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  1. Been fishing with a Flatlander this summer. I like it, very stiff and you can hang a lot of stuff on it if you like. In fact one day I fished with waders in the morning and went out later with just my swim shorts and was able to adjust it quickly. The plastic buckle is heavy duty and very safe, you have to push in the two locks to unlock it.
  2. One more question, how heavy a braid can the 1201L handle? Thanks, again for the information, I just could not find enough info on that blank and was about to call Lamiglas this morning and ask them. -Tony
  3. Thanks for the info! Just looking for a rod with a moderate power/moderate action, that will bend all the way into the front grip.
  4. Rated as light power, medium action, throwing 1-3 ounces. A 10ms in the GSB line is rated at medium power and moderate action throwing 2-5 ounces. Maybe I am looking at the wrong rod on the Lamiglas site.
  5. Hello, Looking for a review about this rod. Cannot find anything on the internet nor Youtube aside from the specs. Thanks! Tony
  6. Depends what you want the real to do...occasional splash and spray....or a good dunking in the salt. Look at Penn and Shimano, also Van Staal and Zeebaas for fully sealed, dunkable reels. Penn does make some reels that are dunkable as long as you pack them full of grease the 706Z and 704Z. Lots of options out there, you will have to do some research to see what fits your needs.
  7. I would go with a sealed reel if you are going to douse it in saltwater on a regular basis. I don't wade the surf like I used to anymore so the Stradic can handle the salt. Depending on the size of fish you are targeting the gears should hold up well. Salt and sand are what crush the gears. The drag and rod are the ones doing the work on the big fish.
  8. Hi, I started surf fishing with fly gear about 15 years ago. I use a Orvis Hydros 9' 9wt, a Rio 375 grain full sinking line with integrated running line. Then a short 12 lb leaders with two tandem flies that resemble sand crabs. Works great on the perch. I also used an Airflo 10wt line the 40+ to throw gurglers and other top water flies for the stripers. I target the stripers in the early morning dark or late dusk. Best when the sun is off the water. I started using gear last year because once the onshore started I just could not target the water I wanted to reach. * Tight lines!
  9. Structure you must know it and it can change after every storm, then gradually goes away through the summer. Tides, moon and the time of year. Now the stripers are out there, did not catch any barred perch on my last go last week. Smelt come in mid-summer and fall. Time on the beach. -Tony
  10. I just started fishing the surf with gear last year. Have been flyfishing the surf for about 15 years. Rig #1 Daiwa Presso UL 7 foot rod, Okuma Trio 30S Reel, 10# braid, 1/2 ounce weight, 8# leader, Carolina Rig target perch, and jack smelt, its a hoot! Rig #2 St. Croix Mojo Surf 10 foot rod, 1-4 oz, Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000, 20# braid, 40# mono leader, throw a Lucky Craft 110 Flash Minnow or Daiwa SP Minnow up to 1.5 ounce for stripers. If I need to hit a far bar I use a 2 ounce Mickey with bucktail, or a Kastmaster. I also have a hi-lo rig with a 2 ounce weight that I throw when I want to use bait. Good rig for big surf and high winds. Both rigs are a lot of fun and catch fish. Last outing with the Mojo Surf brought in 3 nice stripers in one day, all went back in the water. -Tony