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  1. What price did you have in mind?
  2. It's a lefty? If so I would offer $150 depending on photos
  3. Weekend bump
  4. Looking to buy a well taken care of avet sxj lefty. Can be either original or G2. Let me know if you have one available. I am in South Jersey.
  5. Assuming the price is $95.00 and not $9500, I will take the Clash 2500.
  6. Teramar Casting is gone. Only Daiwa rod remains.
  7. Looks in good condition. I can do that trade.
  8. Will consider trades for left handed baitcasters or small conventional.
  9. Thanks. But I'm going to stay at $100.
  10. Choko. But I'd rent a kayak. Not much shore access
  11. Wasn't planning on it. Open to offers though
  12. I can do $60 and deliver to Chester.