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  1. Thanks yosco. Nice meeting you. Locking up thread.
  2. Hey shot you a pm. Let me know if your available tomorrow to meet up.
  3. Sounds good. I’ll send a pm to set up a meeting to check it out.
  4. Let me know if you have any other details in the rating or action. Might be able to check it out this weekend.
  5. Any idea on the action or rating?
  6. How much are you asking?
  7. Hello, Ive purchased two penn squall II’s off of Amazon and both have a rough, geary feeling when turning the handle. I returned one due to this but the replacement has a worse feel, almost grinding. Is there a break in period with these reels or something I should be checking for when I take off the side plate? Or did I just receive a couple of Amazon lemons?
  8. I actually found a good deal on a Spinfisher and gang gang preferred to sell his setup as a combo. So I’m still looking for a rod. Do you have any experience with that rod?
  9. Update. Found a reel. Still looking a rod
  10. Ok. Let’s work out the details. I’ll send a private message
  11. I could do Princeton. Would you be available Friday afternoon?
  12. Hey interested but Edison is a bit far from me. I’ll pass for now unless you can meet somewhere halfway.
  13. Been dealing with some back issues so looks like my kayak fishing is on hold for a bit. Looking to put together surf fishing spinning outfit. Interested in the following reels: Penn Spinfisher vi 4500 Shimano spheros 6000 daiwa bg 4000 looking for 9 ft 1-4 oz rod to pair with it. Looking to stay under $120 on the rod. Located in Philadelphia area. Let me know if you got anything that fits the bill.
  14. Prefer the newer version. How much are you asking?