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  1. I’d look into a quick release anchor system
  2. Hey, looking to get back into kayaking after having to sell my last kayak over the winter. Looking to see if anyone has a gently used ocean kayak trident they would like to sell. Prefer an OK Trident Ultra 4.3 or newer version with updated seat. But open to other models. I’m located in Delaware County, PA but will travel within reasonable distance. Thanks
  3. I have a 2019 Hobie Compass for sale. Has some scratches, but overall good used condition. This version has the GT Drive (no reverse). Also includes lowrance hook 4. Looking for $1500. Located in Delaware county, PA. Will upload pictures if there is interest. Thanks
  4. Nice. Psycho gill?
  5. Red tide usually doesn’t make it past the skyway bridge. To see the tide in such concentrations inside the bay has to be from piney point.
  6. Yep. Tons of huge tarpon, snook, grouper, and redfish all dead along the beaches and mangroves. I believe they had just opened redfish for the first time in a few years due to the last red tide. Really disappointing to see the lack of leadership from the state to save these natural resources. Lived in south Florida for several years. No foresight with anything. Ruining inshore estuaries, coral reefs, and likely the aquifers soon as well. Depressing
  7. Got family in St Pete. Said the smell is terrible along the bay. Doesn’t look like it will go anywhere soon. Can’t help but think Piney Point accelerated it this season.
  8. Bump. Couldn’t work out the details. Still looking
  9. Dobyns and St Croix sold.
  10. These were 12’s. I returned them and bought a 15 locally that was fine.
  11. Sounds good! PM coming
  12. Could you do $160 shipped to 19072?
  13. Hello all, looking to pick up a gently used 3000 size spinning reel. Prefer stradics (FK or newer) or the new spheros. Also open to some other light spinners if rated for salt. Looking for lighter weight reel for more finesse style fishing. Looking to spend under $150. let me know if you have something. I’m located near Philly but happy to work out shipping.
  14. That works. Tomorrow at 4:30 then?
  15. Would you be able to tomorrow or Wednesday at Cabelas after 4?