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  1. You pullin' the trigger, W? just curious.
  2. just dont go overboard with the leader. especially with lures. so long as its wire, you can get away with 10-15#.....max. You'll do just fine this way. Titanium? even better.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA---THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE USED JUST AFTER HURRICANE funny....with nothing to do, we walked down to the lake with ham that was going bad...that's awesome! ok...seriously--that was funny. +2
  4. You'll find Mayan Cichlid (thinking this is what Sun^ is talking about above ^) in just about any lake/pond/puddle around here...sort of an oscar's bigger, bully brother. At 1-1.5lb, a really great fight and, yes, surprisingly good to eat. Just about everyone will encourage you to keep 'em as they've become quite a nuisance over the years. (Not to mention--they DO look pretty cool)
  5. Ha! Thanks worries...there's a latched privacy door/cover on the opposite side of that thing...I just thought the look was pretty unique
  6. Good advice here. and if you don't go thru an entire bucket of live....(if you have one)...vacuum seal the rest. I've used shrimp out of the vac 2 weeks later (tipping jigs) and they work just fine. Refrigerate--don't freeze. as for squid--save that for a sabiki....about all its good for around here.
  7. 3/8" mesh....and I wouldn't go any bigger than 6'....especially if it's your first net...even better--consider a 5.....if the baits there, you're gonna get ALL you need.
  8. great rod--an even better price. nice!
  9. "....Don’t walk the exact waterline, step back and away from that edge. Walk on the crown of the hightide sand line, that upper high ridge." --------------------------- YES. +2
  10. (Keep it simple)
  11. Bottom out your rod/reel. 7'6 max Rod....vr50 size reel...... plink the shallows with pilchards & shrimp
  12. I agree with Salt 99%.... 99%... the 1% being.. dont forget..."watching" is a double-edged sword. watch for what "doesn't" work for others. watch what locals "do wrong". Here... This is what DOESNT work on the gulf coast: ...tomato-red, sun-burnt surf fish aficionados...those fellows slinging 2oz of weight....spreaders....3-4 hooks of shrimp/sand flea....launching 100+yd agony...... ..while snook, jacks, decent Reds, sheepshead & trout cruise by them inches from a foot of water--take note.... watching these guys struggle in absolute agony... ..just grab a medium Rod....10lb mono-10lb fluoro weight....smallest hook bait.....'ll land more snook in under an hour than those guys will in a year.... (Salt--tell me I'm wrong)
  13. I12.......bag the lure search... ...take 2-3 days to learn the castnet. youll enjoy your keys time exponentially more. trust me.
  14. close... a river pebble tub and an ancient buddhist temple-inspired door.......with relevant speakeasy to peek in on those not flushing...
  15. ...speaking of which...if anyone's in the market for a legit alligator skin fridge--ya know, breathe new life into a beater.......i know a guy.
  16. Well thank you, know what they say about idle hands. Gotta stay busy--no matter how ridiculous the result.
  17. Im pretty certain the sheer cost of booze (just to make it legit) costed me more than the actual project. go figure.
  18. I think the term "talent" is a misnomer..... if we're talking "stubborn" and "obsessive", well...... ....either way--everyone has it in them--I'm a firm believer in that. (and that's what forums are for---help, advice, direction...........hell, ask me (Florida) how many times I begged for tips on " guys actually FISH with eels?!...")
  19. have no idea just how many times i asked myself that very same question, SW.
  20. Here's a crummy old abandoned 1920's/30's standing steamer trunk i pulled outta the community garbage bin...after a bit of love, actually turned out to be a pretty nice tequila/rum cabinet...
  21. yep....lucky 7.
  22. that clown knife is awesome, bb...
  23. April 2018, Thailand: (her giddiness kills me every time) Mekong Catfish, Giant Pacu, Amazonian/Asian RedTail..even a little arowana for good measure
  24. zcoker ain't kidding when he sez: "....these sharks can be a handful when beached. Hell, I've had them jump eye level from the hard sand, snapping away...." trust me--he's right...