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  1. any way of locking this when it's closed?
  2. Just got my first fishing truck and am trying to decide the best way to travel with my gear and keep it safe. Do you guys feel relatively safe with locked ski racks holding your rods on your roof? How about with a locked rac-a-rod? I usually travel pretty light, but do like bringing two rods. I'm not expecting to be able to leave gear in plain sight locked on my roof, but obviously options are pretty limited in a pick up with a 6 foot bed when you have a couple 11 foot one piecers. Safest option is just bringing one rod and never leaving its side, but that can be tough when you're running and gunning between sod banks, beaches and jetties where one stick aint gonna cut it in every situation. Would love to hear more on how you guys deal with this
  3. They are in You da man
  4. Local B&Ts down in cape may area sell spot/kingfish rigs. Really just a top bottom rig with floats on each hook. I like to start out with one hook with about a quarter inch of bloodworm and the other with fishbites. I throw out as far as I can cast with a light setup, let it sit for about three mins, then take a couple reels and repeat. Eventually I'll get a hit and try to cast to that area next. Finding the distance from the shore where they're holding is key. Sometimes it's just past the breakers, sometimes its right in the middle of them, depends on the day. They're a lot of fun but usually not much size to them. They keep me busy during the doldrums of summer when not much else is going on out front here in CMC. Also ideal because I can just walk my local beach which is totally flat and awful for stripers and blues. They're very tasty, and the heads make great bait for brown sharks.
  5. Not a simple answer, but the minimum weight that keeps you just above bottom. I find myself throwing 1.5 oz most often
  6. This is the exact set up I use. I've kept them alive in my fridge with twice daily water rinses to get the slime off of them for about 4 to 5 days.
  7. Read all you want, nothing wrong with it. Gear questions make sense before you make a big purchase. But have fun gripping that slimy sucker on slippery rocks in the dead of night and trying to remember how that rando on the interwebs told you how he hooks it!
  8. Hard disagree. Experience is key... go buy some eels, bring some rags, and sling some eels. If you think you can become proficient by reading a forum you are dead wrong. You can get an idea of where to start for sure, but the rest is up to you. I will say, I prefer a slower rod, about 9-10 foot. A fast rod and you'll cast off the eels at a much higher rate.
  9. I can't see any viable solution to this problem. It's an unfortunate and sad fact that a percentage of our catch will die after release/during the fight. Kind of something we all need to come to terms with. My way of dealing with it is by telling myself that I am having a negative impact by reeling in these fish, so I better do something positive when given the chance to make up for it as best I can. So while it may suck not being able to legally take that already dead fish home, if the net impact of "releasing" that dead fish is more swimming breeders, I am okay with it.
  10. The airwave elite is definitely a good place to start, as others have said. For rating in Jersey for plugging, I find something in the 1-3 oz range perfect. Most of the stuff guys in Jersey throw is around 1-2 oz, rarely 3. I carry a 9 footer and an 11 footer. I find the 9 footer to be more fun and versatile. The slammer 3 4500 is a great light plugging reel so you're off to a good start
  11. Do you know the weights of the surfster and Ron muccie?
  12. More all-nighters
  13. Alright sir, I will take it. PM coming
  14. @jerrryboy Could offer $40 shipped
  15. Agreed. Most south jersey beaches are somewhat useless as there is little structure (hard or soft), totally flat beaches with only five to seven feet of water within casting distance. I focus my efforts on sod banks, whatever rock piles I can find, or drive north. But google earth is useless for water clarity as it is refreshed very infrequently. Definitely not multiple times a season