like <cough> a feather, you can see it from a mile away and it gets eaten. Incidentally, it's also hooked some of the smallest striped bass I've ever caught.