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  1. Honest contractor is an oxymoron lol. You’ve never been bothered, you’ve just have to fill this form out once a year that takes 30 secs. Or you could not do it and you really won’t get in trouble, I’ve never heard of anyone having to pay the $25 fine. Victim complex. Go fish RI and pay for a license and then complain, jersey is easy.
  2. Dude, you give them your name, last four digits of social security, address, phone number…. -Name (on your birth certificate that’s issued by fed) -A fraction of your social security number, a number literally issued to identify you by the feds -Address… take a peek at your drivers license. You seem of age to collect social security so where is that mailed? Ever wonder how they know what taxes to collect on you? -Phone Number…. You could make this up if you wanted. No verification. Besides, I bet you listed your phone number for everything above Imply I’m illogical or stupid all ya want!
  3. It's used to collect data they apparently use to determine the health of fish stocks. There's no reason to dislike it. Many states make you pay for saltwater licenses, there's really nothing to complain about here
  4. I think a good progression is to fish the Penn, if it doesn’t hold up after two years you get the VS. But I really came here to say slower retrieve is not an advantage…. It COULD be an advantage depending on what you’re looking for. Try fishing for albies all day with a VS and you’ll know what I mean. Different gear ratios for different applications
  5. It's the scale of the woods, that beach is fatter than any beach in Jersey except Wildwood (which is hard to beat, it's huge!). I guess the tradeoff for not having to deal with those things you mention is astronomical home prices. So it goes!
  6. You can have it if the "city planners" were smart enough to protect it from the get go. Once they're gone, no one is going to demolish homes to plant coastal forests unless their homes become unlivable. My fishing HQ is right on the edge of these coastal woods. There's really no where else in jersey like it
  7. Custom made by who? Looks like a versitex factory rod
  8. Around what year are we talking here? Awesome memories
  9. Nvm
  10. Judging someone for having the best tools for the job (aka “1200 set up”) while wondering why people aren’t nicer on the sand is kinda ironic. Not helping a kid out is a really bad look. Expecting info from someone is a really bad look. Many fish to get away from the nonsense, so when you expect info and get mad when they’re tight lipped…maybe you should stop expecting something that isn’t owed to you and your problem wouldn’t exist. Reminds me of the many guys who have asked to keep the fish I caught and then get mad at me when I decline. Read the room. If they wanna talk, great. If they want solitude then they owe you nothing. I don’t think anyone’s getting more salty, there are just a lot more people to run into these days
  11. The vast majority of SOL heroes just have networks to let them know where the fish are. Some guys prefer to do their own work, others prefer to act like they do
  12. Neither, the belt pouch. My bad. Anything similar from a different manufacturer could work too
  13. Bump
  14. All their one piece rods are listed as out of stock, because they can’t really be shipped to consumers. You have to buy through a local retailer like the website says. But like ged said, I don’t think they actually sold them to anyone. Could have changed