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  1. I am intrested mainly for inshore fly fishing but i think 35$ dollars for a used book even in excellent condition is too much...
  2. Hello! I am intrested for taborys book but i am not living in america but in greece dont know how much is the postage for here!
  3. i am intrested on buying those books if anyone have them in good condition
  4. Mike rio inctouch striper lines have a 30ft head of 280gr in 8wt. SA intermediate has 33,5 head and the first 30 are 280grains. cortland has 27 head that weights 275grains all in 8wt.outbound short and coastal quickshooter xp has a 30 ft head that weights 330grains. All lines are 2 to 3 wt overated so a rod o the same weight must be able to cast 2 to 3 line grains over.
  5. I am new to fly fishing so i dont know from where this started. But i see almost all the fly lines are 2 weights up the aftma standards and intergradedshooting heads are 3 numbers up! I think aftm should change not for the first 30feet of line but for all the head. For example the airflo striper in 8wt its 290gr in total but only 220 on the first 30 feet so it is ok with aftma standards. But when you will aerialize the 40ft head you will have at least 290 grains out of the rod tip so even this line is underraated when it says in the box it is an 8wt. It is more a 10wt whn you aerialize all the head. So the rod manufacturers gave a grain window per rod to know how to match it and not by the line weight you see on the box.
  6. Hello mike! The site of the company gives the 8wt 270-320 grains for the full head and the 10wt 370-420 grains. All the modern lines are overweighted rio SA even the airflo the 8wt versions are all over 280 grains in total head lenth.
  7. I just checked them. You must speak about tradewind series. It seems a solid rod and at very affordable price!
  8. Hello everyone. I am searching for a rod in the mid price range for fishing sea bass in europe mostly from estuaries, beaches, and small ports. Flies i will use will be between 3-6 inches long and i want a rod for distance mainly. Ι refer only for single hand rods at 9ft (no 9.6 or 10feet). My eye caught the new sage payload that is made for oversized fly linew and shooting heads in 8wt. Sage says it is 270-320 gr and it is made to cast big flies and heavy lines so i suppose that is a distance casting rod.Some revies i saw says the same that excels in distance with 40foot wf lines (like airflo sniper) or inrgaded heads( like outbount short or coastal quickshooyer xp ). Any opinions on the rod?
  9. the rio coastal quickshooter is a fly line or a shooting head beacuase i see its 330 grains einai 8wt si i assume its a shooting head
  10. i thought that shooting heads had the tendency to cut well through the wind. better than a WF line. i didnt spoke about short head lines against long head lines in the wind but shooting head against WF fly lines into the wind! thanks for the reply!
  11. basically i want to achieve maximum distance and better penetration through the wind...
  12. i have a question! Lines such as rio outbound short and airflo sniper 40plus casts like a wf line or as a shooting head?
  13. Our starts from the start of november until end of march and we have a 15 day window inside may so the season is ahed of us! thanks for helping and hope to have new to inform you!
  14. ok mike thanks a lot i will start by buying the coldwater floating and then one off the sixth sense cortland 333 full sink and airflo40+sniper and we will see