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  1. If the previous owner had an inflatable or older hobie, they probably cut the tabs off. They just make it a bit easier when installing the drive but have no effect on performance. There were some that started breaking off for a a while but Hobie changed the geometry and reinforced it pretty soon after it started happening.
  2. Riddler is right on point here. That being said, I have managed to ride out some nasty conditions like 4ft chop in the sea of Cortez on an outback using the drive and just managing speed and leaning. Luckily I was only half a mile from an island to duck behind until the wind laid down. Wind squalls in Baja come out of nowhere so no planning for most of them. Learn a good paddle brace too. Knowing how to brace into a wave is a clutch tool in a bad situation.
  3. It's awesome fishing in wind and current too. You can turn the drive slightly and give a kick now and then to hold your position without needing to move the rudder much at all.
  4. Just want to get more info...New outback? Worked fine on the way out but not back in? The material in this rudder is super durable but can get bent a little in high heat and under pressure. The heat gun and a little flexing will probably get you back to normal faster than going to the dealer.
  5. Why do you even care? Why would you want to go to a big box when you can support local business and get better service anyway? "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Where does it give you the right to make Dick's sell guns? Even in my "liberal" California town there are two independent gun shops and nobody around here is caterwauling about how Dick's doesn't sell AR15s anymore. By the way, if the founding fathers saw the damage I could do with just my pistol instead of their muskets, they'd probably be a bit more specific when they wrote it.
  6. Unless they took the foam out that comes in every hobie, the outback did not sink to the bottom of the ocean. If you are considering putting in a pump, keep in mind you'll need a one way valve or flapper on it as most pumps will let water come in if not powered on. You'd also want one with a float switch and the outflow needs to be well above water line. I went out in big water with a guy in a native manta ray and he took on water and flipped. It was too much water to hand pump so I dismantled my livewell and pumped him out. After that I carried a pre rigged pump I could drop in a hatch but never used it. Now I just keep a hand pump in my hull and it's tied to a line on the inside of my hatch so I can always retrieve it.
  7. Just a note, the epoxy jig was predated by the maria jig and yozuri used to make an epoxy jig as well. Not sure if they still do.
  8. Don't forget the passport 12 is now available! Sorry to complicate things but it is a good boat at a good price. The kickup issue was taken care of very quickly before the majority of dealers received stock. Basically what happened was a plate inside the kickup feature had been welded all the way around its post in all the sampling but the vendor in production only did 4 tack welds in production. This would have held up for most people but one of the production units failed the Hobie torture machine which has about 2.5x the power of the average person and the difference was discovered. The kickup feature is pretty great especially fishing stumpy areas and being able to pedal all the in in the surf(assuming you can beat the wave in haha).
  9. It's fine to store it like that temporarily but I would recommend flipping it upside down for long term. Good luck with it.
  10. I can confirm Slappy is correct as I used to read the annual stock assessment every year until last year and this year. There are some issues with commercial discards from other fisheries not being properly tracked but from the data we have, the rec fishery accounts for a large amount of mortality. Here's the lastest posted on ASMFC
  11. I made tube and worm rigs for a while with circles and it worked fine. I made them cause of a few gill hooked fish. I really only fish fly and artificial now anyway. As for the snag and drop, I always rigged them on a 7/0 inline circle and never gut hooked a fish. Gellflex were you using inline hooks?
  12. There were some issues with the early seat clips and padeyes. They have all been resolved.
  13. I do significant hook sets standing all the time haha. I should also note, sight fishing stripers when I was back in Ma was important, but I'll also stand at La Jolla if it's not to steep a swell or too choppy and look for Yellowtail and bait. Sometimes the yellows are breezing right below the surface and you can see the direction they're going from the standing position from the bit of surface disturbance coming off their backs. I'll be doing it in about two months assuming the temps are right!