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  1. I fish fly pretty much exclusively. I'm not snobby about it, I just enjoy it that much more. Fighting a fish on gear is not as fun for me, but really it's the casting. I love to cast a fly rod - so even if I'm not catching fish (which happens too often), I will stick with the fly rod. If a species can't be caught on the fly, I don't target them. The one exception is when I am fishing with my kids. For them I put worms on toy rods, and I bring a spin outfit with some senkos. I'll admit, it is a ton of fun.
  2. Not tiny enough, I guess. I tried a surf candy and a small clouser and a little epoxy albie fly. Nothing doing (except for the fluke who took the surf candy.)
  3. Yesterday was shaping up nicely - mid-October, light SSW breeze, cold front coming in the next day, and I was out before sunlight. A bit warm, but conditions seemed, dare I say, perfect. I walked North Beach at daybreak, and even though I could see a bunch of rain bait popping just past the break, which was right on shore. I didn't see any game fish, nor were the spin guys getting tight, although I did hook into a small fluke (more on that later). I was making my way back towards the parking lot when I saw a bunch of bay anchovy spray out of the water a little ahead of me. Suddenly, it was on - stripers busting everywhere, including in the wash at my ankles, back porpoising out of the water, bait spraying all over. Here are the weird parts: 1) I could not buy a bite. I tried different strips, different flies, casted far past and came back, flopped right into the wash: nothing. I suspect they had so much real food to choose from that they could ignore my fly. 2) I did actually come tight, which was a relief until I realized I had hooked another fluke in the midst of a striper blitz. 3) On both fluke I caught, I released them by grabbing the fly and shaking them loose, and both times the hook broke at the bend. Totally different flies from totally different places, so I doubt it was faulty hooks. I don't think of fluke as having crushing mouths like a sheepshead, so I was surprised. 4) At one point, I must have dinged a rock on my backcast, because I saw my fly go shooting off into the ocean and pulled my line back to find the tippet broken at the loop. The good news is, as I left the blitz I described above, I improbably found my fly washed up on the beach. Weird day.
  4. My beast fleyes from Andrew. They are great - cast easy on a 9WT. Haven't stuck that cow yet, but hoping to!
  5. I have a spool that I fish on my finatic 7+, but it's got the old ported style (round holes). I'll let it go cheap, $75 shipped. Works perfectly.
  6. Very informative post. Thank you. Can you elaborate what you mean by "greased line" swings? Do you simply put floatant on your floating line, or is it something else? Also, I think I know what you mean by "on the dangle" but I'd love to hear more.
  7. Personally, I'd spring for the Hydros. I've fished a lot of Clearwaters for stripers - they are certainly serviceable, but you'll find you may need to replace it. I've busted one by dropping it, one by getting saltwater into the drag. I think even the guys at Orvis would not recommend the Clearwater for salt.
  8. I mis-read it. Apologies. I can’t go beyond $425 but I’d be happy to do it at that price. Thanks.
  9. Would you entertain $425 without the backing or line?
  10. I will do that. I'd also throw in the spare spool for $225 total. DM on the way.
  11. Essex County, NJ.
  12. I have one, with an extra spool, for $275 shipped. I'd entertain offers. You can see details here:
  13. [Background: my shore fishing for stripers is limited to a couple days walking the beaches in NJ, and a handful of 30 min sessions fishing the salt marsh point in front of my house in Massachusetts.] 1A: How many keeper size (28 inches or larger) striped bass do you hope to catch in a season on the fly rod? One in a season would be amazing. #2: How many striped bass over 40 inches do you hope to catch in an entire season on the fly rod? One in a lifetime would be amazing. #3: Do you fish at night or purely during daylight or both please allocate a % of time? Example (Based on this seasons log for me): Both 90% night and 10% day. Beaches are 100% day time in the spring/fall. Salt marsh is probably 50/50. #4: What type of fly rod set up would you plan to use and if multiple setups list all of them? I stalk the beach with a 909-4 (or a 1090-4 in windy days). On the salt marsh I scale down to a 790-4, and bring a floater and a full sink. #5: What types of fly lines do you use and what percentage of your fishing time is with each type? Sinking 60%, floating 20%, intermediate 20% #6: THE FUN QUESTION: What is the weirdest thing you have seen on a trip to fly fish for striped bass? I have to say, your story of the underage erotic modeling shoot is super creepy. The weirdest thing I've seen was a bunch of horseshoe crabs, in flagrante derelicto, stranded on their backs, left by the tide. There were probably 100 of them. Lame story.
  14. Excellent - thank you. I didn't even think to bring surface flies, was going to just bring a few bright colored baitfish patterns.
  15. This is true on my 909-4 as well. The middle ferrule specifically. I wrap it in electrical tape.