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  1. Seriously?
  2. Mmm....entirely possible, MB.... how about a curious nod/homage to the Northeast?
  3. Liberated this tear-jerker of a 1920’s standing steamer trunk outta the dumpster.... ...I felt she deserved a better fate...........ideally, one soaked in overpriced rum, wine & tequila... ...mission accomplished—I think, anyway:
  4. Respectfully offer $90 shipped pp.......beers on me later if you let me explain why hyper up-selling a blade is a fools errand.
  5. Timeless classic:
  6. question..
  7. Gross & sad. a true Greek tragedy.
  8. Surfers here?! There's hope yet...
  9. Just about everything anyone needs to know, Jdm.....I'm lovin' it.
  10. No no no....keep 'em comin, SD--this sorta stuff speaks volumes.
  11. Charming thread. Wow.
  12. Drum....word to the wise--save your kayak rental for the week (Monday-thursday)....weekend head count has been insane at the better areas....boaters/pontooners/spring break sandbar party types---no Bueno. Have patience and check out things on foot first....especially in Bonita.....come Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday you'll have the areas mostly to's a total circus sat/sun
  13. (Well played, everyone)