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  1. *any word with more vowels than consonants*
  2. bologna.
  3. 1. The day i discovered this forum. 2. The day i returned to this forum blinded by all the VanStaal's for sale. 3. The day i mistook an ant mound for a legitimate land mine. 4. The day i was about to tell this forum about it.
  4. Pulp Fiction.
  5. Gyotaku = AWESOME. Great gift.
  6. .....dope
  7. & dope. ....awesome.
  8. & dope. charming.
  9. So you’re all devising the best ways to hide what you know isn’t exactly legal.... I right? ...just wanna be clear here.
  10. The handle is swappable. Either side. sealed.
  11. April/May
  12. ...thrilling everyone
  13. Thank Christ I recorded those ring-twisting Aflac commercials.