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  1. I’ve been to the Caribbean side around Puerto Viejo. I’d recommend Hotel Banana Azul in Playa Negra. They have villas as well for a less rustic experience. The whole area from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo is pretty nice, gets more rustic further south you it seemed. I know there is a tarpon lodge in Manzanillo. A lot of jungle along with the beaches. I’d recommend taking the puddle jumper from San Jose rather than than making the drive.
  2. Great thread, has sparked my interest in aluminum boats as an option. What are some good makes and models for back bay fishing? Figured I’d start to keep an eye for good deals.
  3. I’ll say that one time I ordered shimano slx dc that ended up being out of stock and Josh upgraded it to a curado dc to make up for it. Thought it was a pretty nice gesture.
  4. Thanks for the offer, I’ll think it over. Just not sure I’d be able to make it up that way for a while.
  5. This still available? Be interested in seeing a few more pictures. I’m in Media and could meet up somewhere local
  6. Bump. Let know if you have anything for cheap. Looking for 11’ and under.
  7. Thanks for the pictures. I am going to pass for now.
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