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  1. New kayak from the founder of Jackson kayak. All carbon paddle kayak. $8k ********* price, looks like $10k MSRP. Don’t think I’m gonna be shelling that out anytime soon.
  2. Ironically, this thought process has actually led me to try and keep and eat more fish. I had always though C&R fishing was sporting and I rarely kept fish. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s just harassing fish for entertainment and not for food. I’ve removed trebles and use circle hooks just to limit the damage to a fish that I may not be able to legally keep.
  3. There’s a OK scupper pro listed locally that I’ve been thinking of picking up. I had the rtm tempo back in the day which was a clone. Wet butt, but fast and great to paddle. Had a tarpon 140 too, new tarpons look awful in comparison.
  4. That works. PM incoming.
  5. We’re out of cherry hill. Would you take $500? Or for full price, meet halfway somewhere?
  6. Some more pictures would be great. Do you have a paddle included?
  7. Do you have any pictures you could post? Assuming older model without the upgraded seat?
  8. What’s your asking price? Location?
  9. 12’-14’
  10. Helping my brother look for a kayak. Budget is $800. Looking for paddle kayak in good used condition. Let me know if you got anything. Located in South Jersey but willing to travel for the right deal.
  11. Thanks for the offer. Not quite what I’m looking for. I think I’m just going to go for a new rod and lock this up. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the offer. Rating looks a bit too heavy for my use.
  13. Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to pass on this.
  14. Do you have any photos? What price did you have in mind?
  15. Thanks for the offer. But I’m looking for 7 ft rods, 7’6” get a little unwieldy on the kayak. Also don’t need a heavy action for the fishing I do.