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  1. Seriously?
  2. Mmm....entirely possible, MB.... how about a curious nod/homage to the Northeast?
  3. Liberated this tear-jerker of a 1920’s standing steamer trunk outta the dumpster.... ...I felt she deserved a better fate...........ideally, one soaked in overpriced rum, wine & tequila... ...mission accomplished—I think, anyway:
  4. Respectfully offer $90 shipped pp.......beers on me later if you let me explain why hyper up-selling a blade is a fools errand.
  5. Timeless classic:
  6. question..
  7. Gross & sad. a true Greek tragedy.
  8. Surfers here?! There's hope yet...
  9. Just about everything anyone needs to know, Jdm.....I'm lovin' it.
  10. No no no....keep 'em comin, SD--this sorta stuff speaks volumes.
  11. Charming thread. Wow.
  12. Drum....word to the wise--save your kayak rental for the week (Monday-thursday)....weekend head count has been insane at the better areas....boaters/pontooners/spring break sandbar party types---no Bueno. Have patience and check out things on foot first....especially in Bonita.....come Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday you'll have the areas mostly to's a total circus sat/sun
  13. (Well played, everyone)
  14. Standard or gold?
  15. You'd be surprised how that's viewed here, d. eye opener.
  16. Wow.
  17. My sentiments exactly down here, BB... EVERY November 1st....EVERY April 15th....
  18. Stone's throw, J.
  19. Ahhhhhh...that sweet sweet scent of jealousy. sustains me.
  20. Nope. normal pad. Why?
  21. Ya know....I just can't help but agree.
  22. I've got that one. a 3' X 12'.. 11mm vinyl. nice piece. weird.