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  1. Gilbey is right - flatwings are all about execution. While the recipes are extremely detailed, I think they allow for quite a bit of experimentation, particularly with blending colors. In any event, here's the recipe:
  2. [duplicate]
  3. I'd liken them to game trails. Like Thai says, it's easiest path they take from A to B. Thai is a much more experienced tarpon angler than I am, but one thing I'd add is visibility. Guides will often seek out amnd post up near light bottomed areas so it's easier to see the poons coming. I do the same sight fishing for bass out east.
  4. Two thoughts: A crisp casting stroke and a tighter loop will help you in the wind better than a bigger rod. Really great casters can throw a 7wt in gusts of 30 knots. Sinking lines help too. Having said all that, I regularly use a 10wt - not due to the size of the fish, but due to the size of the flies. Just this weekend I was casting an 11" bunker fly, would have been miserable on an 8, merely exhausting on a 10.
  5. Jim Freda wrote a great book about fishing from shore in Jersey - spot burns galore. It's not fly-specific, but he calls out when fly is suitable. Also, I wouldn't use whether you see other fly anglers as a good barometer of whether you should fish there. I seek out places where there are no other angler - fly or not.
  6. I discovered the Adachi Clouser last year, and I can confirm, it works.
  7. I do this with plain old water. Works a charm.
  8. I'm curious what bobbin people like to use for big streamers. I prefer an adjustable drag, but can't seem to find one (stonfo, rite) that have a long enough stem. Any recos?
  9. I've been using Liquid Fusion for everything these days. Water soluble (when wet), waterproof after it dries, flexible, strong. Oh, and odorless.
  10. It will depend on the type of glue you're using, but if it's a standard cyanoacrylate, a (very) small drop of acetone should work.
  11. Ramsey Outdoors went down hill once Davey Scatino had to sell out to Barone Sanitation & Cartage. (I actually like Ramsey Outdoor - just about the only place in Jersey to buy fly gear and a fishing license in the same place.)
  12. As if this story was ever going to end without his buying a second rod...
  13. Agreed.