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  1. If the Suzuki 9'6" rod is so great, than why buy the Striper Surf 9'6" model for over $400?
  2. Anymore like it?
  3. Any idea when they'll be available? Mr. White, are you out there?
  4. Yes, throws lower end of weight spectrum well, but I don't believe I've thrown less than 3/4 oz buck tails. I found 9' too short, but the 9'6" I find perfect. I fish back bays and harbors mostly and occasionally big surf. Paired with the vs150, I can throw it all day. It's fun on schoolies and will handle the bigger ones too. I highly recommend it and don't think you'll be disappointed. I have Lamiglas, ODM and Black Hole and the Century is my go to rod. I will add that I don't think the other rods I mentioned would disappoint either. Good luck.
  5. Century ss1145: 9'6" 3/4 to 3oz. I have mine paired with vs150. Love this combo. Light and strong.
  6. Aren't you full of yourself? You should keep you condescending advice to yourself.
  7. That’s exactly what I’m looking for: opinions. Thanks
  8. Thought I'd get more responses. Thanks to those who did.
  9. What's the best tail hook? Treble? Single? Single with bucktail? How do you fish it? Thanks.
  10. Closing and keeping.
  11. Appreciate the offer, but if I don't get the $325 or close to it, I'll just keep it.
  12. Price includes shipping and PP fees
  13. If they’re new, I’ll take ‘em
  14. I'm located in White Plains, NY