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  1. I'll take it.
  2. I tried over at keyport early morning and got nada. I must have missed the memo, didn't see another soul over there (unlike last weekend). All the boats that came out of the creek zoomed across the bay towards SI or took a sharp right out of my vision. Moved south and east after some hard earned chinese buffet on 35 and got into half a dozen bass on an SP minnow. I figured they were deeper but I couldn't get a touch on tsunami shads and didn't bring any plugs that dove deeper. All of the kayak guys I bumped into over the course of the day were very friendly.
  3. fish 10am till 5 pm back of raritan bay, 7 shorts most on SP minnow. the rest on clam. caught on both sides of the tide
  4. I'm in. Thanks!
  5. me and my buddy both got the pescador last summer and love it. I got mine for 550 and he got his for closer to 450 somewhere else online.
  6. just amazing
  7. thank you for the recommendation Billy, I will try one out probably
  8. can anyone give me some comparable blanks to seeker hercules GTS70L, but in something like 12-20? i built awesome rods on the 15-30 and the 30-60, but am looking for something a tad lighter now. thanks Matt
  9. a 30" pickerel is a pretty rare fish, I doubt the fact you haven't caught one yet has anything to do with your methods or skill
  10. spruce run is still banging with the wipers despite the low water, good luck
  11. fished it this past weekend from a kayak, it hasnt affected the hybrid bite at all
  12. been fluking shark river for a long, long time. there are literally fluke everywhere. if you can't see bottom you are probably in one of the better spots. you will see a lot of boats drifting all the normal spots if you go on a weekend. personally on a yak i'd stay out of the inlet and focus on the basin. better hurry, they leave pretty soon. PM me if you need something more specific
  13. pam spray on guides
  14. i usually do very well in the rain as long as the water isnt too muddy. i usually find them higher in the water column and usually more shallow
  15. not to derail, but i tried some yozuri knock offs made by challenger for stream trout and they were great. i had some matzuos in the past that would not swim correctly for me same application