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  1. going to be going to Egypt in a few days and wanted to get some fishing in. has anyone had any experience fishing in that region, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. when using the dropper loop teaser rig id also tie an overhand knot above the sinker so that if you do get hung up you only lose the sinker and keep the soft plastic and hook
  3. I haven't been too successful though, lots of empty traps
  4. I've really been trying to figure out how to trap my own, all of the tackle shops by me don't even carry eels right now and when they do it gets expensive quick
  5. yeah I usually bring my car down every year but I couldn't make it down there this year, busy with schoolwork. but yeah if you fish out back with like a gulp on a jighead id imagine you'd catch flounder, trout and probably some stripers too
  6. what conditions do you guys look for to throw eels. I have one spot in mind that I think I can do well in with eels but I've never thrown them before so I have co clue what to look for conditions wise
  7. cruise week?
  8. yeah id throw a bunker head
  9. have you been getting them on plugs? only seen one big one so far this spring and it was caught on bunker
  10. id throw this around the bunker schools we get around this time of the year and go for that 50 that's lurking beneath them
  11. you took that second pic by yourself? looks awesome
  12. I've used this method a few times with great success, ive noticed that its a lot less uncomfortable if you're able to get your hand cold by keeping it in ice or in the water for a few minutes to numb it up a bit
  13. ill take it. pm incoming
  14. I need the whole thing
  15. no dice on calling VS. can you send pics and a price. thanks.