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  1. The Alberto knot is objectively a bad knot. No disrespect to Alberto Knie but he literally took the Albright knot, made it weaker and put his name on it. Lots of data out there on leader to braid knot strength, the Alberto is consistently weaker than the Albright and even the uni to uni. do yourself a favor and learn how to tie an FG.
  2. for me line up fishing takes a lot of the fun out of fishing, blitz fishing is also overrated and probably the least impressive and fulfilling way of catching a fish.
  3. Nasci is great but the spheros is a step above
  4. there are plenty of gloves out there specifically made for casting. Shimano ocea gloves, MC works, carpenter, etc. most of them aren't waterproof but in my experience they don't need to be
  5. I recently got a used radmini for around $700 (half of retail) and it drives much better on sand than I was led to believe. I spray it down with a hose, then wd40 after every use and its been holding up.
  6. I was very close to buying the 2nd generation genesis immediately after mine broke, but id rather take this as an opportunity to see what else is out there, I see a lot of surfcasters use total crap gear because they've never tried better.
  7. I'm fishing a lot of rock and jetties, I'm not necessarily swimming out to boulders but I am climbing over rocks.
  8. How often does century restock? most of their rods rated up to 5-6oz are out of stock
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