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  1. Basically a Jiggy, eh? Except, ironically, I don't think the Jiggy is tied on a jig hook, traditionally.
  2. Let me guess - it was a weighted fly.
  3. I'll tackle one question. The answer is yes and no. If your casting is up to par - which takes a long time, maybe a lifetime - then a sinking line will cast better in wind because it is denser and therefore thinner. However, I very much doubt it will help the beginner caster very much. That's no reason not to get one. I learned to cast on a full sink 9wt and I still prefer it for distance. And yes, in the wind. I also find it's appropriate for most striper fishing. There are techniques and places where a floating line is preferable, but they are somewhat advanced. My 2 cents.
  4. Definitely buy a used reel.
  5. I had a really solid weekend there in early June. I fished during the day with Abbie Schuster. (She may be internet famous, but she's definitely fishy.) During the evening I fished alone on Menemsha jetty and Lobsterville beach. MV presents so many different ways to catch stripers. It's kind of striper paradise. I loved it.
  6. I have it in a 10wt, but yes. Stout enough to throw big flies in the wind, soft enough touch to deliver gently on the flats, light enough to throw all day.
  7. Your best option, by far, is a used rod. For 350 or under, you can find lightly used, top of the line rods. (I'm convinced that people of better means buy new rods for their Andros trip, use it once and offload it on Fleabay 2 years later.) Two of my 10wts are from the auction site, T&T and Scott, for $250 or under.
  8. My elbow hurts just reading this.
  9. Definitely avoid a hook point, but a fly can be helpful. I generally use a piece of yarn, just so I can see it. The leader is what is important. Fly line is designed to have a leader on the end of it.
  10. I bring a 9wt with me to the playground with my kids and target them with a piece of yarn. Sometimes a dog, but I have to know the owner. In any event, I try to place the fly right in front of them while they're on the move - great sight fishing practice.
  11. Tied this one up, articulated, muddler-style mantle. It works:
  12. I'm new to fly tying, but I am somewhat stunned by this. If I'm honest, it's far too much work for me (the congo hair is a great suggestion, thank you), but that it can be done at all is blowing my mind.
  13. Hi all, I've been using EP fiber with some success, but I'm having trouble understanding the different lines: 3D fiber, 3D minnow fibers, original, sculpt-a-fly, trigger point. Are they functionally different? I can't figure out if it's simply color, or if there's an appreciable difference.