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  1. Also marketers promote short head fly lines as lines for -maximum distance- and here is the debate if this is true or not
  2. I find this article about shooting head i think it is very usefull for anyone...*
  3. I know this is a unending subject and most of the people have choosen sides but its always intresting to hear other opinions. Personally i opt for the shooting taper and its NOT the distance factor(me neither have yet decide which of the 2 casts further) but for the reasons i will analyze. 1)Less false casting means the fly is more time on the water so more fishing time 2) better turnover of the heavier flies 3) you need less room for the backcast and in many situations that makes the difference between a spot available for fly rod or not. From the other side true to weight lines have better presentation but i dont think it matters most of the time out on the surf. i am intrested to see cases from both sides...
  4. the vice?
  5. The only rod that i have a tendency to buy in this category bar clearwater was the TFO BVK(again from reputation stand point) but orvis wins due to the brand name here and the cosmetics of the rod( i didnt like the guides on the bvk). Sure long belly lines needs more skill to cast. I was needing 3 false casts to get the 40foot head out of the tip and my friend who was fishing with a shooting taper was needing 2(i retrieve the fly very near to the rod tip thats why so much false casts especially at nigth i give the fish the chance to grab fly even at the last meter). But the main reason was the backcast room. I fish most of the time from small ports and that 10feet more head is the difference between a good cast or snaging the fly at the boat on my back...
  6. Hello JRT! I have read somewhere that the new clearwater has different tapers in each weight. It is getting faster as the wt of the rod goes up so its sound logical to be faster than the older model who i think was medium-fast in all weights
  7. Hello mike! Yes you have right most buys are from reputation stand point cause i dont have the privilage to cast it and see if it works for me...I think to opt to shooting taper lines due to limited room for backcast and less false cast( so more time the fly on the water).I currently fish with the airflo ridge striper but i need to spend less time casting and more fishing.Otherwise its an excellent line.
  8. I intend to buy the new clearwater 8wt to replace my old airflo bluetooth nanorod and i will match it with shooting taper lines SA titan and intouch striper. Anyone tried this rod? How is its action?
  9. PSUFly you have the SA Titan s3/5/7? How is this line from castability stand point and straight connection to the fly?The 7 inches per second is true sink rate because from some review i saw that it sinks much slower than it says...
  10. you speak about the SA mastery titan floating? I am intrested in this line for throwing gurglers poppers and maybe some streamers in very shallow water and i am looking for informations.
  11. Anyone tried the new orvis saltwater floating and intermediate lines like orvis pro smooth and textured, orvis hydros floating and intermediate? There taper seems pretty good for striped bass stramers and they are true to weight rated (maybe half a wt higher but its ok)! Anyone have tried them?
  12. I am intrested mainly for inshore fly fishing but i think 35$ dollars for a used book even in excellent condition is too much...
  13. Hello! I am intrested for taborys book but i am not living in america but in greece dont know how much is the postage for here!
  14. i am intrested on buying those books if anyone have them in good condition