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  1. Congo Hair from Tyers Dungeon
  2. I know him. Often see him on the water. Definitely knows his stuff. Nice Kingfish!! What fly was used? I use essentially 4 patterns in Sydney harbour for the greater part of my fishing. Mini Candy clear size 10 0r 8. Flexi squid in either orange or tan. A variation of Rupert Harvey's garfish. My version is much slimmer and around the 4 to 5 inch mark. Orange and fluoro green work best and for popping either Bob's Banger or Crease-flies. My buddy Dave Hackett ties commercially and his Crease Flies are works of art that produce lots of fish. All our fishing is on surface feeding fish, so add clousers if you feel like dredging the depths Another great guide is a guy we call Red Beard for obvious reasons. Can't recall his name. Here is a vid from youtube of his. A lot of this water will be very familiar to you
  3. Hey Pokie, for a harbour on a major city the fishing can be great. The best guide to use is Justin Duggan. He really knows this system backwards and regularly puts his clients onto some big Kingfish. Check out his facebook page
  4. A fabulous session on Sydney Harbour catching Kahawai or Australian Salmon on mini Candies.
  5. I use Gorilla glue clear. A small dab on the material and a smaller dab on the back of the eye. Just hold in place and squeeze both eyes together. Stuff takes 24hrs to fully cure, but it ain't never coming loose. The way you describe works but I found the flies still manage to tear off every now and then. Very nice squid, by the way. They will definitely catch fish rob
  6. If a kingfish really wants your fly he'll swallow it whole. I set up when I feel the weight of the fish, not when I see the strike. A lot of my fishing is targeting fish that are feeding on baitfish at the surface
  7. Anchovy. We have a small run around Sydney March - April.
  8. Tiemco 800 B size 6
  9. FlukeM, Have a look at the photo sequence for the dubbing loop. You get quite a few flies from one package. For a fly with a 3 inch shank I would use around 12 inches. The body uses up 2 or 3 sections that aren't as long. The flies are very durable unless you encounter Bluefish, then all bets are off.
  10. Thanks, I can tell you I've gone through quite a few shanks of EP fibre getting things to where I'm happy with the end result. This fly is easy to cast. Some of my earlier ones looked nice but were a bitch to cast. The action in the water is so lifelike.