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  1. mainly looking for bunker and yellow but am still open to other colors
  2. I was looking into those but my truck doesn't have the rack on the roof so I don't think it would work
  3. that looks awesome
  4. can you fit surf rods on the inshore model or should I go for the offshore
  5. I've recently bought a pickup and am in the market for a rod rack to put in the bed of the truck. ive been looking at Portarod but was wondering if there's any brands out there that I should be taking a look at. thanks
  6. this does seem like the best way to be 100% sure its filled correctly. thanks
  7. so don't use the machine at first. to see how the line lays
  8. 50lb 832
  9. I recently bought a vsx 250 and I plan on spooling it up on a line winding machine with 300 yards of 832. was just wondering how many yards of 20lb mono I should use as backing, and I don't need to put the hump on the line like the older vs models correct?
  10. why does it matter what he paid, as long as the product is worth similar to what he is asking to trade (which it is) I don't see it as considered flipping
  11. can you post some pictures up of the rod please?
  12. is the water chocolate milk?
  13. they're awesome, love mine.the only downside is that the neoprene isn't breathable so you can get a little sweaty in warmer weather but other than that its great.
  14. anyone have an eel trap that they are willing to let go of
  15. spoke to one if. the local fly guys here today and he told me to buy a rio coastal quick shooter xp fly line in an intermediate weight. what is your guys's thoughts about that line