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  1. Gonna have to join the Stormr gloves are trash party. They are okay when its just a little brisk out, but they are by no means a cold weather glove. Wish I knew that. They serve me well in mid spring and early to mid fall, but come November they are almost worse than no gloves when they get wet. I use regular thin profile winter gloves and have been pretty happy with them.
  2. I'm switching my mono leaders out frequently, but not fluoro. Too expensive and it holds up better so is not needed in my opinion. I only swap when the fluoro starts to fray or look damaged at all, and sometimes that means that the clip gets switched out ten times before my leader gets changed
  3. Would love to see you quote me whining. What am I all about, John?
  4. You say many good fishermen don’t post epic catches, yet you’ve also claimed you catch more than us. A funny claim as you know nothing about me, and presumably 95% of people here. Length of time/number of posts on this website don’t mean a damn. My favorite author/fishermen, as well as fishing friends, are not in this to make weird claims like that but to each their own I guess
  5. Really all of this is irrelavent cuz that fish sure as **** wasn’t an 80
  6. I feel the same way. Days where I'm frequently changing to figure out what'll get them to chew leaves me with a damaged clip. I guess I'm not the only one, still an awesome product I couldn't imagine going back to fishing without
  7. Most everyone here seems pretty level headed, just having a discussion. Not sure why you want the conversation ended so quickly. The comment you quoted is pretty level headed and logical, not attacking anyone or really saying anything negative. Maybe you need to relax lol Haven't seen anyone personally attacking the guy at all now that I think of it. If saying "I wish he let it go" seems like an attack to you, you probably have thin skin
  8. Interesting, thanks for the info. How often are you finding yourself having to replace the smallest ones available now (50s i believe)?. Mine get bent pretty quickly. Could be I'm too rough on them but I don't know
  9. Let me clarify- I'm not reeling anything through my guides... not even my leader to braid knot (I use an alberto knot rather than a barrel). But when I want to change out reels, being able to carefully thread the clip through the guides rather than cut it off is very convenient and totally fine for my rod
  10. Anyone have trouble with the TA clips bending at the end where you put the lure? After a day or two of hard fishing, the clip end bends out, making it hard to put a lure on and increases the chances of it straightening out on a big fish. Am I the only one? Maybe I should switch to 75 lb rather than the 50 lb I use. Smaller size is just great because it fits through guides and I'm lazy
  11. Savage Gear makes a sand eel that’s decent. I definitely prefer internally weighted soft plastics but it’s been producing nonetheless
  12. Just respectfully voicing my opinion but uhh alright
  13. And I’m a potential billionaire. I appreciate the humor but it’s a false equivalency.
  14. This whole "legal fish" argument people like to use is based on the assumption that our government is setting limits to effectively manage striped bass. @Pad_Crasher, do you believe our government is properly managing the fishery? If your answer is anything other than a resounding "yes", then there is something very big to see here. And it is a conversation very much worth having, not one you should try to squash.
  15. Moco out front, 8-11 AM. 3 fat shorts on the 007. Pretty slow morning overall, and like MC said, pretty brutal N wind that made it hard to keep contact with my lure