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  1. Love that second pic. Congrats on several fronts.
  2. As they say, if it feels good, do it.
  3. I have a Abel No 2 that I pair with my 7 weights. My only issue with it is it's a standard arbor - and it takes a lot to reel in line. I rarely put any fish on the reel, so it's kind of a moot point.
  4. Yup! I also know a guy that gets so stir crazy that he goes on a party boat for cod (or whatever is biting in February).
  5. Interesting. My Tibors I've fished have a silent outgoing drag. Maybe that's what you meant. The Islanders, however, are well liked specifically for their drag.
  6. The Redington Rise is a nice one - light, good looking, nice drag, 220 bucks.
  7. I value aesthetics, and for my money, the Islander No 2 and Islander No 3 are the best looking reels available, with the Tibor Everglades and Riptide a close second.
  8. I rarely map out more than a year in advance. My wife and I both work, and like Graveyard we have a 4yo and a 2yo. There are several days a week when one of us needs to work late or has a evening event to attend, so it's not a big deal for the other one to put both the kids to bed on a weeknight. Weekends are a different story: 48 hours minding those two solo is a lot to ask of each other. Also, she doesn't fish, and doesn't really care to join me on fishing trips, so if I'm going, I'm going alone. I have three approaches: 1) Tack on a day to a business trip. There is fishable water everywhere in this country, and I have really enjoyed learning about and fishing spots within an hour of Chicago, Atlanta, and LA. 2) Take days off during the week and go alone. If it's during the season up here, I'll simply fish local waters. If it's winter, I can often find cheap direct flights to good fisheries - in fact, I did just this last week to fish Beaufort SC. When adding up the flight, the hotel, the car and the charter, this is not a cheap option, but some itches need to be scratched. 3) For holidays and birthdays, my wife and I will gift each other days off, a weekend to go do whatever you want. My only want is fishing.
  9. DOne. DM on the way. That was easy.
  10. Anyone have one they'd like to move?
  11. I'm a righty, and have the hook pointing to the right. As I come up over the fly with the thread, should the thread/bobbin/my hand be coming back towards me or away from me?
  12. I took the plunge and bought the basics to tie up some striper flies. I had never even held a bobbin before, but thanks to some advice from the folks at the FFS (Brad Buzzi in particular, but also Bob Popovic, Joe Cordeiro and Joe Calcavecchia - not a bad place to start). I'll probably take a 101 at some point, but until then I have a rudimentary question that I thought the board could help me with. It is this: does it matter if you wrap away from you or towards you? I naturally started wrapping away from me - and I can't think of why it would matter - but maybe there's something I'm missing. In any event, here is my first ever fly, tied by watching a tightlines video on YT. It was harder to control the bucktail than I was expecting. I think I need to learn the pinch wrap.
  13. I started 2018 with two modest goals: to catch a brook trout, and to (finally) catch a fish on a wooly bugger. I achieved the latter in the spring - my first pickerel, to boot. I never caught a brook trout, but in fairness, I didn't go trout fishing. This year, I'll keep the brook trout on my list and add one more: catch a fish on a fly I tied.
  14. If you have a boat, I have the place...
  15. Not for nothing, SOL could run a pretty sweet Catch-Photo-Release, season-long tournament pretty easily. Of course, having said that, I don't have the time to run it. Anyone so inclined?