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  1. Hello! Thanks for the details over here! Could you please tell me what grit of sand paper, or files do you use to trim down the heat shrink tubes? Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you! I'll start putting in my orders. I was planning to use the Ti torzite initially, so I'm kinda prepared for the cost. Hopefully this rod will worth my input!
  3. BTW, I tie a 10 feet lead with a FG knot is because of the structures I fish. Here in the central Alabama, i fish stripers primarily by the river dams. when water turbines are running, I have maybe 3 to 6 feet of water over the rocky beds, and many more bigger rocks remain out of water. Stripers of various sizes will come across those areas to prey on shads. Like their cousins in the saltwater, once these stripers got hooked, they will quickly dive between the rocks and cut the braid in seconds. I have lost a whole bunch of lures before I realized that I need to increase the leader length. A 10' mono or flouro leader will significantly reduce the chance of having my lines get cut by the rocks. Although the increased leader length reduces the casting distance, it still worth the trouble when fighting a fish, especially in heavy currents.
  4. Thank you all for the great advices! I have studied a little bit more about the KR concept and referenced the angler's resource. I used the KR GPS and generated the following:  I think the suggested sizes are probably not suited for a surf rod, so I want to beef them up a scale. So I looked at the RV guides, and I saw this: Please let me know if this layout will work: start with a RV25H as the stripper, then a RV16H followed by a KW10M? or a KT10? The running guides of I'll use KL7L (According the KR GPS, I should have at least 30" of running guides, which will match the action of this GSB rod). I'll try to space them as referenced in the picture and see how it casts before I wrap the guides. Please let me your advices, thank you very much!!!
  5. Hello my dear SOL friends, I'm trying to build a light 9' rod for light swimmers and small tins (1/2oz to 1.5oz spoons). The rod will be matched with a VS150 and 20lb suffix 832 (nothing heavier than 20lb for sure). I have the blank in hand and I'm trying to figure out a good guide layout. I have done some researches here in the forum and I figured that I will use the Fuji KW series, and following the NGC layout. I have NOT purchased the guides yet, but I'd ask here if they are going to work out for my purpose: 30 Stripper, then 25, 20, 12, and 6 or 7mm running guides, tip with a 6/7mm. Or a 30 stripper, 25, 20, 16, 10, and then 6/7 running guides? I have seen that others have started with a 25 stripper, but I feel it is too small for a VS150 reel. Also, will the 6mm running guides too small for this rod? I use FG knots to tie a 6 to 10 ft 20lb flouro leader, so that the knot will go through the running guides for sure. Will 8mm running guides be more sufficient in terms of casting distance? Please help me with some advices and I greatly appreciate them!
  6. As far as i know, you can contact Lou Caruso for this, He is a professional rod builder, and his workshop is at amytyville or somewhere close to there. Tel: 516-901-0515.
  7. Hello! Will you ship it for this price? thanks! I'm from Alabama.
  8. Honestly, for a nice rod like yours i would put on a van staal VR50, and that's what I had on my GLX until it fall into the water from the boat! No more than 20lb of braid and you can handle fish up to 30lb like ease. Plus, you'll have the ability to use it in salt water if necessary. If price really matters, I'd vote for a stradic 4000 or 5000. you just have to get the guides and reel paired up right, a 3000 reel is a little too small for a 7' med-heavy rod in my opinion.
  9. I had the same problem last year before traveling to FL. I found out that even with a 4-piece travel rod you still have to keep it in a container and check it in. So I decided to bring my 50-50 split 9 footer. As long as your rod tube is less than 8 feet (96 inches), they will have no problem to check it in as a regular luggage ($30 for American Airline). I'm sure a regular 11 footer can fit in these tubes, and they should perform better than any traveler rods.
  10. I have a Left VS250 for trade. Just wondering, is the black rotor and spool for ZB22/20 or 25/27? I'll PM you pictures if you are interested in the trade. Thanks!
  11. I totally agree with you that under different circumstances the total amount matters. And you are right that you should not spend big $$ on fishing gear while you have a family starving because of this. I'm only applying my philosophies to the situations when that $ goes to either a tackle shop or savings accounts. For people like us whose wives watches our credit card bills, I have to make a way to get her approval before big $$ spendings. It's not that I don't have the budget for it, it's because she thinks it doesn't worth it. To me, if I have to spend 2X $ on her before I get her approvals on my purchases, I will happily do it. The ultimate truth is HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE! So just don't confront her opinions. But when there are situations you have to go the other way, and you already have that budget in your pocket, don't let her know unless you have to. I have to let her know I bought a boat, but I don't have to let her know I spent that much $ on the boat. It's not about trust, it's about perceptions. She is right that a $20 Walmart reel can catch as many fish as a van staal does, and she will not listen to you talking about the difference between them when you feel about them in your hands. Just put the argument down and make sure she will not be pissed off when you bring that van staal home. You can only be happy when she is happy! PS Im not trying to teach people how to cheat on this kind of things, you have to apply ideas to your own family situations. You have to be a good and responsible spouse before everything else!
  12. You supposed not to let her see your new rod! Hide them, use them a fee times, util they all look like any other ones you had before, she will never know you bought it! Lol
  13. No no no, it's not about the total amount of $ you spend for the situation, it's about how much you can get approved by her to go towards your fishing gears. Lol
  14. Sea cat, they got another name but I forgot it. They are pretty common around Gulf of Mexico. I was supprised when the first time I saw them.
  15. I'm going to try to fish them at night later this week. Hopefully they will be more hungry that time!