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  1. My kind of guy. The damned Hillbilly played me!
  2. A weapon of war is a belt fed .50 cal. A .22 semi auto only pisses off the target.
  3. A semi auto is NOT an automatic weapon.
  4. I know they do a lot of training of foreign air forces on that base and heard the pilot ejected and walked away. Did the news mention if it was a US or foreign pilot. Regardless, I happy to heard only the plane was damaged-as they used to say "Any landing you can walk away from..."
  5. I love Orvis reels, pricey as all get go and you're hitting the nail right on the head as far as parts or spare spools. The Battenkills are a standard reel and Orvis has made tons them for years, FleaBay seems to always have spools and good used ones are not too pricey. I have always gotten sucked into the higher end Orvis and have now learned to buy two spare spool because in two months, they'll change a screw and nothing will fit.
  6. I have a 2005 LR3 as a spare vehicle with 165,000 miles, tires, power, everything's good. I was away working overseas and the vehicle sat in the garage with occasional use by my kids when they were visiting my wife (I was gone for 19 month-and she stayed home) and it's been replace with a new one. I just replaced the air suspension compressor and the tires are about 80%. Now I bought this for my 50 mile commute into NYC and it's been a great vehicle, like a tank in snow, My question is that I really don't need it, it can't be worth much and now that the F250's gone, I'm wondering how this would be on the beaches here in NJ for fishing. I have some concern about the weight, the low range and damned near everything else is electric. Can any of the beach buggy experts give me some advice?
  7. Orvis Bank Shot. I think it's on sale on their web site. But what weight?
  8. I'm not sure about using the Pfluerger in salt but having grown up using them on 4 wt's for trout in fresh, I don't think you can say anything bad about them. Cheap, dependable and quality.
  9. It's called fishing-not catching.
  10. I've been fly fishing for nearly 50 years. I can't even come close to your day... Wow, that had to truly suck, let's hope Karma reverses on your next trip.
  11. I signed up for the Tee shirt too-now that that NJ is official in, as a fly fisherman, I'm going to have to figure out what kind of fly sea robins will hit. LOL GO JERSEY!!! Let's get out there and show New England who's the best!
  12. I know you want to drive but years ago when I lived in Brant Rock, I'd drag my 13' whaler over to Green Harbor and shoot out the inlet, turn south and have the whole thing to myself to Plymouth. But it has been 30 years...