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  1. Thanks for the offer Santiago, I’ll let it sit a bit longer and get back to you
  2. Fishing for large fish and fishing for schoolies are two totally different games. They might as well be different species with regards to how differently they behave.
  3. Bump, free shipping
  4. Payment received, sold to Rick G. Thanks SOL
  5. Used to be a big SSV2 guy, recently spooled two identical reels with SS and 832- both 30#. 832 casts better, less wind knots, and ties the cleanest knots I’ve ever seen. 832 gets the nod
  6. Pending sale to Rick G. PM sent
  7. Thanks Joe. 6 inch sinking little neck, slow retrieve and it’s got a subsurface waggle to it almost like a metal lip.
  8. I don’t often take pictures of fish, but this one was deserving. Got a length measurement but couldn’t put her on the boga in good conscience.
  9. 30 lb Dacron backing, honestly unsure of the line.
  10. Immaculate condition, fished once. $150
  11. Just in from the beach, sent some large swimming away strong and headed north for you moco guys. Had one inhale a little neck, didn’t even get hooked but was lodged diagonally across its mouth. They’re hungry
  12. Edit double post
  13. ^ this is sound advice. SE Teramar is very fun to fish, especially at its price point. Would pair absolutely horribly with a ZX22 and even worse with a 25 if he's dead set on those reels. It sounds like you are going about this kind of backwards. I would personally pick a rod that fits the application you have in mind rather than compromise completely on the rod just so you can have a Z. If you have the cash for the Z and you really want it, by all means go for it. But it doesn't sound like the tool for the job you have in mind. VSX150 fits the bill for the rods you are considering, so assuming the rod is the right choice then so is the 150. Spend all the money and get the ZB and a rod it actually pairs well with, the 150 and a 3/4-4 8 footer, and call it a day. I love spending other peoples money
  14. Bump. Great new reel for a great price.