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  1. spearing and peanut bunker now Early season it was tons of squid
  2. threshers, a good amount of them, Ive seen some new tails pinned to random docks for boats this year. also one of the few sharks that can be sold and actually tastes decent
  3. I do not know of any low profile without level wind (like the bass bait casters that are more popular in salt now), I know Maxel and Avet offer some without level wind, just not sure if the size is what you are looking for. I have an older Penn Warfare 1500 that I removed the level wind off of.
  4. Yeah, might white of him to have that as the thread title....
  5. Ive been getting them east of the miuth near saybrook Ive been told they are brown sharks?? Not so much a fight, more like towing me wherever they wanna go and me just trying to pedal after them to get line back. Just a steady run, then a pause. Then more runs.
  6. my buddy has done real well for fluke this year, nothing huge but pretty nice from 20 to 24 inchers consistently. weird striper season so far. I am getting them, I have gotten some really nice ones approaching 50 inches. Just not the qty I was getting last season at this time. Also noticed alot more smaller schoolies in the mix as well. Sharks have been a big issue for me this year, I had one chasing me my last two night trips. Only about 4 to 5 feet long, but they spook the bass. I had one hooked last week and it pulled me out about a quarter mile, did an about face and ran right under my yak. snapped my rod like a twig, no way I could of stopped it, it was running at me so fast I could take in line fast enough. all my sharks were caught casting in about 4 to 5 feet of water. all the chasers were from me trolling.
  7. Harkness has some big rocks on the left end of beach, it holds fish, I dive there a few times a year. I shoot tog but have seen fluke, bass, porgy, triggerfish, and blues. there is a bot of a walk to get to the beach. Ocean beach is right next to it and that has more amenities (food, bathrooms, water park (kinda)), and you can still access same rocks at harkness
  8. lol that is ridiculous
  9. I always bring some type of fishing gear when I yak. Its more of a "why not?" thing for me. But IMO there is nothing more peaceful than a pitch black night, no wind, glass calm, and just me....staring at the stars, collecting my thoughts, and just enjoying some peace and quiet. I purposely will go alone just to have time to myself. Its very meditative and relaxing for me.
  10. torch would be the way to go. I smoke so I can light a bic in a gosh darn tornado if I need a smoke that bad
  11. I have never felt the need to use an FG knot. I use knots that are strong, reliable but most importantly, easy to tie while on the water. Ive watched videos and read how its the greatest knot since sliced bread. Still have not needed to use it. Sure if I was going for monster GT's, Cudas, sharks or big snappers in some exotic location then maybe.... But i catch some pretty large fish and cannot remember a lost fish due to my knot failing pairing my braid to leader. I use uni to uni or a modified surgeons knot which I can tie in about 10 seconds in the dark. On the rare occasion I need a longer shock leader that is going to run through my guides, I use an albright, again, simple knot that holds pretty well.
  12. just give it time, for more species than just fluke. I know tog are a pretty hot button topic around me already.
  13. practicing self rescue goes without saying, regardless of yak or conditions. Know how to do it. Ive dumped my yaks 3 times over the years. None of them had the yak upside down, I kind of jumped off when i knew the balance point was gone. that way I saved my gear and jumped off close enough to literally grab the yak and hold onto it until I got myself back into it. I also almost flipped when I tried to land my first bass over 50", getting it into yak almost put me in the drink I keep a length of paracord tied to my handle of my outback. if it were to ever be upside down, I simply grab the cord, throw it over the yak (while its upside down), then brace my legs against the side and pull the cord, it will flip the yak back upright, its a pain in the rear end, but it works. This is also dependant on gear too. the more gear under water the tougher it is to flip doing this.
  14. both, ill try trolling to my spot to cast, then go from there. Some nights I get them trolling, other nights is all from casting.
  15. I believe there will be a moratorium, I feel we are already past the point of no return for the species being overfished. I don't like it, but I also want my grand kids to be able to fish for stripers.