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  1. yeah I figured, I saw the long shot has an open boat on the 26th might give them a call and see if they have a spot
  2. does the fish monger run open boats?
  3. LOL
  4. yeah this is my first time round these parts, nah no snitting going on over here
  5. damn, I have a final tomorrow and on Friday. lmk how you guys do
  6. honestly id rather fish on a smaller boat, but I don't have enough people to book a charter. anything down to like Brielle is good for me
  7. any recommendations on what boat I should go for tog. went on the mad gaffer last year and did good so I was thinking that, and theres always the mohawk. anyone else I'm missing?
  8. wow I can't even imagine fighting a 14#er let alone that beast
  9. the only thing I was worried about was that if I hooked into a nicer fish if it had the backbone to keep it out of the structure, gonna give it a try and see how it fares
  10. gonna be going on my first tog trip of the year soon since I just finished class. I recently picked up one of those 6'8" tsunami slow pitch rods. do you guys think id be able to use it. thanks
  11. thanks guys, definitely gonna bring a venting tool. going to let you guys know how I do
  12. gonna be going out on the big Jamaica hopefully Wednesday night, any tips on how heavy my tackle should be, around how much lead I would be using, jig weights, anything, this is my first time going out on a trip that isn't inshore. thanks in advance
  13. I've been doing really well with them the past few weeks. many times I was one of the only ones on the beach catching
  14. fish eye lens. shame it was killed
  15. idk something about how quiet it is at night, and the solitude of it being just you on the beach is what makes me love going at night