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  1. prefer fishbites ten times out of ten
  2. Have a hard time believing that.... I'm sure it can do it, but there's no way it excels through that whole range
  3. 1-6 oz?? What weight range is it actually ideal for??
  4. Lami GSB Skinner (or 121L with a foot cut from the butt, 6 of one, half dozen of the other), VS 200. In my opinion, and unbeatable combo. Only downside is, it's a tad heavy for much of the fishing I do in Jersey.
  5. Gonna also vote for fishbites, and spot/kingfish rigs work just fine. It's really easy fishing, just find a boulder field and your in business, at least in south jersey. Get them consistently every year late June through mid to early September.
  6. This is the deformation I have with my 50s and the reason I switched to 75s. None of this BS with the 75s with fish to 40 lbs. I should note that the deformation, for me, came from changing lures not catching fish
  7. Y. Tired of sharing my spots even at 3 am, so I'll tell one or two buddies about fish and that's it.
  8. The 50s are plenty strong. My problem with them is that they deform far easier than the 75s. For only a small amount of bulk added, the 75s are far more durable. Won't ever go back to the 50s
  9. I'm sure we've both been to the same place.... The look on their face when they try to understand my English when I'm telling them I want it alive Those things are honkers though, even the smallest ones they have. Great for eel skin plugs
  10. Obviously not a technique talking point, bu I lose a ton of eels fishing with anything other than a moderate rod. I can really lean into them with a GSB and rarely lose them on the cast. I adhere to the "bow to the cow" technique... as soon as I feel those sharp taps, keep line on the roller, point the tip straight at the water and kind of bend/crouch a bit. As soon as that line goes tight, cross their eyes and bring it home. I fish with the drag almost locked on my VSX200, and as soon as I whack it home a few times my hand drops and I loosen up a bit. See ya out there!
  11. Found myself swimming, rod in hand, after watersliding down some rocks the other day. Def a wake up call to pay closer attention to what's going on behind me
  12. Tackle directs website list their inventory. Currently none
  13. This is gold. Gonna tell em I paddled down from NY state if they check me in the bays behind New Jersey
  14. The 125, 150, 175, and 200 all use the same body. The 50 is the only model with its own body. Spool sizes are all different. Rotor for the 125 and 150 are the same. The 175 and 200 share a common rotor as well. That’s why you can interchange the spools between the 125 and 150, but not the 125 and 200.
  15. Unfortunately the 800 numbers aren't going to get you a quick response most of the time. When you run into an enforcement officer, get their work cell phone. I met a local guy yesterday who gave me his cell and told him to text anything I see with a location and he would be on it if he was on duty, and if not he would tell whoever was.