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  1. Hi all - I am headed to Costa Rica with the family for a few days in December, and we're staying up in the jungle. No fly fishing outfitters, as far as I can tell, but there are some guys that troll a local lake for Guabera (sounds maybe like a peacock bass). Anyway, they are getting down pretty deep, and while I have a depth charge line for striped bass, I think it's going to kink up in the jungle heat - so I am in the market for a tropical, full sink. Any recommendations?
  2. Hopefully you'll find out soon enough. Good luck!
  3. I'll add that if you bring your rod above horizontal, you're risking a broken rod, especially if the fish is right at the boat. If you think of playing it like a trout and lifting its head up, it will sound, fast and strong, and break your rod.
  4. Agreed. The new Sea Ox is pretty sweet too.
  5. The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast did a great hour on Albies with Peter Jenkins from the Saltwater Edge in RI. Lots of good tips.
  6. I fished the Essex River in MA for years. I read his book, applied it to my fishing and my catch rate went up by 2X-3X.
  7. Love this book. One of the most informative fishing books I've ever read.
  8. I would recommend a ~20 foot center console with a V - a bay boat. You can get into (somewhat) skinny water, and it gives you the flexibility to go "out front" if you need to.
  9. Great rod, I have the 7wt. And it's under 8' so you can fish it in the bassmaster classic if you want.
  10. I've had the chance to fish a number of different reels over the past year, and I've been disappointed by the drag on Tibor reels (specifically on the Everglades and Riptide). I've found two issues: the start up inertia is significant, and, even locked down, the drag is just not that strong. The first truthfully hasn't caused me any problems, the latter has meant longer fights on bigger fish. I was surprised because Tibors have a great reputation and they are fished by some guides that know their business. I will also add that they are among the most beautiful reels available, in my opinion. However, when testing their drag fighting fish, I would easily choose a Hatch, Galvan, Nautilus or Bauer. And, frankly, I'd probably choose an Orvis, Islander or Abel too. I welcome thoughts from members with personal experience.
  11. I caught my first Guadalupe Bass on a Mystic 7 wt. Affordable and US made. Hard to beat.
  12. Quoting so you see response
  13. I'd offer $475 shipped.