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  1. The night-time is the right time.
  2. Check out SS Flies on YouTube. In the marabou toad vid, and the sstpoon vid, they show off a great technique for tying in fibers. Much, much easier than xwraps.
  3. Like titleguy, I do this in Cape Ann - Rockport specifically - and it is addictive. The stripers love the wash. The water is cold, the fish are strong, the waves are rough. I personally would not do this except for with an experienced captain. Things can get dicey really fast. The better caster you are, the farther from the rocks you can stay. I will often rip the fly back as fast as I can (my preferred guide himself prefers a large deceiver pattern he calls the Cape Ann Baitfish), but after reading Ray Bondorew's book this winter, I'm going to try to let it tumble a bit. I've found that balance on the bow is the most difficult part. Those waves can come from all sides. Wide stance, make sure you're not stepping on or over your line. I don't use a basket, but I wouldn't blame anyone who did. As far as line goes, I use an Orvis Depth Charge, which is the best sinking line IMHO. Shoots like a dream, sinks like a stone, and doesn't kink. I put a 350 on a stiff 9WT (Loomis GLX cc) and a 450 on a stiff 10WT (Sage Xi3).
  4. Manhattan

    Surf candies will work well, as will almost any slim profile fly. Sparse clousers, flatwings, Ray's fly etc will all work. I tie one with a rabbit strip tail and a small EP head - works great.
  5. Manhattan

    That's a bummer about UA, but unfortunately I've felt that before. Sometimes it feels like unless you're booking a $20K trip to the Seychelles, you're not worth their time. It depends on who's working. The guys are Orvis are generally nicer, but I've found they focused more on trout in the Catskills than the saltwater I prefer. Striper fishing in the bay is seasonal. Not sure when you went, but July/August/Early Sept can be a grind. May and October still have bad days, but far fewer. John knows that Bay like the back of his hand - if you're not finding them with him, they're probably not eating. A couple other resources for you: Prospect Park Lake has the largest concentration of LMB in the state (so they say), the DEC has good resources for saltwater access points (search for "I FISH NY Saltwater Fishing Guide for New York City Area") and there's a woman who runs a summertime panfish tournament in Brooklyn called Panfish Pandemonium. I never fished it, but it looks fun...
  6. Manhattan

    There's world-class striper/blue/albie within the confines of the 5 boroughs and several great guides. Call Danny Reich, John McMurray or Brendan McCarthy. Also the guys at UA or Orvis can put you onto city spots.
  7. I find New York -> Rhode Island to be better in May. Maybe a trip to Watch Hill instead...
  8. I took those "finished" flies and added another mantle via a articulated stem. They look much improved.
  9. My attempt at a kinky muddler for nighttime.
  10. Great stuff, really enjoyed it.
  11. I've done very well with bonefish shrimp patterns (xmas island sp, gotchas and Crazy Charlies) for schoolies in tidal estuaries.
  12. Oy. I never counted them. Too many.
  13. Any chance you have a recipe for the bunny squid?
  14. Sweet!