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  1. Our starts from the start of november until end of march and we have a 15 day window inside may so the season is ahed of us! thanks for helping and hope to have new to inform you!
  2. ok mike thanks a lot i will start by buying the coldwater floating and then one off the sixth sense cortland 333 full sink and airflo40+sniper and we will see
  3. yes coldwater series is only in floating intermediate and di7 densitys nowdays. i have the intermediate and i am extremely pleased.40+sniper line nowdays have a 30' head but the 8wt for example is 315 grains.. isnt it to heavy for an 8wt line? or we go 2 wt heavier when we use shooting heads?the running line is floating right?as for the sixth sense i have heard some good reviews fro some dutch gyus who they use it for theirs bass fishing
  4. no no i dont want 7 meters! i just wanted to say that i want to fish at 3 meters max but i dont wanna fish somewhere in between 1,5meters and 3 meters that i cant fish with the intermediate and floating line but exactly at the bottom at 3 meters. and with a di7 i can reach the bottom faster thatn with a di3 thats why i wonder if a fast sinking line suits better to me than a simple di3.
  5. i had seen the sixth sense and its my first choise alongside with the cortland 333 full sink typ 3 line. sixth sense has a very long head (46' head if i am right) and front tapper is a bit long and i dont know if it will cast good against a bit of chop. but i have heard of a lot of dutch gyus that they use it at salt and they have no problem at all! about the 40+sniper is it a full sinking line or an intergrated shooting head with floating running line?
  6. to be honest because i am not even intermediate as a caster i would prefer top go to a normal fly line for start than trying to cast a shooting even if it is better for salt because you can cover more water!
  7. to be honest i want the full sinking line not to fish in deeper water than i can with an intermediate but to fish exactly at the bottom. even at 7 meters deep our bass are either near the surface ( about 1 meter off the top) or on the bottom and not somewhere in the middle( for example they are not lurcking in 4 meters that is the midle depth of 7 m ). so i want a line that goes me directly onto the bottom no matter the depth. and i cant decide if a fast sinkinlg line(di7) is better than a sink 3 for the job i want it.
  8. to be honest i didnt searched for seperate s3 head and running line! yes ridge striper has a full sinking line but it is di7
  10. The only full sinking line type 3 i found from the 4 major companies(rio,airflo,scientific anglers,cortland) is Cortlands 333 full sinking type 3.its a full sinking line head AND running line.have anyone tried it?a lot of sink tips or integraded lines at sink 3 rate from the other companies but not full sink lines...
  11. I fish in greece! the main depth i find bass here is from 50cm - 1.50 meter.i can cover thiss depth with floating and intermediate but there are some places with a bit more depth from 2-4 meters thats why i am trying to find a full sinking line!i dont have anything fancy just an airflo full intermediate 8wt.
  12. the bottom is mainly sand with a bit of weed in the winter and with a lot of weed in the summer.we speak for places like the outside of docks and the mouth of estuaries where you cant find big boulders...nice EP fly i think it will work in muddy water or at night with no moon at all... as for sink tip i think you have right its better when you fish dep with a lot of snags because the running line is not dragging on the bottom...
  13. As you said 6 inch flies are the biggest we need for our bass no need to go longer. tbh i havent tried this length on my 8wt the longest streamears i have are 4 1/2 inches decievers and i can cast them fine on calm to slight moderate conditions. still searching but i cant find a saltwater specific di3 full sinking line
  14. Ι want a line to cover as much water as i can (so i assume a longer belly) and to fish in a constant depth near bottom( so probably a full sinking line). in the airflow categaory in sink3 i have seen the sixth sense but i dont know if it is for saltwater too...