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  1. Yeah, that's typical for most of my sharks I hook into.
  2. Had that happen twice in the last week. Spent 3 plus hrs each trip with nothing. Was getting ready to call it and then the bite window opens and it gets crazy.
  3. I don't target them but get them ALOT while fishing for stripers at night and in the morning. They eat my bait, run a while, no real head shakes and they stay close to bottom for the most part. I usually get them to my leader and cut them off. They also run one of 2 directions which also indicates to me I have a shark on my line. Very powerful but its more of a sleigh ride than a fight.
  4. I have fished salt in a 10 foot revo, it was doable. As MikeK said, go with a buddy if possible. ALWAYS wear a PFD. Get out there and just get comfortable with swells and current. Always point bow into waves or wakes. Be aware of your surroundings and assume the boat DOES NOT see you just in case.
  5. I'd go with a GT or an FG knot.
  6. Live bait
  7. 15 to 20lb for fluke, BSB and porgy 50lb and up for bigger species more for abrasion resistance more than actual weight of fish
  8. You want at least a 7' rod, med or med/hvy, fast action. You can get cheaper rods but the more you can spend the better it will perform, I have used a Gold Cup from Cabelas which is a lower end rod and it worked pretty good, it was a MED 7' fast action. My normal setups are St Croix rods, either Mojo or Ocean Master for large fish. 3000 size reel, I am a big Daiwa BG fan. Great reels for the money, I think they are around 120 dollars. The Tsunami Salt X reels are considerably more but I really like mine.
  9. I can only assume this forum dies because guys are out, don't want to risk burning spots so they keep to themselves. I know there are a lot of sharks around this year, my buddies have both hooked into multiples and either got broke off or cut the leader at the kayak. All fishing local reefs within a mile or so of shore. Seals have not been as bad as last year for me at least. I got broken off 3 times my last night trip from sharks but caught plenty of over 40" bass in between the sharks. Also, the 2 day trips I did were during the week on back to back days, saw a few small boats at my spot, they saw me catching bass, so they followed my troll, tried to catch some but ended up with a few schoolies. Next day, same boat is back with another boat, they seemed to of known each other. Anyways, they spent about a half hour watching me to see where I was fishing, then started doing the same thing as me but ended up messing up my troll because they couldn't stay on the rip. I went to another spot after that, an hour later, both boats were at my new spot watching me again, I headed in after that. This is why I fish at night, away from prying eyes and having others take over my spot and fish it. Porgy during the day have been a really good bait for stripers this year, not sure why.
  10. I run 40 or 50 lb braid with 60lb mono for big stripers, my leader is usually 4 to 6 feet. No swivel and I use GT knots or uni to uni. I don't bother with Flouro for big fish in salt. The water around here is not all that clear most of the time and I usually target large stripers at night anyways.
  11. Id launch from Bayberry to hit Fishers. Decent launch, just watch the route you take getting out to Pine Island on your way to Fishers, it can get pretty shallow.
  12. I went with the Old Town Autopilot 136. I wanted the spotlock and jog function. Its a beast to haul and launch/load. BUT once I'm on the water, there is no better platform for me. I have a 100ah battery, I have never run it down past 65% in current, wind, tide. I am extremely pleased with the kayak.
  13. BS List IMO.
  14. Same here
  15. Target shallow structure in the summer, I have shot big tog in less than 6 feet of water just cruising mussel beds and around rocks. I know of people catching bit tog off jetties by just dropping bait right in front of them. Others will specifically target big gaps in jetties and drop bait down and usually will hook into one or more from same spot.