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  1. This is future Darwin Award material
  2. Ever eaten a duck after it’s migration? Lean, tough, and very little fat. Probably a similar situation.
  3. The Z looks really bulky. Is it just pics that make it seem that way?
  4. I use a cressi weight belt. $20 ish bucks, could be stiffer but doesn’t cause me any problems
  5. Yessir casting swimmer/lipless swimmer. Swims kind of like an SP with less roll. Great nighttime plug - although I don’t take pictures at night Schoolies like it too IMG_0897.MP4
  6. @Heavy Hooksetter the amount of knowledge shared here everyday.... we could write many encyclopedias daily!
  7. Well when you do, I’ll see ya out there
  8. Yessir, that particular spot.... believe it or not I am glad the blues haven’t been strong down this way in a bit, because I’ve seen some awful things there. But there are still some secrets (relatively secret, at least) that I’ll die before I talk about. I won’t even show my best buds haha
  9. I don’t think that’s a fair thing to say. Every where is different, every season is different in its own way. That’s not to discount your experience - we should all fish in the ways that work for us and are tailored to our style. If that means smaller profile offerings, so be it. To answer your question, I’m usually going to throw something larger. But as @LowEnd said, sometimes they don’t want the big profile. Maybe you’ve missed a bite you could have capitalized on if you were throwing something else. Maybe not. But how will you know without trying it? One of my favorite plugs is what 99% of people would consider a top water plug. And I fish it only at night, and I certainly don’t work it as a top water plug. I’ve had guys laugh at my choice, which is fine. I’ve caught more large on it over the years than I’m ever going to tell anyone. The point being, sometimes thinking outside the box and fishing differently than someone else pays off big time. Again, not to discount your experience in any way
  10. It’s a sad state down here - That’s why you’ve gotta be so tight lipped. We’ve probably fished next to each other. I think I went back to a certain spot to look for a drag cap you left behind... was that you or someone else on here?
  11. Honestly your questions are valid and you didn’t spot burn. I’m just a crotchety guy when it comes to places in my neck of the wood that get mentioned publicly. I like my space and I’m tired of my spots getting overrun by the goons. That said, I don’t willingly fish corsons (sometimes unwillingly lol) so I guess it draws them away from my spots
  12. crap! Forgot that part.... Throw the plug in the water, not “the whole bag”. Research the clambrella rig
  13. An entire thread dedicated to burning an already insanely crowded spot lol.
  14. My guess is the rods guys are buying these days. I find myself reaching for rods in the 1-3 oz range recently with smaller fish around