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  1. Most any x rap type lure. Or small buck tails if they are on beds.
  2. If you have a 5000 saragosa already, you may just want to buy a 6000 spool for additional line capacity.
  3. Tackle Advisors shows a new Lexa HD that is being released this week at Icast.
  4. Will let you know. Thanks
  5. Would prefer the current gen stradic fk. Or similar condition penn clash, ssvi, or slammer, or daiwa saltist or ballistic. Could add $ for right deal. Also would consider small sized conventional reels. Squall/fathom 12, avet sx/sxj, or something of similar size. Thanks
  6. I'm going to pass on this. Thanks for the offer.
  7. I'll pass for now. Thanks for the offer.
  8. Looking to trade my barely used Curado K 201 for a 4000-5000 size spinning reel or small conventional (penn squall/fathom 12 or Avet sxj/sx or similar size). It is the 7:1 speed and left hand retrieve. Will post pics in the morning. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in a trade for something of similar value (retail). Let me know what you got. Located outside Philly. Have a MH Shimano Exage casting rod I can include as well.
  9. Went down there today as well and ended up getting a compass. Was set on the revo 13 before demoing, but it was just too cramped for me, even with the pedals at the furthest setting. Was able to get the square hatch upgrade almost for free with the demo credit. Great place down there!
  10. Where in jersey?
  11. Slightly off topic, but how do you like the kraken? I have a tarpon 140 but was thinking of getting the kraken.
  12. Check out a ballistic lt 5000 or 6000
  13. I typically would fish the middle keys. Tom's Harbor Bridges, 7 mile, vaca cut (current rips here though), and the smaller bridges by Indian and tea table keys. Channel 2, 5, and long key bridges you can certainly hook some off the bridges bu they dont have as good shoreline access. I would fish them weedless in slower current or with jig head. Guys fish flair hawks as well in dark colors at night for tarpon.
  14. You just have to hope they run away from the bridge. There is also power lines that run parallel to most of the bridges. So that can be another factor depending on what side you fish. But even just getting a few jumps is fun. Under 50 lbs you got a shot. Much bigger than that and it is pretty tough. I liked hogys at night if shore casting.