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  1. Dumb question maybe, but could the handle have just been coming loose and unscrewing? I ask because it’s happened to me with my VR several times with big fish on
  2. It’s worth noting that the first run and second run of the VR series are very different reels. The new ones made some much needed improvements on the first gen. Not sure if the guys with issues above had the first run of reels or not. Worth noting that I have a VS and a VR. They are different reels with different applications. But I think the VR is a lot tougher than guys give it credit for.
  3. Agreed. Can’t even breathe at half the spots I used to enjoy to myself or shared with one or two other people.
  4. Get a 200 and you’ll be happy. Minimal added weight, higher line capacity, faster retrieve. I chewed it over for months and am very glad I went that route.
  5. Yep
  6. I have caught many gators in south jersey over the past several years. They are in trouble, but they have most certainly been around
  7. Got my first first blue of the season two days ago in Jersey
  8. You know it's possible to think pre spawn breeders shouldn't be killed but also not harass people for keeping fish, right? Makes me think those who bring up people so-called "rights" just don't want to outright say they think it's OK to kill these fish
  9. There is a profound difference between a "right" and legal behavior. Harvesting is a privilege. They can take away a privilege as they please ( see driving license, striped bass moratorium, etc etc.) If it were legal to stretch a net across the Hudson and kill everything trying to pass, would you support their "right" to do so? Obviously this is an overly dramatized example. But if you trust the powers that be to properly manage the fishery, then you aren't paying attention. Don't know how many times this bs "right to harvest" argument has to be brought up before people stop regurgitating it. Also note I am not advocating one way or another here, although I have my opinions. Just saying that you have to take a look at your actions and determine whether you are doing the right thing. If you've done so and decide to keep a bass, that is your prerogative at this point in time and I'm not going to criticize you for it. Just saying you should look at the laws as a minimum that can and should be exceeded.
  10. Happy to help, just wish I found it in one piece for ya
  11. Found it, but looks like a car got to it before I could. Sorry Jeff
  12. 8th street....where
  13. Did the nail to a board method, and used two pliers to skin. I have a perfectly fine eel skin, except for the tail. At a loss of $14 per pound of eel from my local Chinese seafood restaurant too.
  14. Just tried to skin my first eel and man, I'll leave out the details but that was not fun. Got it off, but the tail end of the skin is split down in the very end. As in, the skin on the tail is essentially just two flaps now. Anyone ever run into this? It was a very large eel
  15. Love you're earlier point about terminology such as "shorts" and "keepers". Going to remove those from my vocabulary. We definitely need some cultural change, along with regulatory change. Starts with setting a good example and trying to spread the word as best as possible. I have no issue telling someone who throws fish on the rocks that they're a horses ass. I won't confront someone keeping a legal fish as they aren't breaking the law, but I think it's unethical with the way things are going. When someone asks me if they can keep the fish that I just caught, I'll give them a little more of my spiel on these fish being way more valuable alive than in a cooler. I've actually been cursed out three times when politely saying I won't give someone a fish. That's how steep of a hill we have to climb here with some folks.