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  1. Don't think I know Stephen Gaynor. Justin and another guy known as "Red Beard" are the two I see regularly.
  2. Justin Duggan is the premier guide for Sydney Harbour. Kingfish around 1 metre mark are regular for him. Check him out on Facebook. Sydney Flyfishing
  3. Is he planning to fish while he's here?
  4. Sydney harbour is in full swing with Kingfish at the moment. They are feeding on shrimp larvae. Hundreds of mooching around on the surface eating shrimp so small you cant' even see them when the fish are feeding alongside the boat. This squid in either orange or tan is one of the few flies that will temp them. Sight fishing at its best . Seeing a Kingfish chase down the fly and take it within a rod length or so from the boat. ! Most runs will introduce you to your backing. Doesn't get any better. 3 years ago broke my 10 weight Sage stopping a run to a reef in shallow water. Went to my other rod, an 8 weight Sage and lost 2/3rd of my fly line around a mooring on first fish. got to drive the boat for my fishing buddy after that.
  5. The Flexi-Squid and Yellow-Tail Kingfish are made for each other
  6. This one is on a 35mm shank. The larger one tied on a 55mm shank.
  7. Based on Rupert Harvey's Needle fish pattern. Easy to tie, cast and lots of action in the water
  8. Flexi-Squid. Yellow-tail Kingfish just love this fly