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  1. id throw this around the bunker schools we get around this time of the year and go for that 50 that's lurking beneath them
  2. you took that second pic by yourself? looks awesome
  3. I've used this method a few times with great success, ive noticed that its a lot less uncomfortable if you're able to get your hand cold by keeping it in ice or in the water for a few minutes to numb it up a bit
  4. ill take it. pm incoming
  5. I need the whole thing
  6. no dice on calling VS. can you send pics and a price. thanks.
  7. I recently broke the handle on my us made vs150, it was once of the screw on handles. will the china made handles fit on my vs150 or do I have to get the same type as I had with the knob on the back.
  8. thanks, just sent them an email.
  9. yeah that's the one I had, the screw just snapped randomly
  10. in search of a vs150 handle in black (don't know if theres a difference in the handles between the us made and china made ones) thanks
  11. only snell my hooks when chunking, and retie after every trip. lost a big fish due to a knot failure a few years back and ever since I have been a perfectionist when it comes to knots knots
  12. how big are these things, never caught them up here in ny
  13. yeah I figured, I saw the long shot has an open boat on the 26th might give them a call and see if they have a spot
  14. does the fish monger run open boats?