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  1. I personally fish a floating line from shore - I think it allows me to better manipulate the line after I cast. You're never fishing much deeper than 8 feet and a long leader with a Clouser will get you down. However, I know a lot of experienced fishermen that prefer intermediate lines. That Rio line is just fine, I fish it myself.
  2. Looks like Arthur's boat. I love that fishery. Nothing else like it. Catching bass under the A train is so fun, and when those big flights come in from Europe over your head, it's surreal. I know of one plastic drum and one shopping cart in the creeks that often hold fish. Catch any Coney Island whitefish?!
  3. I really enjoyed this. I know of you primarily as a striper guy, so in my head I was applying everything you were saying to fishing the estuaries (at least as far as technique, not so much the mayfly lifecycle or whatever). You should consider more podcasting. You have a unique perspective, you're able to articulate it, and you have a great voice (must be the all the cigars and brandy). Tom, bless him, is not the most structured or adept of interviewers, and some of his guests aren't able to weave a story together. But you are!
  4. I say splurge. What gives you more joy than fishing? It's not all about performance, it's about what makes you happy. Also, not everybody knows this, but the more you spend on gear, the better fisherman you are. Incidentally, I am the best fisherman in the world.
  5. I've had good experiences with many of the retailers here. One I didn't see mentioned was saltwaterflies(dot)com. Chris, who runs it, is a veteran saltwater fly fisher, especially here in the Northeast. Some might call him a legend. In any case, they have almost anything you could want, and they ship fast.
  6. It has an AirFlo Rage Compact Floating 360g shooting head, running line, and 20# Dacron backing included. The lines are included as sold as is. I've updated the listing!
  7. For sale, a beautiful, like new, Galvan R-8 LT in Green. This reel has no blemishes or scratches and a top-drawer, sealed drag system. A perfect reel for that bonefish trip, fighting big stripers, or to slow down a spirited salmon. It has an AirFlo Rage Compact Floating 360g shooting head, running line, and 20# Dacron backing included. The lines are included as is. Made in California, Galvan reels have a reputation for top quality, smooth drags and strong durability. From the Galvan website: "Built with the same inner components, technical features and materials the Torque Series reels have been recognized for, the Rush Light offers top-of-the-line performance and reliability at a mid-line price." Retail Price: $400. Your Price: $325 Shipped (US)
  8. Having worked for a local fly shop, I can tell you that bringing all their fly tying materials is a financial challenge for them. You have to buy the additional booth space to begin with, somehow manage to get all the stuff there and find a way to display it (and ultimately take it home), you need to hire more people to work the show because you do a lot more transactions (and, unfortunately, your cost per sale goes way, way down) and you lose a lot more to theft. Makes all the sense in the world for them to focus on rods, reels, lines, waders and packs. As far as retailers, what I really value is the specialty vendors. The individual folks that focus on one thing and have lots of options. The Keough booth, Brad Buzzi for bucktails, the Squimpish booth, Joe Cordeiro saddles, Bill at EZ Body. That's the kind of vendor I wish they would attract more of. For example, there used to be a guy that brought jungle cock capes form England - he probably had close to 70 of them, all graded. Pricey, yes, but there was nothing about jungle cock that this guy didn't know. Bring HIM back!
  9. Personally, I go for the stickers.
  10. Greg Moon or Bailey Short out of Hopedale. They are usually booked well in advance, but they are both world-class. You usually meet at Penny's which is 40 minutes from downtown New Orleans.
  11. A guy in my fishing club has a similar set up - although I think he straps on a basket separately. He used a fastener from a seat belt.
  12. I fished with Natty once. Good guy, worked hard to put us on fish.
  13. Interesting - you find uncoated wire to be less visible?
  14. Thank everyone, really appreciate it. I picked up some AFW surflon, which works well. My friend gave me a spool of the Cortland stuff, and I may like that one even better.
  15. I've been finding lots and lots of bluefish on the peanut bunker in my local waters. I've been having fun with an Echo fiberglass 7wt on the snappers. I've been using Rio's knottable wire, and I've found that it frays quite easily. Not only on fish, it was fraying even just setting a knot - well lubricated, etc. I want to switch out. I would appreciate the board's opinion on your favorite knottable wire. Thanks!
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