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  1. the afrolex on the upper side of the flies on the top of the picture is to create wake on the surface? or make the fly float after the dive when you strip it?
  2. i i have an 8wt intermediate WF line!
  3. Hello Graeme.unfortunatly as i said before none is fly fishing here and i dont have other solution but to learn with my 8wt rod...
  4. Hello jim! i have a 8/9 airflo rod with an 8wt airflo coldsaltwater intermediate line with a 38 foot head section!the head is not coloured but i ll try to mark it with a pen to know where i am!as for leaders i use 6-8 foot of 16lb leader and 12 lb tppet with 3 1/2 inches flies.i have patience but you know at first when all goes wroing for you you ll get a bit dissapointed especially if you recieve bad critisism frpom people around you about the new technique you are trying beacause fly fishing is completely unknown in greece!
  5. why you think we dont have english videos in youtube in greece? we are not so ancient as most people thinks haha! i have watched some videos from sexyloops but for work reasons i havents watched them all but i think i ll have the chance to see them i saturday and sunday!
  6. ok guys thanks a lot the i just ordered the book
  7. no i dont have a striping basket yet and that a real problem because my intermediate line sinks in fron of my feet and all the weed make the line heavier and harder to cast but i intend to buy one as soon as possible
  8. Hello mike and ty for all the help and advice you gave me so far!it is really hard to strt from 0 alone and try to improve completely alone but i am very stuborn person and i will try it!i am still trying to learn the basic cast and how to shoot line double haul is too far away!
  9. i just found the videos on vimeo i ll watch them all buy buy sleep as i said to esa before thanks for the information these videos will be watched soon i have and 8/9 bluetooth nano rod with an 8wt airflo striper untermediate line i think the gear matches well!to be honest i tried just for 3 fishing trip s total 9 hours but i felt my mechanics was wrong! no i dont have a striping basket but i intend to buy one soon...i got dissapointed to be honest but the bad critics i recieved from this -unkown- techinque in greece made me to have the need to prove them wrong. i warned them - blame me now but the time i will laugh at you will come sooner than you think- Also i found a book Starting in the Salt: Saltwater Fly Casting by sheila hasan ...worth reading it?
  10. hello from greece! finally after 2 months from the day i bought my first fly gear i finally had the chance to go to the sea and test it! i had saw several videos from youtube but when it came to actual circumstances i failed casts could not go further than 8 meters at best and i think my technique was totally wrong.and to make it evern worse 4 bluefish all over 3 kilos passed 10 meters from me and i couldnt reach one is fly fishing here in greece so i dont have someone to show me the basics to start! can you recomend me a dvd or book absolutely for fly casting? thanks in advance!
  11. this fish is called -peskandritsa or braska - in greece! it maybe be ugly but it is the best fish for soup!
  12. is 4ips enough to get down at deep water as the one i described?i have taken topwater hits with lures at the edge of the drop off but most fish hit on soft lures bounced along the bottom
  13. can a noisy topwater bring up a fish tha hanging on the bottom from 8-9 meters deep?
  14. I have fished this place with spinnig gear! to be honest i have caugth bass with topwater and minnow lures across this drop off! but the most consitent way to catch them it was going down with a slug-go type soft lure and jighead 20gr+.thats where the most and biggest bass was! and they were were pretty close to me...only 5 meters far from the edge of the drop off where i wass tanding! maybe that was the point where the drop off ended and the bottom started!shall i go for full sinking line or sink tip?
  15. my rod is 8/9 weight so i can even buy the 300 grain who has an 7.2 sink rate right? rio give the 300 grain for 8/9 weigt