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  1. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! Looking for a trap that has: 1. A bait container in the middle so the fish can't eat the bait from the outside 2. The door at one of the edges so easier to dump out the bait 3. Fairly large so I don't have to get multiple traps 4. What else? I've seen a few recommendations for traps at Ed's Tackle shop in Crystal river but it doesn't look like they have an online store. I live close to Destin, FL I'll be putting it at my uncle's marina if that matters. Thanks!
  2. I would love to see something similar for boat fishing. Rods and books for example. Well done.
  3. If you could retire anywhere in Florida where would it be? My initial thought is Key Largo. Close enough to a big city if any medical issues come up. Close enough to mainland Florida to take cover from Hurricanes. Every species of fish that I'm interested in catching (i.e. tarpon, snook, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, grouper, bonefish, redfish). Beautiful water, quick access to gulf AND Atlantic. What's your choice?
  4. No idea. This stuff claims to bond spectra to mono/flouro. Zap Pink Label Super thin CA is a multi-purpose adhesive that bonds spectra to mono or fluoro instantly. ZAP Pink Label is favored by offshore anglers for sealing knots and other connections. Free-flowing and quick drying. A serve is always recommended. BHP micro-tips for fine drop application are included. 4 oz. bottle.
  5. Why didn't you just buy bigger spools of braid and fill it all with braid?
  6. Have you done any testing with putting glue on knots? Would that affect the knot strength?
  7. That's a great idea. Although, the current setup might be helping to keep this site up and running.
  8. Thank you for all the tips. For your book recommendations... I'm trying to find the exact books you're talking about. Do you know the authors so I can look them up on Amazon?
  9. What can I use to test the ABS of my own knots? It doesnt have to be super accurate. Just a simple hanging scale that locks the display at the breaking point should work but my local BPS doesnt have anything like that.
  10. Holy crap over $300 for pliers. I don't think I could justify that. I prefer quality products but damn.
  11. That boomerang snipping tool has good reviews and pretty cheap $12. I haven't seen any reviews on how long they last though but I'll give them a try. I read nail clippers don't last long.
  12. Just saw this on the newbie sticky post at the top Pliers: Sargent Sportsmate (best/ strongest gripping plier, can cut hooks and braid RUST RESISTANT) P-line Aluminum VS Titanium Pliers Mustad Manley Shimano Blue Water Dr. Slick Barracuda Lews Aluminum Pliers
  13. Pardon my lack of knowledge... A Fluke is a flatfish such as a flounder? And fluking is just fishing for flukes or a fishing technique?
  14. I bought these mainly for the lanyard and the line cutter but if I try to cut braid and the line is all the way against the handle it won't cut. Any recommendations for a pair of pliers that has the lanyard and a good line cutter?